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Game Thread: Reds at Cubs (2013.06.13)

I have grown rather fond of the Cubs this season, or at least over the last 3 days.  They seem to be providing a lot of hospitality for their guests these days.  I will be lucky enough to attend my first ever game at Wrigley Field next week and I only wish my beloved Redlegs were playing there then so I could watch yet ANOTHER win!

Mat Latos takes to the mound today to attempt to not only polish off a 4-game sweep, but extend the Reds record by winning their 13th consecutive game at Wrigley Field.  I couldn’t think of a better pitcher right now to throw out there to finish off this sweep than Mr. Latos.

It’s a Thursday matinee game, so if you’re unfortunate enough to be stuck at work, tell your boss to shove it.  You have Reds baseball to watch!  Go Reds!

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  1. Well, that’s five hours of my life I’m never getting back. I hate it when pitchers shake off the catcher. Ugh.

    14 innings, 5 hours, 0 pitches by Aroldis Chapman.

  2. Man, these bullpen losses are absolutely killer.

    7 of the last 11 losses, we were either tied or ahead going into the 8th, and 5 of those, we had the lead. That doesnt count games the bullpen lost the lead in the 8th or later, in which we actually won.

  3. Could someone please poke jocketty with a stick and see if he’s alive? Why on earth does this GM allow the likes of ondrusuk and the broxtoff to keep throwing away games? Wake up jocketty!

  4. If Dusty is renewed next year, the Reds really have to trade Chapman to a team that will actually use him.

    • @wildwestLV: He’s under contract next year. So unless Bob eats the $3m or whatever that Dusty will make, he’ll be here. Sadly.

  5. I still can’t get over the double switch to take out Frazier who’s on fire right now and put in Hannahan. Even if Frazier wasn’t on fire, his bat and glove are BOTH better than Hannahan’s.

    That’s what gets at me the most from this game. HR yesterday and the day before, 1-3 & BB today, and you pull the guy for an aged utility bench guy.

    • @ToddAlmighty: And he’ll probably sit out, tomorrow. Dusty did the same thing when Cozart was just starting to heat up, a few weeks ago. And Votto doesn’t ever get a day off. Ever.

  6. Games recently blown by Broxton (2), LeCure (3), Hoover, Ondrusek. Don’t even want to mention Parra. This bullpen sucks, except Chapman, but unfortunately, he’s the closer. Can’t overwork the “delicate genius”.

  7. Baker postgame: “We didn’t want to use Broxton because he was sore. He was our last, last, last resort.”

    • Baker postgame: “We didn’t want to use Broxton because he was sore. He was our last, last, last resort.”

      Um, Dusty, that’s wrong. Your last, last, last resort was a left-handed Cuban. You just won’t use him unless your team is winning.

    • @mlb: “He was our last, last, last resort”, who, was warming up alongside Hoover, in regulation. Sometimes I think Kurtz from Apocalypse Now makes more sense than Dusty.

  8. @ToddAlmighty: Anyone who belives that a player “gets hot” is by definition not a “moneyball” person. Players have a certain ability and a statistical probability of getting on base a certain percentage of the time (aka OBP), and they are on a random walk based on that statistical probability. Anything that snaps them out of that random walk must be a big change, say an improved swing, deterioration of pitcher quality, steroids, etc. Taking a player out of the game because of worrying about ruining a “hot streak” is a fiction. Taking a player out to sub in a worse performing player is a whole other story.

    • @joelie1274: You can believe that players can get hot while still putting faith in statistics. Unless you think it’s just random probability that Bruce regularly goes through hot streaks and slumps every single year. There don’t need to be big adjustments to make a player better. Just like there doesn’t need to be big problems to mess up a player’s mechanics.

      It could be the difference between inches on how wide a player’s stance is in the box that could throw them off. Potentially fixing those minor problems could solve an issue and lead someone to be hot.

      Baseball is such a mental game that you can’t explain *everything* with stats. Do they help explain a lot of things? Sure. I put a good deal of faith in them. But the simple fact is, players will have times they get hot. There are players who throughout their career have had specific months where they were bad. Or teams they have always been bad again. None of that is really explained by stats.

      Neither side explains everything. It’s not an exclusive believe in one or the other.

  9. Our bullpen is absolutely awful. Chapman is so criminally under used, especially in game defining moments. The Reds must let Baker go after 2013, should have done it after the playoff collapse in 2012. The fact that they have already ruled Cingrani to the pen is just stupid. We need ARMS. Jocketty made possibly the worst decision ever in giving Broxton 21 M, same with signing Hannahan. MUST SPEND MONEY BETTER

    • @Josh: Agreed. Terrible waste of team resources. There is no way Broxton was worth that kind of money. Jocketty has fumbled with the bullpen since he got to cincinnati in 2008. Get jocketty out!

      • @santa barbara reds fan: You can’t really say that. We have had top 10 bullpens the two/three previous years, its just injuries and lack of depth this year ruined it. But I agree, he should be doing something.

      • @santa barbara reds fan: You really have an agenda against Walt Jocketty. Sure, all of us here have questioned some of his moves, such as signing Broxton, but you’re completely overlooking the good he’s done. To say, “fire Jocketty!” after he’s built a contender is foolish. I believe it would be better to find a manager who can use the resources Jocketty gives him better tho. Some teams have bad GMs and good managers. We aren’t one of them.

  10. I HATE DUSTY BAKER. Games like these, should be won, and need to be won.

    Why did Dusty take Frazier out?
    Why did Dusty leave LeCure in when it was clear he was struggling – AGAIN?
    Why didn’t Chapman pitch?

    If Dusty brings in Chapman to face Barney in the 8th, the Reds probably win. How is it that a 4 out save is unthinkable?

    I am so frustrated. It’s thinking like this that will have the Reds flame out of the playoffs again or not even make them at all.

  11. Let’s not give Jocketty too much credit for the organization’s turn around over the last three years. Many of the key pieces were here or in the organization before he got here. Many of his moves have not paid off and unfortunately those mistakes have been very costly. Madsen, Broxton and Massett have all been given very lucrative contracts. While the jury may still be out on Broxton, Madsen never pitched for the Reds and Massett has not pitched since 2011. And let’s not forget that Parra is earning 1 million dollars a year to allow opposing hitters to hit over .400. And in another year everyone will start to question why Joey Votto gets paid over 20 million dollars a year to hit .320 with 20 homers and 85 runs batted in. (Although one could probably say the Votto contract was an ownership decision)

    • And in another year everyone will start to question why Joey Votto gets paid over 20 million dollars a year to hit .320 with 20 homers and 85 runs batted in. (Although one could probably say the Votto contract was an ownership decision)

      ??? Is this a joke?

    • @robby: Joey Votto doesn’t start making $20m/yr until 2016. This year he makes $17m and next year it drops down to $12m, then in 2015 it’s $14m.

      When he brings in another 2 MVPs between now and then, people will be wondering why other people are so worried about RBIs from the best hitter in the NL and one of the best hitters on the planet… when a person with a .272 OBP and 8 GDP in 59 games bats in front of him. Ridiculous.

      While there’s certainly things I don’t approve of with Jocketty. (Bringing in old washed up dudes on the regular.) Don’t forget what a sorry sight the Reds farm system was when Jocketty took over. Now the Reds’ farm system is in such a good position that they traded away Alonso, Boxberger, Gregorious, Grandal.. and still have talent at every level. Heck, Cingrani has come up from the farm system and given 40 innings of 3.15 ERA.

      Besides, for every Valdez or Izturis he brings in, he does bring in a 2012 Ludwick (who was a big reason they reached the playoffs) or Simon, Robinson, or Paul who was a castoff from Pittsburgh (the team that hasn’t had a winning season in two decades) and has done a great job here.

      So I give Jocketty plenty of credit for the franchise’s turnaround. He’s put the farm system into good shape and that’s the key to a successful team in the long run.

  12. 3 hits in 8 innings against the Cubs’ bullpen. That’s why we lost. Our bullpen did fine.

  13. Latos gave up four runs in six innings. To the Cubs. The bullpen gave up two runs in 7+. Stop blaming the bullpen because they’re not perfect. Latos, Votto, Phillips were not good today.

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