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Two changes, one puzzling

C. Trent Rosecrans is reporting the Reds optioned Logan Ondrusek to AAA Louisville and recalled RHP Curtis Partch.

Partch began the season at Class AA Pensacola and in 8 appearances there posted a 2.16 ERA while converting all 4 save opportunities before he was promoted to Louisville on 4/24…in 16 appearances for the Bats he went 1-2, 3.74 ERA and converted 2 of 3 save opportunities (21.2ip, 19h, 9er, 10bb, 27k, 1hr).

In other news, Dusty Baker has moved Zack Cozart out of the #2 spot in the batting order and down to #8. In his place tonight is Derrick Robinson.

It’s strange that this would be the game for Baker to demote Cozart from the top of the order. The Reds are facing the Cardinals’ Tyler Lyons, who is a left handed pitcher. Cozart’s splits this season:

Cozart vs. RHP: .226/.253/.335

Cozart vs. LHP: .284/.310/.478

And, Shin-Soo Choo’s split this year against left-handers:

Choo vs. LHP: .149/.313/.179

Zack Cozart has been one of the Reds’ best regulars against lefties. He’s hit for nearly twice the batting average and three times the power against LHP as Choo. Cozart has also considerably outpaced fellow righty Todd Frazier against left handed pitchers (.213/.286/.361).

Here is today’s lineup:

Go Reds!

31 thoughts on “Two changes, one puzzling

  1. I told you last night that Ondrusek would be sent down. Parra should be sent down as well. he has pitched in the last 2 games and been shelled in both. He wouldn’t be available today anyway.

    Of course, they might not have a left handed reliever in the minors.

  2. Choo and Votto are in HUGE slumps. Until they come out of them, the Reds are in trouble.

  3. Dusty is obviously going to be batting Cozart down in the 7 or 8 hole more often. Dusty is never a “do it for one game” type guy, at least not when it comes to his regulars. I expect Paul and DRobinson to split time in left and in the 2 hole, while Cozy may bat 8th when Meso catches and 7th when Hanigan catches…or just 8th all the time. Really, it’s about time he made this move. I’m stunned he’s doing this. Dusty really doesn’t do this type of thing very often. Looking for a way to spark the offense. Fire Dusty still, but bravo for today.

    • @hermanbates: Agreed. Cozart won’t be seeing the number 2 spot for a long time. Dusty will of course platoon – for example in LF – but he will not change a guy’s place in the batting order based on whether the opposing starting pitcher is RHed or LHed.

  4. Reds released RHP Mike MacDougal.
    The 36-year-old had a 5.49 ERA and 1.63 WHIP in 19 2/3 innings with the Reds’ Triple-A affiliate in Louisville, Kentucky.

    I would assume the Reds are either signing someone to take his place or moving someone up from AA.

  5. Oh crap.. I think that Dusty Baker might be listening to me. Just last night I posted how the Paul/Robinson platoon should hit #2. Now this happens today out of the blue.

  6. The other positive is that Dusty will not use Partch in tight games, unlike Ondrusek.

  7. Dusty really can’t win on here.

    All season long we’ve heard about Cozart’s terrible OBP and snarky comments about how ‘Of course he hits second, he’s the SS’ and how Dusty would never move him out of th #2 hole just for that reason.

    Well, Dusty moved him out of the #2 hole. Now it’s ‘Oh, wait, Cozart SHOULD hit second agaist LH pitchers, he actually has decent numbers. What is Dusty thinking? Put Cozart in the #2 hole!’

    Seriously, even when the guy does what you want, people still complain. Kudos to Dusty for making a long-overdue move.

    • @CI3J: Sorry but you don’t deserve kudos for saying “Hey maybe we should not bat Cozart at the top of the lineup” 1.5 seasons later. Instead you are going to get an eye roll, some sighs and a few “Finally!”. All justified. Also the OP isn’t about how Baker shouldn’t move Zack down, it’s about how odd it is that tonight of all nights he moves him down when leaving him up could have been justified.

      • @Mwv:

        Yeah, but OP didn’t even give the proverbial eye-roll or the ‘FINALLY!’, it basically said ‘Huh, Dusty did why everyone wants, what a strange move.’

        Had Dusty waited and done this tomorrow, I’m sure there would have been something else to complain about, maybe some obscure stat about how Cozart hits really well on Sundays or something.

    • @CI3J: Hermanbates and I both gave kudos to Dusty for the Cozart move.

      If you’re saying that virtually anything Dusty does will be criticized by someone here, I agree.

        • @CI3J: I’ve never called for Cozart to bat lower in the lineup against lefty pitchers. So actually your reflexive criticism does apply more to some of the commenters than it does to my viewpoint.

          • @Steve Mancuso:

            Steve, no matter who is pitching, this was the right move. You want Cozart hitting second with his .310 OBP against lefties?

            Paul has a .333 OBP against lefties.

            Robinson has a .437 OBP against lefties.

            No matter how you slice it, this was the right move. There is nothing ‘strange’ about it.

          • @CI3J: My point was that Choo is the hitter that should be moved down (or sat) vs. left-handed pitchers. If you’ll read my original post carefully, that’s the comparison I made. I’m fine with the LF platoon batting at the top of the order.

          • @Steve Mancuso:

            And, as I said in the game thread:

            “More to the point, on the whole team, Cozart’s OBP against lefties is higher ONLY that Frazier’s, Lutz’s, and Heisey’s.”

            So you claiming that “Zack Cozart has been one of the Reds’ best regulars against lefties.” is something less than the truth. Or do you not like OBP any more?

    • @CI3J: I couldn’t agree with you more. I find the fixation with Dusty puzzling on a site with clearly intelligent commenters. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I’ve never believed that a manager has much direct impact on wins and losses. Note that I did not say NO impact, but it is really what the players do on the field that results in the win or loss. The disagreements with Dusty typically revolve around one or two decisions per game (where Cozart bats, when Chapman pitches) and a more general distaste for him and his style of managing. The thing is, the players seem to like playing for him and the Reds carry themselves like pros and usually play the game as it is meant to be played. I believe the manager has a lot to do with that sort of intangible–tone setting, if you will.

  8. Those of us in academia have long known that quantitative analysis is used to justify the bias of the researcher. Unfortunately, most of us (myself included) are susceptible to the belief that quantitative analysis is somehow objective, that it reveals The Truth. I think this thread has done a good job of sussing out the obvious bias against Dusty Baker perpetrated on this site.

    I call for qualitative research.

  9. I’m glad for the Cozart move, but I also think the timing is curious. Can’t I express both thoughts? Cozart is on bit of a hot streak, so the timing seems a bit strange. Is that not giving Dusty a break? don’t think so.

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