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Game Thread: Brewers at Reds (2013.06.14)

The Reds return home after a disappointing loss yesterday against the Cubs to face the Brew Crew tonight.  The Reds and Brewers have played one another three times this season, with the Reds taking all 3 games.

The Reds have a pretty tough road to finish up the month of June.  So it would be nice to take all 3 of these games with the Brewers tonight before heading into that tough stretch.  Arroyo takes the ball tonight to get the Reds back on the winning track.  Unless of course Dusty decides to start Aroldis Chapman since he never pitched in yesterday’s game.

It is time for the Reds to go.  Cheer and discuss the going status of the Redlegs here!

180 thoughts on “Game Thread: Brewers at Reds (2013.06.14)

  1. Bronson’s first two pitches to Maldonado were strikes but he didn’t get either call. Then he throw a curve in the strike zone and Maldonado hits a front-row homer. Bronson was pitching really well until then.

  2. Just sayin’… now wouldn’t be a terrible time for a 4 out save from Chappy.

  3. Boy. If Dusty won’t use Parra there vs. francisco, then he needs to be released. At least the ball stayed in the park.

  4. Man, I hope they figure this out. It’d be huge to get a game on the Cards when if they lose to the Fish.

  5. Dusty “a day late and a dollar short” Baker heads out to the mound to make a pitching change.

  6. Why do I feel like any game that is turned over to the bullpen is a certain loss. It is sad how bad this bullpen has become.

  7. Bronson gave up a lot of hits. It was going to catch up with him sooner or later; but can you blame Dusty for not wanting to go to the pen?

  8. I don’t have a problem with leaving Bronson in as long as he did tonight. Bronson was still pretty effective. Neither hits after the home run were hit hard.

  9. Proactive Dusty. Still, probably one hitter too late. Hope it’s old LeCure here, or we’re down 1, or 2 runs.

  10. I’m not sure whats going on in the bullpen. At first Marty said Dusty was leaving Bronson in because Parra wasn’t quite ready to come in. And from out of nowhere LeCure is coming in.

  11. I am so glad I gave up any emotional feelings about this franchise, at my age and health if I didn’t I would be dead….

  12. LeCure only allowed to face one batter, naturally. I guess it’ll be Simon in the 10th and Parra the rest of the way?

  13. “Grilled Cheese” (Is that really his nickname? Completely ridiculous) just took care of the Dodgers. Bucs win, 3-0.

  14. If they were going to bring Chapman in for a tied 9th inning anyway, why not just put him in for the last out of the 8th as well? Why put a (recently) shaky LeCure in there with the bases loaded?

    • @ToddAlmighty: Chapman: Last 2 innings pitched, 18 pitches, 4 Ks.

      Shame he’s not available for a 4 out save though. Or able to pitch before an injured Broxton. Or start.

  15. I see where the Reds are listing Cingrani as the Sunday starter. I assume that means no Johnny Cueto for at least another turn through the rotation?

    I still don’t think we see him before the All-Star break. Hope I’m wrong.

  16. Votto does what Hannahan couldn’t do in his last 6 AB over the last two days. Reach base safely once.

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