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Game Thread: Reds at Cubs (2013.06.13)

I have grown rather fond of the Cubs this season, or at least over the last 3 days.  They seem to be providing a lot of hospitality for their guests these days.  I will be lucky enough to attend my first ever game at Wrigley Field next week and I only wish my beloved Redlegs were playing there then so I could watch yet ANOTHER win!

Mat Latos takes to the mound today to attempt to not only polish off a 4-game sweep, but extend the Reds record by winning their 13th consecutive game at Wrigley Field.  I couldn’t think of a better pitcher right now to throw out there to finish off this sweep than Mr. Latos.

It’s a Thursday matinee game, so if you’re unfortunate enough to be stuck at work, tell your boss to shove it.  You have Reds baseball to watch!  Go Reds!

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  1. This has a feel of that Cubs game in Cinci a few weeks ago….going for the sweep…bullpen comes in and we lost.

  2. Hoover comes in in a tie game? Automatic loss. Hoover is 0-5 this year in such games.

    Jocketty better get this bullpen fixed fast or we will see a lot more games flushed down the toilet.

  3. we’re going to lose yet another game without Chapman throwing a single pitch

  4. Feel bad for Latos here. Right now the guy can’t buy a save from the bullpen. I saw someone mention that the Reds have 9 blown saves this year. Didn’t like 5 of those come on days Latos was pitching? Rough.

      • @RedLegHerrm: Combine that with the fact that the Reds starters have had a combined 9 unearned runs scored against them and Latos got 5 of them alone.

        Bullpen or defense, Latos is just ridiculously unlucky this year.

  5. Looks like were going to extra innings. I’m gonna go soak my corns, I’ll have to check the recap to see how things worked out for my Redlegs. Go Reds!!

  6. Marmol striking out the side. That’s not something you see every day. Or ever.

      • Last time I checked he does not have an AB today and he has thrown a pitch. The bullpen is a huge weakness and he has done about the best he could with what he has available today. Any complaints about who he used and when are mere quibbles.

        @RedLegHerrm: Dusty Baker has no interest in winning this game.Fixed it for ya.

        • @CaptainTonyKW: I guess we have differing terms of best. Would you have double switched in the 8th? Would you have brought Chapman in for more than a 3 out save?

  7. seems like at the very least, if they know that cueto is going to be ready for sunday, they could have sent cingrani down and gotten an extra reliever.

  8. I think he’s trying to load the bases to prove he won’t give up another yak.

  9. it’s amazing to me that you have 4 guys that all came up as starting pitchers (simon, lecure, hoover, and parra) and somehow we are only able to get 3 innings out of them.

    • @al: It is sacrilege to have a reliever throw more than 3 outs. If they throw more than 1 inning they could rip a hole in time and space continuum and Dusty Baker does NOT want that on his conscience.

  10. unreal. good job by the new guy to get through the 10th, but his day may be far from over. if broxton is unavailable, and chapman is our last pitcher, this game belongs to curtis partch until the reds get a lead.

  11. “Cause Curtis Partch was the finest pitcher to everrrr strand the twooo”

  12. Reds putting some quality ABs together to finish this game out.

    • @RedLegHerrm:
      Unfortunately he chose the worst pitch of the AB to swing at. In his defense, this ump has been calling a pretty inconsistent srike zone. Strikes 1 and 2 were balls in innings 1-8, I’d say.

      But overall, 1 ball put into play in 6 at-bats in extras. Great effort, there.

  13. Lookit Partch Go! ERA all the way down to 3.00. He’s officially the guy I want in there right now, as he’s one of our best relievers.

  14. Get me a Partch jersey! He’s here to stay! I only base these purchases on sufficiently large sample sizes, as well!

  15. How many innings until Chapman throws 1 innning, then hands it to Izturis in relief?

  16. Yup, and now Partch is going to be useless for the next two weeks or so because his arm will be ruined. Just like Hoover at the beginning of the year when he was asked to throw 47 pitches.

    But guys, on the bright side. At least Chapman will be well rested for future 3 run lead saves.

    • @ToddAlmighty: Dusty painted himself into a corner here though. If he brings in Chapman, there’s no way he lets him go more than 2 innings. So what if this game goes to 16?

      So he’s going to let Partch go as long as he can so Izturis doesn’t have to pitch. Not fair to Partch, but at this point, it’s the best thing for the team.

      • @al: I know this is what has to happen now, I just hate watching a kid potentially ruin his arm.

        -Broxton is unavailable, so why not DL him for 15 days? Bring someone else who CAN pitch.
        -Double switching Hannahan for Frazier. Then Simon only goes .2 innings and Parra goes .1 inning.

        So basically you have one pitcher who’s unavailable but still taking up a spot, two pitchers who’s job is to normally eat up innings combined for 1 inning, and then Chapman (aka The Precious) who can’t pitch non-save scenarios. Horrible bullpen management, and now because of that, the best choice was to kill some kid with over 50 pitches in relief.

  17. That Hannahan moves really paid off. Anybody every Golden Sombrero’d after being brought in in the 7th?

  18. Not to pick on Jack Hannahan, but he almost has a Golden Sombrero after being subbed in during the 8th inning. Ok, maybe I am picking on Jack Hannahan.

  19. And it’s awesome that Dusty pulled Frazier and Paul. Until the Cubs are using a position player as a pitcher, it doesn’t look like we’ll be doing any scoring.

  20. Now Broxton gets up to throw? What in the world is going on? He hasn’t worked since Sunday, so it obviously looked like he was hurt. now he’s better?

    Dusty, now you are truly lost.

  21. Starlin Castro is a truly awful baseball player. All that talent wasted with that horrific attitude.

    I can’t wait to hear the verbal nonsense we’re going to get from Dusty now that Broxton is up and throwing. What the heck?

  22. Phillips, please do something here. Extra inning games make me so uneasy.

  23. Wow, their worst reliever of a terrible bullpen strikes out the side. And our offense has 18 K’s on the day

    • @NastyBoys3: Even more amazing is that we have 2 guys who were brought in in the 7th inning who will both be going for Golden Sombreros.

  24. unbelievable. our bench players are o for 6 with 6 Ks, and we have 19 Ks on the day.

  25. Took Broxton out of his normal 8th inning rymth. Not sure what would have happened, but why not use the normal 8th inning Broxton and 9th inning Chapman with a one run lead? It’s these kinds of Dusty decisions that you will look at….at the end of the year, and ponder why we are a few games behind the Cardinals.

    • @JEFFMO:

      Had Dusty used Broxton in the 8th inning, he could have saved the bullpen 6 innings as the Cubs would have won in 9 after his appearance.

  26. Every single pitch that Broxton has thrown has been between 89 and 92 MPH. That’s pretty easy for big league hitter to time, and no what Broxton usually can do.

  27. If you really wanted to win this game, you would walk Soriano and bring in Chapman.

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