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Game Thread: Reds at Stupid Cubs (2013.06.10)

Well the Cardinals series did not go as we would have liked but I can’t think of anything better than curing the bad series blues than a nice dose of the Stupid Cubs.  With the Cubs and Brewers on the slate this week, the Reds could really rebound nicely and improve their record in the standings.

Homer Bailey takes to the mound to help the Reds recover.  The Reds have dominated the Cubs this season (with the exception of that Sunday collapse a few weeks back) so no reason to believe the Reds won’t continue to beat down the Stupid Cubs.  Go Reds!

192 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Stupid Cubs (2013.06.10)

  1. BP’s at bat where he swung at a ball to drive in Cozart is the difference between him and Votto. Votto takes that pitch and walks, Brandon puts wood on the ball and drives in the run.

  2. Good job by Homer.. but 120 pitches? I feel like Homer has had a couple games already this season with 110+ pitches. Not sure how I feel about it.

  3. Great play by Lutz. I really wish we could get away from the German comments at some point though. He lived in Germany, got it Thom…

  4. Ah, that’s better. Pitchers are going to give up runs, it may as well be when you are up enough so that they don’t matter.

  5. Brandon Phillips drove in all six of the Reds runs, can you say impressive or what. On the other hand I would hate to think what would have happened tonight if Brandon had the night off. Oh well, the bottom line is the Reds won, and they didn’t look like the mob running around on the Benny Hill Show opening like they did last night. 99 more games left this season, 10 more with the Cardinals. Who knows how things are going to look come Aug. 30th. Good win for the Reds tonight period end of story. Sweep The Cubs. Go Reds!!

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