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Game Thread: Reds at Cubs (2013.06.11)

Since the Reds own the Cubs in Chicago of late, I decided to drop the adjective describing the Cubs.  At least for one day.  Of course if Matt Garza decides to be a fool tonight, I may add a few more adjectives to describe the Cubs in tomorrow’s game thread.

This is the first time Matt Garza has faced the Reds since the controversy erupted the last time he faced the Reds when Johnny Cueto threw a pitch that was “slightly” high and inside to David DeJesus.  The end result was Dusty telling the two to strap on some gloves and fight it out.  Since then, Cueto has gone back on the DL, the Reds have continued to play good baseball, and the Cubs have been the Cubs.  Hopefully nothing happens tonight, but if it does, I hope the Reds answer with their bats and arms like Brandon Phillips and Homer Bailey did last night.

It’s game 2 of the Reds and Cubs.  Let’s hope the Reds Go, the fog stays away, and the good guys take home another victory.

235 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Cubs (2013.06.11)

  1. 12 runs, 16 hits, 4 HR, and 4 Cubs errors.

    Nothing like some Cub action to pick up a team after losing a series to the WLBs.

  2. Glad to be taking the kids to see Raiders of The Lost Ark on the big screen, tomorrow afternoon. As much as I hope to be proven wrong: I wouldn’t be surprised to see Travis Wood 1-hit or 2-hit the Reds tomorrow, following a game like tonight. GO REDS! (though). (btw, are we sure Curtis Partch isn’t the Red-Headed/Kenny Powers/REDS “Wooooo!” Guy?) Night, ALL.

  3. Day games Wednesday and Thursday so don’t forget to have your sick day excuses ready for why you won’t be in those days.

  4. Good win for the Reds, and a fun night to have fun making funny and frivolous comments on tonight’s game thread. Like I said earlier, after Sunday nights tough loss to the pebble in our shoe Cardinals, we fans deserved to enjoy a blowout game like tonight’s game. Back to the drawing board tomorrow afternoon. Go Reds!! Adios Amigos.

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