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Game Thread: Reds at Cubs (2013.06.13)

I have grown rather fond of the Cubs this season, or at least over the last 3 days.  They seem to be providing a lot of hospitality for their guests these days.  I will be lucky enough to attend my first ever game at Wrigley Field next week and I only wish my beloved Redlegs were playing there then so I could watch yet ANOTHER win!

Mat Latos takes to the mound today to attempt to not only polish off a 4-game sweep, but extend the Reds record by winning their 13th consecutive game at Wrigley Field.  I couldn’t think of a better pitcher right now to throw out there to finish off this sweep than Mr. Latos.

It’s a Thursday matinee game, so if you’re unfortunate enough to be stuck at work, tell your boss to shove it.  You have Reds baseball to watch!  Go Reds!

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  1. You know Dusty is mad about Mat only going 6. In Dusty world he wants at least 7 out of you every game

  2. Are you kidding me? You make a stupid mistake to burn a pinch hitter.. so to “correct” that mistake, or at least refuse to acknowledge it, you take out the guy who has hit two homeruns the last two games and already has a hit and a walk this game, and replace him with Hannahan who’s hitting .222 and I would say has worse defense than Frazier to boot.


  3. Frazier can’t be happy about being taken out of the game, what is he a scrub or something.

  4. Can Chapman go today?
    If not, it would be fitting for Hoover to pitch the 9th inning to complete the sweep(er).

  5. I can not even fathom why anyone would bring Manny parra in for this situation…This is absurd. Even if it works.

  6. I don’t care if he got the out. Is there seriously not a better LH pitcher available anywhere in the entire world than Manny Parra?

    • @eric nyc: Not on the roster. I don’t mind Parra there. He’s the only lefty we have. Rizzo hits lefties worse than righties and LeCure, Hoover and Broxton have all been shaky of late.

    • @eric nyc: Maybe Dusty is finally using him because Marshall isn’t as close as everyone thinks and he has been told there are no other LH options on the horizon – scary thought.

  7. 1-2-3 hitters have been on 7 times so far today. Good stuff. 4 hits, 3 walks.

  8. I feel like I didn’t appreciate the dominance of our bullpen last year, until I watch the cardiac kids in our bullpen this season.

  9. I feel like I didn’t appreciate the dominance of our bullpen last year, until I watch the cardiac kids in our bullpen this season.

  10. Manny Parra vs. LH

    5-19, 1 HR, .267 BAA

    Alfredo Simon vs LH

    14-57, 3 HR, .246 BAA

    The worst part is Rizzo’s LH/RH splits aren’t that extreme, say like Choo’s. He is only slightly worse against Lefty’s and you are throwing out a pitcher who has proven he can reliably get people out.

    Lecure/Simon/Broxton/Hoover ALL have better #s than Parra vs. LH.

  11. Well, assuming he goes nowhere near the mound in the 8th, I will at least give Dusty props for having gotten *something* useful out of Manny Parra.

  12. Thom just asked what the Cubs could possibly get for a LH setup man in a trade. Um…Travis Wood apparently.

  13. Anyone else see where Mike Matheny said Matt Carpenter is the best second baseman in baseball? Someone needs to tell Brandon Phillips and Robinson Cano.

  14. Man Sam has got to be injured. He has been so bad for the past couple weeks. Too bad Dusty has a prohibition against Broxton or Chapman getting more than 3 outs each . . .

  15. According to ESPN’s “Play-by-play” (which is the only thing I can get to function today)… “A Soriano out stretching at second.” I’m picturing him doing some yoga moves when he gets tagged out.

    • @RC: It was really bad. It was never anything like a double, and even if it was he actually held up at first before sprinting for 2nd. Paul was just routinely tossing it into 2nd lazily and still beat him by 5 feet.

  16. Seriously, Choo has become as good a defensive CF’er as you could ask for.

  17. Tie ball game and I really have to wonder why Broxton was off limits. LeCure hasn’t got an honest out in this inning.

  18. Cubs wisely decide to let Gregg pitch another inning if possible. Too bad we can’t pitch our best bullpen arm for more than 3 outs. Ugh.

  19. I’ve long found Dusty bashing to be lazy, boring and kind of mean-spirited. THAT BEING SAID, COME ON!!!! This team is operating at 70-percent potential right now at best. How do you not bring Chappy in for the last out (or 2) in that inning when it’s obvious to everyone LeCure isn’t right?!?!? AND this is exactly why many of you noted before, you don’t take your hottest hitter out of the lineup in the 7th inning of a one-run game. Has there ever been a more infuriating playoff team to watch on a daily basis?

  20. Dusty has burned all his long relievers for a potential extra innings game. Whodathunkit.

  21. That ridiculous double switch is coming back to haunt us. The pitchers spot would have been up in the 7 spot this inning, which would have allowed Chappy to come in and pitch a 4 out save (not that it would have happened otherwise).

  22. Marty and Kelch and everybody else that covers the Reds are at a loss as to why Broxton’s not getting the ball. Do any of them have the backbone to ask Dusty about it?

  23. Yeh okay we know… This bullpen is unreliable… So what’s the brilliant jocketty doing about?

  24. LOL at Gameday – That was pitch number 15 for Kevin Gregg; his effectiveness may start slipping, as he holds opposing hitters to a .173 average in the first 15 pitches but they hit .250 off him after that

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