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Game Thread: Cardinals at Reds (2013.06.08)

Last night’s game was awful.  Let’s hope the Reds get going tonight and get a W on the board.  Mat Latos will balled upon to do just that.  Discuss the game here Reds fans and let’s hope the Reds Go tonight!

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    • @RedForever: Good God, I hope the Cards don’t do this to us, as well. We were humiliated enough last night. I am stuck with the FOX national Angels/Red Sox, so I’ll be scoreboard watching. Maybe it’s a good thing I can’t watch this one.

  1. Latos has pitched well his last 3 starts against the Cardinals, including last October, when he pitched a 5 inning tuneup for the postseason.

    Prior to that, he pitched terribly against the Cardinals and has been hit hard by some of them, in particular Beltran. Beltran left yesterday’s game with a tweaked hamstring, was hoping he’d be out of the lineup.

  2. There aren’t any “must wins” at this point in the season but this is the closest thing to it.
    Reds don’t want to go 5 games down. The Cards have an easy schedule for the next 2 weeks so catching them any time soon would be almost impossible.

    Pirates up big on the Stupid Cubs so a Reds loss would drop them into 3rd.

    • @RedForever: I agree that tonite is a big one, considering that it’s early June. My main concern is that a loss tonite could lead to an at home sweep and 6 games back. Need to win one of the next two, and tonite is the best pitching match up for the Reds in this series.

  3. Took Dusty 46 games to figure out Cozart shouldn’t be hitting second. This is an unusually fast learning curve for him. Bodes well for the future.

  4. I’m gonna make some $$$ off tonite’s loss by taking the Cards at +135. A $500 bet will return $675.

  5. Cozart is hitting .280 and slugging .490 against left handed pitchers. Choo is hitting .150 and slugging .180 against lefties.

      • @pinson343:

        More to the point, on the whole team, Cozart’s OBP against lefties is higher ONLY that Frazier’s, Lutz’s, and Heisey’s.

        Yet, some people still want him hitting higher in the order against lefties. Yes, it’s nice Cozart is slightly more successful against left handed pitchers, but there is still no justification for a .310 OBP hitting high in your lineup.

    • Cozart is hitting .280 and slugging .490 against left handed pitchers. Choo is hitting .150 and slugging .180 against lefties.

      Dusty would NEVER even think about moving Choo. Not in a million lifetimes. he’s not that smart.

  6. Maybe he just “got him going” in 2nd, and now is returning him to 8th.

  7. The Reds really need a HUGE game from Latos. Reds pitching has been getting shelled.

  8. Dusty on the pregame w/ Marty: sounds like he’s ready to shake up the bullpen.

  9. Remember how the Reds hit, facing Miller for the first time last year? Not good. Interested to see tonight’s results, vs. Lyons.

  10. I actually think Bronson will do the best against this Cardinals lineup. They ALL hit. Pitch for contact seems to be the best plan.

  11. Everyone swinging at the first pitch. Don’t the Reds hitters watch how the Cardinals work the counts and grind out ABs? Mercy.

  12. If Cozart had hit that ball, that would have been a DP.

    Sometimes, speed DOES come in handy.

  13. Votto 3 for his last 31! Never thought I’d ever see him slump that badly.

  14. 7 pitches, 1 infield ground out and 2 ground ball double plays.

  15. Allen Craig saw more pitches than all of the Reds hitters in the first inning

  16. Cardinals are just fundamentally sound offensively. They really impress me. If their pitching holds up, they will run away with the division.

  17. Am I the only one who is watching this game as an almost playoff game? I feel like if we lose this series, we’re acknowledging that the Cards are a better team, spotting them a healthy lead with a few weeks to the break, and setting ourselves up to play for a wildcard spot. I can’t imagine watching another 120 games just for the privilege of sitting through a one game playoff with the Nats or whoever…

  18. My apologies for my earlier snarky comment about Votto/Bruce.

    Apparently, Votto COULD learn a thing or two from Bruce.

  19. Interesting stat – the Reds are the worst in MLB in hitting the first pitch at .265. The MLB average is .330.

  20. Nice AB by Frazier there, even though he had two bad calls go against him.

  21. Reds have hit 1 ball out of the infield. Fortunately, it went out of the park.

    • @RedForever: I think this game showcases the complete opposite ends of the offensive spectrum currently. STL is historically hot right now and CIN is just really poor (Bruce being maybe the only outlier).

  22. The Reds would be an incredible team if they’d stop swinging at pitches a foot outside the zone. I assume every pitcher in baseball knows the key to beating this team is to avoid throwing more than one strike per at-bat. Get ahead in the count and then throw the next three in the dirt, and the Reds will take care of the rest.

  23. That inning typifies the difference between the Reds and Cards. Reds get a lead off double from Votto and can’t get him in.

    Cardinals get a lead off double and get a fly to right to get him to 3rd and an infield single to get him home.

    I’m not conceding the Central to the Cards but right now there is no way the Reds can beat them. They are that good.

  24. I think some of you guys need to step back and relax a little. You’d think the Cardinals are the ’27 Yankees and the Reds are the Cubs of any vintage with the comments on this board.

  25. Well, I have learned one thing at least in the last couple nights. The comments section here during Cards game goes into a black hole of negativity that isn’t worth reading. Enjoy the night ladies and gents.

  26. Yeah, seriously. To read these comments, you’d think the Reds were down 20-0 in the first inning.

    Guys, it’s a ONE RUN GAME in the 5th.

  27. I, for one, am sick of all the negative comments about negative comments. To read some of these comments, you’d think those of us who are down on the Reds are comparing them to Nazis and terrorists. We’re just pointing out their flaws as a baseball team, folks. It’s a baseball blog. This is going to happen.

  28. I, for one, am sick of the negative comments about negative comments about negative comments about… a….


    Uh, baseball?

  29. Latos doing a Jonathon Broxton imitation this inning.

    The Reds can play some defense.

  30. Reds will definitely win the series when it comes to great defensive plays. Now, if they can also manage to win the series…

  31. I guess we are supposed to come on here and talk about sunshine and candy hearts and balloons! How every at bat by the Reds is a great one and the Reds are the greatest team on the planet and simply can’t be beat. If another team does win it is just dumb luck.

  32. Bruce made that play look better than it really was. Don’t think the jump was even necessary after seeing the replay. Good game going on here.

  33. If the Reds don’t score in this inning, they’re worse than Nazis and terrorists combined.

  34. The Cards defensive lapses/errors are going to cost them some games. Terrible defense there. ITS GREAT TO SEE VOTTO HITTING AGAIN!

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