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Game Thread: Brewers at Reds (2013.06.14)

The Reds return home after a disappointing loss yesterday against the Cubs to face the Brew Crew tonight.  The Reds and Brewers have played one another three times this season, with the Reds taking all 3 games.

The Reds have a pretty tough road to finish up the month of June.  So it would be nice to take all 3 of these games with the Brewers tonight before heading into that tough stretch.  Arroyo takes the ball tonight to get the Reds back on the winning track.  Unless of course Dusty decides to start Aroldis Chapman since he never pitched in yesterday’s game.

It is time for the Reds to go.  Cheer and discuss the going status of the Redlegs here!

180 thoughts on “Game Thread: Brewers at Reds (2013.06.14)

  1. Wow, all the bullpen has available is Simon, Hoover, and Parra. They used LeCure on 1 out, Chapman has pitched, Broxton has a swollen elbow, Partch threw over 50 pitches yesterday.

    So it leaves you with Simon, Hoover, and Parra. Dusty also decided to keep Hannahan in. How many people TRULY have faith the Reds can win this game in extra innings?

  2. Surely the hitting coach, the manager or even the peanut vendor must have emphasized to Robinson before he stepped in the batters box to be patient, give the pitcher every opportunity to walk you. Maybe not.

    • @kycat679: Because Hannahan has way better veteranyness. Plus a tied game with extra innings against a divisional opponent is a prime time to get Jack going.

  3. Bullpen getting it done tonight. But of course we haven’t gotten to Parra yet.

  4. So last night, Dusty uses hannahan as a pinch hitter, then double-switches with Frazier. Tonight, he uses Joey Votto as a pinch hitter and DOESN’T double-switch with Hannahan? I’m totally confused.

  5. Ye of little faith eat some roadkill crow. Jay Bruce hits walk-off HR to win the un-winnable. Go! Go! Go! Reds!!!!!

  6. baker has got to be the luckiest manager to ever manage in baseball…. hes managed bonds, sosa and votto…. and they have bailed his ass out so many times for making decisions that make no sense…..

  7. Well going to first game of season Saturday…at least I get to see Browning and Malloney.

  8. If I’m not mistaken, Simon has the second most Wins on the team. #Winsarenotreallythebestmeasureofpitchingperformance

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