Here you go.

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  1. Lost and Found

    Saw that on the ESPN broadcast last night. Kindof looked weird.

    It made me think though that his conditioning has been the cornerstone of his career. I think alot of pitcher and some position players make the mistake of bulking up (naturally or not), when working on conditioning may be the best for their muscles and joints.

    I heard thatLance Lynn made a point to do that last off-season and so far it seems to be paying off for him.

  2. bohdi

    As a competitive powerlifter, I thought this was pretty cool to see. I also thought that Bronson must simply not eat because he’s so skinny. It’s a common misnomer that lifting will automatically make someone look bulky, but I’d still expect someone who lifts to be bigger than Bronson.

  3. joelie1274

    At 8 yrs old, the kid could squat more than most people today can in their adulthood. That dead lift looked though. Don’t try it like that at home, kids.

  4. Stoph

    I’m surprised he’s walking today after deadlifts like that…holy cow.