2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Brewers at Reds (2013.06.15)

The Reds and Brewers are back at it again today in an early evening game.  Can the Reds win another game against the Brewers?  I think so.  But let’s make it less dramatic, shall we?

Cheer for the Reds to Go yet again.  And if you have the energy, pull for the Marlins to win again today too.

115 thoughts on “Game Thread: Brewers at Reds (2013.06.15)

  1. Couldn’t somebody on the Reds staff have sneaked a six-pack of Budweiser into Gallardo’s locker?

  2. You have to wonder if Heisey will ever be back. Every time he appears to be close, he has a set back. I think they just said he was doing sliding drills and felt the hammy again.

    • @RedForever: I’m not losing any sleep over Heisey. Robinson’s (even Paul’s& Lutz’s) defense is (IMO) comparable to Heisey’s. Offensive performance is also comparable. Talk to me about Marshall’s return, then I’ll pay attention.

  3. Segura is such a stud! Can’t believe Angels gave him up for a greinke rental! SmH

  4. @ ARZ @ Oak @ Tex is looming! Reds need all these home Ws they can get. That road trip could get ugly, (hope not, but man that could be tough)

  5. Alex Cobb just got hit in the head in the Rays game. Is it me or are a lot of pitchers getting hit in the head by line drives this season? What do you guys think about pitchers wearing helmets on the mound? Was reading a Keith Olbermann blog on MLB.com a few days ago and it was about the 60’s pirates pitchers wearing helmets and how nobody liked them

  6. I guess that they should have PH for Homer last inning. Just hasn’t got it today. No fastballs to Francisco this time. Just 1 AB too late.

  7. Perfect Milton return. Between the Hanigan/Homer show & the Reds bench going through the motions. But, hey, Bruce hit a walk-off homer in the 10th last night!!! Yeah!!!

  8. This Reds team today is playing like they would rather watch the U.S. Open too.

  9. I would be nice to see Parra finish this game to guarantee he won’t appear for 3 or 4 days.

  10. Cards up now 9-6. Maybe the Bucs will lose. Maybe not. I don’t think anybody in St. Louis is nervous.

  11. Beetle bailey gives up 6 runs… Sheesh.. Where’s Bruce berenyi when you need him?!

      • @RedForever: It’s as if they really have given up on this game or do not care and are just letting some players get an AB. I don’t care if I miss a comeback, I can’t watch this garbage anymore today.

        • @George Culver: I’m a die hard Reds fan, but this is too much even for me to stomach. The reds are sleepwalking thru this game. I think I’ll go mountain biking– do something productive. Btw, I read someone write that jocketty is indispensable considering baker is managing the club… Kind of reminds me of what jay Leno said the other night— that Biden is impeachment insurance for Obama.

  12. Maybe Dusty just wants to go home & watch Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final. Be, “inspired”, to make it to the World Series. Who knows? When the Reds collectively tank it, like this afternoon, you’d just as best find something else to watch, or do. I’ve got the in-laws in town, so, back to cleaning. Fabuloso is an amazing product, btw.

  13. And Bruce continues to wonder why everyone’s having such trouble with these Brewers chumps.

  14. Back at em tomorrow, can’t win em all. A sweep would have been nice, but I can live with winning the series. Go Reds!! Adios Amigos.

  15. I had been considering going to today’s game. Glad I didn’t. If I had paid moneyto watch that mail in job I would have really pissed and would have been tempted to ask for my money back. Otherwise, I’m just perplexed. What the hell just happened?

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