Rubber match between the Reds and Cards tonight.  While I don’t feel as if this game is a must win or anything, I sure would love to see the good guys take this series and do so on prime-time, national television.  It seems to me that over recent years the Reds have not fared to well in these games.  Let’s hope tonight is the start of a change for the Redlegs.

Bronson Arroyo takes to the mound tonight. The last time he faced the Cardinals he allowed 2 earned runs over 7 innings pitched, but picked up the loss.  I would love to see 7 innings of 2 run baseball from good Bronson tonight, just with a different end result.

So with that said, let’s hope tonight’s game is a good one.  Sit back, relax, pop some popcorn, get your favorite cold beverage by your side, and cheer on the Redlegs to beat the WLBs!  Because if the end of last night’s game tells us anything, these sure are some WLBs.

Go Reds!

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. For any Dodger front office personnel reading this thread or hearing any negative comments, believe me Dusty is one of, if not the best manager in baseball. He would be a perfect fit as the Dodgers manager. Reds fans would hate to lose Dusty, but we owe it to the great Dodgers organization to be honest with you.

  2. Heavy rain in Louisville. Too many hangers to Molina, he’s going to hit one eventually.

  3. Yadi had been stopped. I repeat, Yadi has been stopped. This is not a test.

  4. This is the only team in baseball where the outfielders are expected to defer to the second baseman on popups.

  5. Would that ball have been in play?

  6. Meanwhile NC State beats rice in 17innings to go to CWS……hopefully tonight is over in 10!

  7. Hoover is scaring me to death with these high breaking balls.

  8. Descalso is the Cards version of Cozart.

  9. At least Chapman will be able to pitch in tomorrow’s hypothetical save situation.

  10. Man, generally speaking, Hoover just doesn’t not have enough command of the zone. He scares me.

  11. Ball Game!!!!

  12. Incredible, that looked like a routine fly ball. The wind picks up at the right time.

  13. Huge surprise! Bullpen blows the lead. Story of the 2013 Reds.

  14. and still only one out and two in scoring position.

  15. why am i not surprised? hope chapman is good and rested

  16. The ESPN announcers were clearly not impressed with Hoover. Seriously, what would the Reds have done if they had made Chapman a starter? Cardinals are the better team.

  17. Soon as this game got to the point where strategy mattered, we all knew the Reds were in trouble.

  18. Unbelievable the weak link in the Cards lineup gets the go ahead run. Do the Reds look at scouting reports of the players of the opposition? It sure seems not.

  19. Need a double play, 2-3-4 due up for the Reds.

  20. Hoover looking at his 5th L out of our bullpen

  21. Bartman sitting in right field. Way to go buddy.

  22. One of the worst bullpens in baseball.

  23. Hoover’s not pitching, he’s just winging it. Not Good.

  24. Manny Parra up. Wound, meet salt.

  25. Hoover with pitch number 29 coming still only 1 out.

  26. With this being a big series, there is absolutely no reason to only allow Chapman to pitch 1 inning. Dusty is so frustrating.

  27. Big hit from the little people- there’s your difference- Cards= major league hitters; Reds = Tball hitters.

  28. I would have brought Parra in.

  29. Anyone who has seen the reds play this year saw this coming….I just cant understand how Dusty continues to not see it.

    Chapman in the 10th has to be better than ANY other option in the bullpen based on any number of statistical or common sense metric you want to use. I love the Reds but I have seen them blow 8-10 games this year (not including this one yet) due to really bad bullpen mistakes. This needs to be fixed ASAP or the reds will watch the Cardinals run away with this division, I don’t care if it is only June 9th.

  30. “Parra’s up just in case the game gets out of hand.” Submitted without further comment.

  31. That will probably do it, no reason not to pitch Parra there. The only people he can ever get out are left handers.

  32. Game over! Thanks Dusty! We are never going to win in the playoffs or against good teams with this manager.

  33. did dusty just cuss on TV ?
    wonder if joey heard that ?

  34. Wow, this bullpen is just…wow. Jocketty better do something soon. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the minors.

  35. The important thing is that Chapman remain well rested at all costs. Even if it means losing every game the rest of the way, keep that guy rested for the next day. Everyone else can be fatigued, but Chapman needs to be rested. He’s a delicate flower.

  36. Hoover achieved suck.

  37. Dusty just let out an F bomb. Votto will have to talk with him about that.

  38. ESPN is questioning the Reds ‘strategy’ tonight. Wish we could hear this more on the local broadcasts.

  39. Cardinals kept hitting. Reds did not.

  40. And….Dusty drops the F-bomb on national TV. What will his son think of that?

  41. hey, is corky miller up? maybe he can pitch.

  42. Votto 3,453 F-bombs caught on TV. Dusty 3.

  43. nice spot for a guy’s major league debut, eh?

  44. The Reds simply looked amateurish tonight. They will not learn from their mistakes tonight unless they self manage themselves. The Reds manager and coaches believe in a hands off approach. After all these guys are pros, it would insult their status as professional players to be so bold as to tell them how to play the game.

  45. Patch is Coffey, pre-buffet.

  46. We need bullpen help Walt! Or we’re not making it to the playoffs.

  47. dusty baker made a fool of our team tonight on national TV

  48. Ouch. Ouch. And ouch. But they haven’t scored 9 in the inning yet, so there.

  49. hope chapman was icing his arm from throwing that many pitches while this 10th inning was unfolding.

  50. This is pathetic. On national tv. No words

  51. I hate to say this but the Reds deserve to get beat down tonight. The grand slam was fitting. As depressing as this game was there is still a long, long way to go in this season. I would not be surprised if the reverse happens when the Reds play the Cards again later this month. That’s Baseball.

    • @Sergeant2: I like it… and on that note, I bid adieu.

    • @Sergeant2:

      Sorry, but no. We continue to live in a surreal world….matheny knew that he needed rosenthal for two innings because he needed to get into the 10th and the reds weren’t touching him. Dusty sees Chapman as 9th inning only, and even though the Cards weren’t touching him, doesn’t double switch and goes for Hoover. Hoover has been getting hit around a lot lately and it stands to reason that the cards 4,5,6 hitters were going to hit him as well. To think otherwise is just plan stupid.

      My point is the Reds match up talent-wise fairly evenly with the Cards and the games will be close making managerial decisions 1000 times more important. This is why the Reds struggle with good teams…more often than not, we are simple out managed in crucial in-game managerial decisions.

      • @abox03: I agree with you 100% on the Reds being out managed. Dusty is a living breathing example of the Peter Principle. Dusty would make an excellent 3rd base coach, and nothing more.

      • @abox03: Hoover didn’t get hit around. He wasn’t great, but he deserved much better. Obviously I agree with you about Chapman only pitching one inning (I said that at the start of the ninth). And yes, the Reds are going to get out-managed in close, crucial games more often than not because in-game management is not one of Baker’s strengths.

      • @abox03: I agrre. Plus, as I’ve written before, the Cardinals are always much more fundamentally sound. That really showed tonight – at least as far as the Reds being fundamentally unsound. I like how Orel H. put it one time on ESPN’s broadcast, “you just shake your head.”

    • @Sergeant2: Sargaent, after that statement you should be demoted to Private. As long as Dusty is associated with this team – they are doomed. I blame the Red’s owner for paying Dusty, Walt for being himself, the Reds press for not getting all over Dusty, the Reds coaches for being buffoons, and the Reds fans for thinking this team could really be any good with Dusty at the helm.

      Good night!

  52. All of you guys bashing Dusty as though this was entirely his fault are way off base. There were hitting failures, pitching failures, mental failures and plain bad luck. I didn’t agree with every decision Dusty made tonight, but let’s be fair about it.

    In the last inning, Hoover got hit with a lot of bad luck. The double was wind aided, the single was on a shattered bat, then a “single” that bounced over the pitcher’s head but there was no play. That’s all very unlucky. Hoover didn’t pitch great, but it wasn’t terrible, either.

    • @Steve Mancuso: But Hoover shouldn’t have been pitching there, and that is squarely on the manager.

    • @Steve Mancuso:
      BP hit one into the same wind- how come his wasn’t a double too?

    • @Steve Mancuso: I suppose that’s fair, Steve. But all the bunting, and for heaven’s sake, can we get a third-base coach who doesn’t look kinda lost out there? Those things are on Dusty.

      And then the out-and-out refusal to ever bring Chapman in for a four-out save, or let him go an extra inning once in a while.

      • @vegastypo: Arroyo bunted into a double play, not Dusty. D Rob bunted right back to the pitcher, not Dusty. The coaching failure at third base wasn’t Dusty. Sam LeCure grooved the pitch tonight, not Dusty.

        Yes, Baker made some of his own questionable decisions tonight, but to imply that all the blame falls on him is wrong. That’s all I was saying.

        • @Steve Mancuso: Bronson’s bunt, agreed. LeCure’s disaster, agreed. Heck, I was more worried about Broxton an inning later. And why was Arroyo bunting with two outs after he got whacked in the leg. Nothing Dusty could do about that stuff.

          And no, Dusty wasn’t actually AT third base coaching. But from what you’ve seen, shouldn’t somebody else be coaching third? Or is there nobody else available/capable to do so? I do kinda think that when Dusty has to say on national tv that his third-base coach failed to give a runner the sign to slide, that’s a problem that Dusty should correct. And we’ve all talked about the questions regarding Speier’s decision-making, that’s not a new topic. ……..

          Regarding Robinson, I don’t think he should have been bunting, frankly, so I’m looking at that more than how poorly he did it. Maybe he bunted on his own? It seems like something Dusty would do, though.

          Everything isn’t Dusty’s fault. This loss isn’t entirely Dusty’s fault, but geez, it seems like he makes it harder for his own team to succeed sometimes.

        • @Steve Mancuso: Steve, please re-read the comments on this board as this was definitely an all-around team effort(?)
          From the owner (For rehiring Dusty last fall)
          GM (for horrible trades – Didi would look great at SS – unlike Choo who looks like a clown in CF – watch D Span for how to play CF)
          Dusty (for being Dusty – an extremely poor coach in his decision making)
          coaches (poor communication)
          Reds fans – for believing the B.S. the local press around Cincinnati keeps eschewing

        • @Steve Mancuso: Steve, it’s the manager’s and coaches’ job to have the team fundamentally prepared (which the Reds definitely showed they are not ). As it is, I’ve coached baseball for years and if my team wasn’t executing – well, I felt it was on me to correct. To begin, the Red’s hitting approach is miserable (with the Cards so much more fundamentally sound than the Reds), Choo is a defensive liability in CF (as his market value continues to drop by the day – btw, Dexter Fowler is a lot, lot more fundamentally sound and faster and is hitting .304 10 HR for those who wondered about his upside as well as being 4 years younger), the Reds fail to execute the bunt, the players simply do not stay engaged in the game and lose their focus. That is the manager’s job and for what Dusty and Walt are getting paid, if the owner was engaged they’d be gone as they are performing at a very low level (more like high AAA).
          This team’s poor performance is on the manager and as long as the Reds have a fundamentally unsound manager, they will continue to beat the weaker teams and lose to the more fundamentally sound team as the Cards definitely showed they were in this series. All 3 games winnable by the Reds, and won only one. Add to that the finale ton the Cubs and Pirates series and you have a barely adequate management.

          Come playoff time – 1 and done. Nice record probalby which they can all talk about as the Braves and Cards play for the right to represent the NL in the World Series.

    • @Steve Mancuso: This team simply lacks focus as you detailed in your first paragraph.

      The Reds beat the bad and even mediocre teams because they are good enough to win despite their foibles.

      They struggle to compete against the good teams because of their foibles.

      I’ve largely been a support of Dusty Baker or at least avoided being a part of what I felt was largely over the top criticism of him based on game tactics. But the team lacking focus is a critical error in a realm that supposedly is in the heart of his strength. Something needs to change and sooner rather than later.

  53. Is that Milton I hear in the background?

  54. John Fay just tweeted that the Reds bullpen has given up 223 runs in their last 18 1/3 innings!

  55. With the exception of Arroyo, Broxton and Chapman, pretty much every other player on the team contributed to this awful fiasco tonight. Should Dusty have kept Chapman in for another inning? Maybe. But it would have only delayed the onslaught until the 11th inning. The bullpen is killing this team and will continue to do so until Marshall is able to return.

    • @kywhi: I think they need more than Marshall coming back. Doubt they can get enough help to save the season. Many a good team has been done in by a bad pen.

  56. Until Dusty can get away of his prerequisite fantasy of what a team should be and assembled, nothing is going to change.

    The Reds will win games, probably more than most teams, because they have better talent and starters than most teams. But the more often you put subpar players in positions to come through, the more your team is penalized.

    i.e. Cozart getting more ABs than Votto, Phillips, Bruce, Frazier. Arguably the best reliever on the planet can only pitch one clean inning in a game where the Reds lead by 1-3 runs entering the 9th inning.

  57. The Reds made a ton of stupid plays tonight. But it is tough to come grips with the fact that Chapman only pitches one inning in pivotal game that goes to extras.

    Also I feel bad for the guy who got the grand slam. Tough way to start your career.

  58. Dusty’s teams falter when it really matters.

    • Dusty’s teams falter when it really matters.

      Not sure this is fair. Reds win their fair share of close games. And were up 2-0 in playoffs.

  59. The Cardinals continue to have the Reds number. Unless the Reds figure out something, the Cardinals will always either sweep the Reds, or win two out of three.

  60. You all have every right to criticize Dusty in this format, but the bottom line is that players play the game. I didn’t agree with all of Dusty’s decisions but last time I checked he never was in the batters box or on the mound or running down fly balls

  61. Last thing…Managers rarely go out and win games, and I am not suggesting that leaving Chapman in the 10th wouldn’t have meant a loss in the 11th. But, their job as Manager is to put the best available product on the field using numbers, stats, the eye-ball test, and game situations to get the best possible result. In NOT doing so, a manager can certainly LOSE you games or put the team in a position that makes winning even more difficult than it has to be. This is why I get frustrated with Dusty….everyone knows the best product in the 10th was Chapman…does he get 3 up, 3 down ? Who knows? But thats not Dusty’s main concern…his main concern is that Chapman, being the best option, is out on the mound.

  62. And Steve, LeCure groved what pitch? A decent CF would have easily made that catch w/o a problem in the 7th – ESPN announcers even noted that on their broadcast (that an adequate CF would have easily caught that drive – as Choo’s reaction time is low and he’s not that fast), instead Choo turned it into double that eventually led to the 2 tying runs. Stop making excuses for the Red’s boneheaded decisions and by golly stop drinking their kool-aid!

    Dexter Fowler would have caught that drive in the 7th w/o a sweat as it was definitely turned out to be a game changing play.

    Another of a plethora of extremely poor management decisions that will rear their ugly head against any decent team as the Reds are deficient in so many areas, least of all in their management.

    • @cincyreds14: I was talking about the pitch Carpenter hit to tie the game at 4-2 in the seventh inning. You’re referring to the ball Adams hit.

      You’ve got plenty to add here, but using derogatory names for Reds officials (aside from being juvenile) is not part of what this blog is about.

      You obviously have no idea what my opinion is on Choo playing CF. If you’re going to come on and attack what other people say, you should first be better informed.

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