2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Cardinals at Reds (2013.06.08)

Last night’s game was awful.  Let’s hope the Reds get going tonight and get a W on the board.  Mat Latos will balled upon to do just that.  Discuss the game here Reds fans and let’s hope the Reds Go tonight!

244 thoughts on “Game Thread: Cardinals at Reds (2013.06.08)

  1. Broxton just has zero ability to put any hitter away.

  2. Bruce has paint from the wall on his uniform after the warning track flies tonight.

  3. I actually wonder: how many guys that throw 95 MPH average under 6 K’s per game? There cannot be very many, can there?

  4. Here we are again, 2 outs, zero on in the 8th. If you don’t hear from me ever again, I held my breath too long.

  5. Not only has Dusty put a Reds win in jeopardy by bringing in Broxton to face the Cards power hitters, he has added about an hours length to the game. As I type this Broxton gets 2 quick outs. I’ll gladly eat my words.

  6. Molina helping Broxton swinging at ball 4 twice. Beats looking at strike 3 like Votto and Bruce.

  7. And, there’s the totally unnecessary walk. Of course. Gets him 0-2 and of course cannot put him away.

  8. 0-2 now to Freese. Any bets that he can’t strike him out?

  9. If this game is tied before Chapman enters the game, I’m going to buy the team just to fire Baker.

  10. My Gameday can barely keep Broxton’s pitches in the screen once he gets 0-2. He’s going to break my app.

  11. Dear lord, a strikeout.

    Broxton will now pitch every 8th inning the rest of the season.

        • @Hank Aarons Teammate:
          I want whoever pitches the 8th to succeed. You were happy when they brought SL in and lost, but mad when they brought JB in and won. Results matter more than the process.

          • @VaRedsFan: No, I was happy when they brought in Lecure and unhappy when they lost. Just like Dusty, you’ll judge based on one outing. Broxton can screw up 10 times, but if Lecure screws up once, he’s out.

            And yes, process matters more than results to me, because in my opinion Lecure will succeed more than Broxton over the long haul.

  12. Seems like Chapman has not pitched in a month. Tends not to have control after a long layoff. More anxiety. sheesh.

  13. OK but wow Broxton makes me nervous. Walking Molina after having him 0-2 had me cussing.

    • @pinson343: No, you’re an idiot if you aren’t completely support Broxton in high leverage situations. Just ask VA.

  14. If Broxton can do that more often maybe I won’t have to warm up the defibrillator every time he takes the mound.

  15. Broxton’s true value is that he makes sure Chapman almost never has to face opponents’ best hitters, thus reducing the stress on Chapman’s arm, which will allow him to pitch multiple innings in playoff games. Baker sees the big picture in ways that we can’t even begin to imagine.

  16. Pretty typical Broxton outing.

    Nearly blows the game, but somehow keeps it together.

    Hey, as long as Dusty insists on sticking with him, at least he can get the job done. Not pretty. Not efficiently. But done.

  17. Who is that scrappy newcomer batting 8th for the Cincinnati Reds? I think he’s seen 6 pitches tonight.

  18. That shows the power of pitch framing.

    Or maybe the power of Molina slipping that ump a Benjamin between innings.

  19. All we need is three outs for the win. With Chapman coming in I would say that’s very doable. Go Reds!

  20. And thus ends another episode of 27 failures. Frazier almost throws it away but he Reds get a break.

  21. When Chapman hit Carpenter, I almost crapped. Not a good pitch. And according to Brantley and GameDay he badly hung a slider to Shane Robinson.

    Was Beltran safe or out ?

  22. Missed opportunities, some good luck, almost blew it, etc. but I’ll take it. Tough win over a tough team.

  23. Good win for the Reds especially after last nights game. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  24. Votto was off the bag. First base ump had no angle to see it. Still, that’s baseball. Makes up for a handful of the awful calls behind the plate tonight.

      • @renbutler: One thing is for sure: the umpire was in the worst possible position, because Votto came off the bag (initially) right at him. When he either got his foot back on or tried to and didn’t succeed, the umpire couldn’t see it. He guessed.

        • @WedgieSanders: Never apologize for a coin flip call that goes the way of your team. Either the last one or next one most likely won’t

          I tend to agree with Renbutler. He stepped off then hit the 2nd base side as he caught the ball while dragging his foot along the that side. He came off again at the corner but what the hey. It was no different that a drag touch at 2nd on a DP attempt.

          I didn’t see Molina offering to give Votto 1B on that borderline called strike 3 in the 7th. Or head himself to the bench when a similar call went his way for ball 3 prior to him walking in the 8th.

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