2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Reds at Cubs (2013.06.12)

“Nothing like playing the Cubs to fix what ails ya!”

“Cubs gonna Cub!”

We’ve created some nice little quotes this season as a result of playing the “silly” Cubs.  I wonder if we can create some new sayings today as the Reds look to extend their record by winning in Wrigley for the 12th consecutive time.  Of course let’s face it, they might as well rename the place Great American North at this point.

Go Reds!

139 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Cubs (2013.06.12)

  1. In 2o13 our (reds) “superstars” have to beat the Cards’ “organization” meaning BP, Jay, Johnny, Joey and Aroldis really have to carry us to the promised land and what a great group of guys to count on!

    • @zab1983: Disagree. Our stars are going to be stars. The season will make or break on guys like Leake, Robinson, Paul, our catchers, etc. They’re the glue that lets the other guys function. Especially on defense guys like Frazier and Cozart are going to be extremely important.

    • @zab1983: We’re not going to catch the Cardinals. They’re too talented and too deep. Our only hope is to win the wildcard, and then outplay the Cards for three games in the division series.

  2. My story begins in nineteen-dickety-two. We had to say “dickety” because the Kaiser had stolen our word “twenty”. I chased that rascal to get it back, but gave up after dickety-six miles.

  3. @WVRedlegs – I think that Hank Aaron’s Teammate is implying that over the course of the season, it’s unlikely that Wood will be able to maintain his very low BABIP and is likely to regress some because of it… And yes, Wood is a decent pitcher. He’s a MLB guy, so when he’s on, he’s tough.

  4. There were people earlier in the season that wanted the Reds to trade for DeJesus.
    His numbers are actually worse than Xavier Paul’s.

    • @Matt WI: It’s now turned into the dreaded Particularly Dangerous Situation in Northern Illinois. This is some serious stuff today.

      Be ready here this evening in Indiana, and later in parts of Ohio.

      • @renbutler: I live in TN and we get this stuff all the time. You go about your business until it gets close. Then you hunker down until it passes. I’m with Marty, they should have waited at least until it develops/gets closer. They might not get anything.

        • @RedForever: With a standard likelihood of a thunderstorm, I agree.

          But this is the first High Risk issued for Chicagoland since May 30, 2004. This isn’t your standard event. It seems a little early to me, but I also wouldn’t want to send people anywhere near the ballpark during a PDS.

  5. Another one armed HR for Frazier. And now things are as they should be, the Reds are ahead of the Cubs 2-1.

  6. I think this game is huge for Leake. He got behind early 1-0, but kept the team in the game the entire time. I think that’s huge for Leake. I don’t remember the last time he’s done that.

  7. Through seven innings with one earned run, Leake now has a 1.15 ERA over his last six starts. Amazing.

  8. I like it… let Leake try to finish off the back end of Cubs order this inning and turn it to Chapman.

  9. Pretty cool that the two pitchers that are neck and neck today were neck and neck in Reds spring training once upon a time.

    • @Matt WI: I always think of them as linked. Both good hitters, both good fielders, both fast runners. They were really similar at the time we traded Wood. Have to admit at the time I thought Leake would be better long term. Wood is having a good year this season so far.

  10. We really need to start including GIDP’s as additional outs when calculating batting averages. Izturis hits into DP’s about once every five at-bats.

  11. Okay, Mez has to stop doing that immediately. He sets up way outside and telegraphs that slider. Unless they’re going to mix it up with outside fastballs too.. that’s a no-no.

  12. Great performance by Leake and and a nice comeback win for the Reds. We’ll get em again tomorrow afternoon. Go Reds!! Adios Amigos.

  13. Of our six starters (including Cueto and CIngrani, but not Villarreal) the highest ERA is Bailey at 3.47. Cueto, Leake, and Latos are below 3.00. This is by far the best starting pitching staff we’ve ever had, at least over the past 40 years.

  14. @MattWI – I love back to back sliders from Chapman to Rizzo. Cingrani even threw him breaking balls though.

  15. People say the Cubs are a few years from contending, but I just don’t see it…

  16. The reds should win in cub land
    They have flaws big time
    Can’t beat their equals. Time to do 3 things

    / make changes in bullpen
    / left Field options
    / dusty don’t over manage
    All star break 50 wins plus says reds win 95 for season
    That might win the division

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