The Reds have a tough task in game 1 as Adam Wainwright and his 8-3 record faces off against Mike Leake.  But when you take a closer look, the two have pretty similar ERAs so maybe the Reds can steal game 1 with their #5 pitcher. 

My dislike for the Cardinals isn’t a secret.  I want nothing more than for the Reds to take it to the Cardinals in this game and in this series.  So let’s get it done Redlegs!  Beat the WLBs!  Go Reds!!!

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. Been announced that H-Rod is up to the Reds and Villareal down to the Bats.

    No real surprise here. Maybe a bit as to the exact person but I figured that unless they were going to risk using Cingrani out of the pen as his side session this weekend, that they would try and stack the bench a little for the Cards series.

    • @OhioJim: I like it, so long as he doesn’t see the field defensively.

      • @ToddAlmighty: Probably one of those deals where they chose the already on the 40 man who was currently swinging the hottest bat. Probably didn’t hurt Rodriguez either that he is a switch hitter.

      • @OhioJim: I would actually like to see Rodriguez stick with the big club once Cingrani is called up with the Big Lutz optioned down to the Bats. rodriguez is a more refined hitter than the Big Lutz, who needs regular playing time to refine his plate discipline and learn to hit the dang slider. @ToddAlmighty: I think Rodriguez plays an acceptable 2B. He had a rough spring training defensively, but has shown pretty good at 2B through the minors. Now 3B & SS is another issue entirely, but I would rather have Rodriguez available to spell BP, than have Izturis get anywhere close to the plate. Of course Heisey was suppose to begin a rehab assignment today with the Bats, but he is not in the Bats lineup. Cingrani was also the previously schedule starter for the Bats, but he has been replace with Pino as the starter tonight.

  2. I just saw some video of the Reds top 3 picks. Lorenzen and Phillip look good, but Franklin reminds me of Juan Francisco.

  3. In my opinion, this series is a litmus test for the Red’s growth and development through this season. The series in Pittsburgh, which should have been a sweep, told me that the Red’s are probably better than the Bucs long term (assuming health and a lack of prolonged slumps). This series, which will feature two of the best pitchers available for the Cards, should tell us about the mental toughness of the Reds. If all three games are competitive, then I’ll feel better about our chances long term. Ultimately, the Reds could have the best record in the NL by the end of the season if they (a) pitch better in the bullpen and (b) get better in situational hitting so that they stop scoring runs in the first inning and get shut out the rest of the way. The season is full of ebbs and flows, but there are situations like this series where growth and development can be measured to assess the team’s overall progress. Hopefully, this will be a good weekend for the club!

  4. Not too bad for our #5 guy.

  5. You know, this might be my favorite batting lineup of the year for the Reds. Of course I wouldn’t mind if Paul and Cozart switched in the order, but other than that… I like the hitting talent that’s out there.

  6. Lovin’ that I get to watch me some Redlegs on MLB Network here in Clinton NY! Doesn’t happen very often.

  7. One positive right off the bat. I would much rather listen to Grape Jelly working with Marty then Cowboy. But that’s just me. Go Reds!

  8. Great pitch sequence there against Molina.

  9. My last comment is “awaiting moderation” never seen that before.

  10. It appears that Ump has a tight strike zone for both clubs.

  11. Nice inning from Leake. Keep it up we’re gonna give you some run support tonight kiddo!!!

  12. Freaking Wainright is nasty ain’t he.

  13. Awesome pitch by Leake to S.O. Kozma

  14. Dusty said in pregame interview that Heisey had another setback. He felt it a little and has been a little sore so they backed off again on rehab.

  15. Ervin clearly hasn’t taken Crash Davis cliche lessons yet…

  16. I am way too hyped about this game and this series for something this early in the season.

    • @Mwv: Nothing a couple cold ones won’t take care of. I’ve got my defibrillator charged up and ready to go. You know, just in case.

  17. Mike putting on a show so far, I am loving this.

  18. Leake is painting the black for strikes and missing outside the strike zone if he misses. That’s a pretty good formulas for success.

  19. Atta boy Mez!

  20. Leake is throwing a lot of pitches but he is missing low. I would much rather him do that than throw more strikes up in the zone.

  21. This is fun to watch.

  22. Simply an outstanding AB by Choo!

  23. All four balls that led to that walk.. were the breaking pitch that Choo struck out on in the first inning. He made the adjustment and laid off that pitch.

  24. Drives me nuts!

  25. Then the cooler steps in and does his job on 2 pitches, way to get it done!

  26. I’m so glad Dusty has Cozart hitting in the #2 hole between Choo & Votto.

  27. That’s an AB from Choo that just exemplifies his value over Stubbs, all due respect to Drew

  28. Was I the only one who saw that coming. Choo had a great AB but I groaned as soon as he took the walk.

  29. I think Cozart has seen 3 pitches and hacked at all 3.

  30. I k ow the general opinion, but I would have had Cozart bunt there without a hesitation. Cozart is a walking DP and with Wainright vs a high pitch count Leake I want a run. Votto leading off again.

  31. Tough play there, nice job Zack.

  32. This ump HATES calling strikes. The end.

  33. Leake trying for a franchise record for 3-1 counts. DUDE ISN’T GIVING YOU THE CORNERS!

  34. If there’s a team that you can throw a ground ball pitch to in order to get the double play its the Reds. Reason being is that the Reds are known to swing at the first pitch.

  35. Would you believe the Cards announcers are talking about the Cueto kick on LaRue.

    • Would you believe the Cards announcers are talking about the Cueto kick on LaRue.

      Yes. Those two guys are brutal. Game is on MLB Network so you don’t have to listen to those two idiots.

  36. That just murdered Leake’s pitch count.

  37. 77 pitches for Leake.

  38. Everything is up now, bad sign.

  39. Wheels are coming off, Dusty… open your eyes.

  40. Leake just does not have a 3-2 pitch and he is paying the second time through the order

  41. Why do I feel like this game is over? Not giving up, but down 3-0 (at least) against Wainwright is tough. Cardinals line-up is way better than the Reds.

  42. According to “Scout” opponents hit .351 against Leakey after 75 pitches.

  43. Hate to say it fellas, but I think this game is done.

    • @nvilleredsfan: It’s the 4th inning. Come on, man.

      • Hey, I haven’t given up but it sure doesn’t look good right now. 4 pitch walk from Leake to lead off the inning and the bullpen is going to take a beating tonight. Hoping for the best.

  44. That 11 or whatever pitch at bat just did Leake in, by the time it was over and by the time he dealt with Molina he was on fumes.

  45. Cozart should watch video of that last inning so he can see how to gork a hit for an RBI instead of beating it into the ground or popping it up in the infield. The Cards didn’t scald one ball that last inning.

  46. Long way to go in this ballgame, long way. Reds ain’t outta this game by a long shot.

  47. I know this has been said multiple times but the Reds need a new batting coach and a new hitting strategy.

  48. The Cardinals have a much much better lineup from top to bottom than the Reds do. They put the barrel to the ball better than any team I have seen in years. Also I hate the Cardinals with the fury of a thousand suns.

  49. I have zero problem with Leake still pitching, as long as he’s on a short leash.

  50. I’m getting borderline comfortable saying that the Cardinals are a simply better team than us. I don’t think they can keep up a .340 RISP average, but we’re not a flawless team and its going to take some grit to win the rest of our series against them. If we can’t do that, we’d better get used to the idea of a one game playoff.

    • @eric nyc: Yep. Which is why dropping those games the last couple weeks they should have won (leading in the 8th) could really come back to hurt.

  51. Would Matheny have Cozart in the 2 hole or XP? Already proven to be a pivotal moment both tonight and every night.

  52. I’d hold off on walking toward the ledge guys. This is our #5 vs. their #1.

    • @Mwv: Our 5 who has only given up 1 run in the last 27 innings. Maybe I have expected too much to repeat vs. what seems to be the best team in the league.

      • @George Culver: #5 is #5 is my point. We all knew Leake was over-performing. We also know how good Wainwright is. I just get a little irritated when I see all the folks commenting with the “let’s just give up” attitude I guess. Call me cranky from watching the game thus far, no worries.

    • @Mwv: What metric do we beat them in? I mean dig deep. IBBs on lead off hitters? Fielding percentage by RFers? The Cards are legit.

      • @eric nyc:

        All we need to do is get hot in the playoffs!

      • @eric nyc: Stuff like this. Both teams are good. I don’t see either team being substantially better than the other. Are you asking if the Cards are hotter right now? Sure, seems like it.

  53. I little jazz feet over there for Frazier.

  54. C’mon Jack!

  55. Did Frazier lose track of the number of outs? It looked like he started to leave 2nd base after the 2nd out but I couldn’t tell for sure.

    • @HOF-13: Frazier absolutely lost track of how many outs there were. Makes you wonder that if Frazier’s head isn’t in the game, are the other players in the same state of mind.

  56. How we lookin? Has Dusty done anything to screw this up?

  57. Leake didn’t pitch extremely bad. The umpire wasn’t his friend and it was that one long AB that did him in.

  58. We’re seeing a real professional team show a semi-professional team how to play.

    Cards are hitting .340 with RISP AS A TEAM! That is 90 points higher than the Reds team batting average.

  59. Even as bad as it looks tonight, Thom Brennaman and Jeff Brantley couldn’t sound anymore defeated if they tried.

  60. …and Ondrusek comes in and adds napalm to the fire.

  61. My eyes hurt…

  62. Time to put a merciful end to the Logan Ondrusek experiment. Dude is done! Put a fork in him and send him back to AA or release him.

  63. Just need a quick touchdown, and we’re right back in this one.

  64. The Cardinals are formidable, but still don’t like them.

  65. Please Latos, bring your A game tomorrow. I’ve seen enough tonight.

  66. Cards are u there just trying to get base hits while the Reds are always up there trying to hit 8 run homers. That is why the Cards are as good as they are and why the Reds are going to be also-rans.

  67. You can build a good record playing against bad teams, but your true colors show when you play against winners.

  68. Even the Cards announcers were surprised the Reds weren’t walking Kozma. One said I respect Dusty Baker but I don’t know why he didn’t walk Kozma. I can tell him why. Its because Dusty is always trying to prove he’s smarter then the average bear.

  69. Choo in about as bad a slump as anyone could be in. And an extended slump at that.

  70. Will someone please stick jocketty with a stick to see if he’s alive? The reds bullpen is not good. I think it’s funny that some say hey the reds have the second best record in MLB. That’s only because the got fat on atrocious teams. Jocketty fiddles while the reds burn. Brutal!

  71. I’m hoping Latos has a great game tomorrow and then for “good Bronson” to show up Sunday. I’d love for the Reds to not be 6 games back after this series.

  72. So.. I haven’t watched, and looking at the 7-0 score and 2 hits by the Reds, I am glad I didn’t. I do have to ask though.. did he really leave in Ondrusek to give up 4 runs in 1 inning? That seems an awful lot like raising the white flag on the game in the 6th inning.

  73. No shutout for Wainright at least.

  74. Jeesh fellows. It’s June 7th for God’s sake. We have the second best record in MLB and with arguably the worst manager in the league. The season will play out. Yes the Cards are red-hot “right now” but so was Choo a couple of weeks ago and we see what has happened. Ebb and flow dudes. I just don’t think the Cards will win 120 games this year.

    To me the big thing is to keep an eye on Cueto because without a doubt he is a #1 and we need him back and healthy. Latos is not and neither are the other 3. Latos is a nice pitcher but at this point he is a #2. My advice is take a vacation if you can.

    • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: People are overreacting. But the long view of the season isn’t pretty.

      • @Hank Aarons Teammate: Dusty doesn’t really start focusing until after the ASB. Not my approach but it is his. If we are close at that point, I’m good. If not? Not so much then.

    • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: I don’t think anyone is really worried about the 162. The Reds just have too much talent to not win enough to go to the playoffs, serious injuries aside. The biggest problem is that “….with arguably the worst manager in the league.”

      When it comes to that 5 game series, how many people actually thing Dusty can win it? He’s had tons of talented teams, yet there’s a reason he’s only got 1 NL Pennant and 0 World Series in 19 years. How hard is it to have 3 straight losing seasons with Barry Bonds on your team? It took Barry Bonds to have a 1.381 OPS just to get that pennant.

      Even with this year’s winning % at .600 and last year’s at .599, his career winning % is .526, which isn’t exactly amazing. I just have no faith in Dusty. At all.

      • : I don’t think anyone is really worried about the 162. The Reds just have too much talent to not win enough to go to the playoffs, serious injuries aside.

        That’s not what I’m picking up tonight. By the way, I totally agree with all the rest of your thoughts.

      • @ToddAlmighty: I am very very very worried about the 162. In any other division, we’d be a lock for the pennant. But it’s looking an awful lot like its going to be a struggle to take the division from the Cards. Pre-2011 who cares. Now with this ridiculous one game play-in we might have to roll the dice on one stupid game even if we win 100 games.

      • @ToddAlmighty: Hey Todd, the Reds really needed a few youngsters to step up this year and they simply have NOT:

        1. Cozart
        2. Frazier
        3. Bruce
        4. Mesoraco

        And then how does a like Kozma have a big game…

        COme on!

  75. I would have left Ondrusek in. I mean, it’s June, the Reds are down by a lot of runs vs a great pitcher. You save it for tomorrow.

    Many people here want to play each game like it’s the playoffs. In the playoffs, you’d have taken Leake out after the 2nd run (well, I would have, but not Dusty). And you bring in a good reliever. This isn’t the playoffs.

  76. Hey! Don’t worry be happy, its only April, its only May, its only June, its …

    • @Sergeant2: Thanks Sarge – that is an excellent point. The Nation depends on you to keep a cool head when all hell is breaking loose.

    • @Sergeant2: right and the games you lose in June can cost you dearly in September

    • @Sergeant2: The Reds showed their colors when they lost a series sweep to the Cubs, then the Pirates and then looked like junk against the Rockies.

      Trust me, we are going to see more of the same


  77. I would get Manny some work tonight so he would be unavailable for the rest of this series. “Dusty-proof”, ya know?

  78. Henry Rod..who? Where did they find this guy?

  79. Its just really frustrating to lose to the stupid Cardinals. But we need to realize that Cardinal pitcher Adam Wainright is one of if not the best pitchers in either league, I’m talking possible Cy Young award winner. Plus we were throwing our #5 starter against a hot Cardinals team. Reds fans still have faith in the team, I think we’re just letting off a little frustration steam. Nuttin’ wrong with that.

    • @Sergeant2: I said a few weeks ago he’s better than Cueto. And he is. Cueto’s very good, but he’s not Wainwright.

      I don’t understand why folks expected to win this game. What’s happened is fairly expected. And it’s what the Reds should do tomorrow to Lyons. Will they? Stay tuned.

    • @Sergeant2: Excuses excuses excuses. We need to be able to score runs against CY candidates if we want to be a championship contender. We can’t give up 7 runs in 6 innings no matter who’s pitching. Cincinnati sports fandom is just a study in lowered expectations…

      • @eric nyc: So, tomorrow, if we had Cueto going, and they had their 9th string starter in Lyons going, they should score 5 runs, and they should expect Lyons to pitch great. It just doesn’t work.

        I’m not happy, and I don’t have lowered expectations, but when you pitch Leake vs Wainwright, you’re going to lose most of the time. That’s undeniable.

  80. While I’d have left Ondrusek in, I’d rather he be pitching for Louisville. He’s just not good.

  81. Yeah, lets bring in Parra so it can be a 12-2 game.

    • @RedForever: Yeah, let’s bring in Chapman to preserve an 8-2 deficit with two innings left. That’d be brilliant.

      • @Hank Aarons Teammate: Parra shouldn’t even be on the roster much less in any game.

        • @RedForever: You’re unbelievable. He IS on the roster. You’re dodging the question. That Parra shouldn’t be a Red is a different point than whether he should be in the game now.

          Baker’s done nothing wrong this game, aside from the usual Cozart batting 2nd. They are simply getting their brains beaten in.

        • @RedForever:

          Another JOKE.rrty move

          He is as much the culprit as is clueless Dusty

          Needed momentum coming into this series – and we lay a t.u.r.d against the Rockies.

          Who is steering this version of the Titanic?

    • @RedForever: @Sergeant2: Get real. Had you rather burn one of the better relievers from what appears to be a not-as-good-as-expected bullpen or try to win the next two games of the series?

  82. Reds bullpen has got to be one of the worst in baseball now. They were so good last year and so bad this year.

  83. I think we are looking at a 3 game dominate sweep by the Cards and I think that is a good thing.. This franchise from top to bottom needs a wake up call and as it did in 2010, a three game sweep at the hands of the Cards is needed to maybe turn things around.

    • @dn4192:

      Hey dn, I am concerned about the same.

      This team looks listless – w/o a real leader (where’s Pete or at least Lou when we really need them)?

      And JV looks like ….

      And our core of young players (Mesoraco, Frazier, Cozart and possibly Bruce) look like…


  84. My wife wants to know why the Reds management doesn’t get rid of some of these players? Can someone give me a reasonable answer?

  85. Joey Votto is totally discombobulated at the plate. He’s beyond frustrated. His behavior is getting a little bizarre. IMHO

  86. They’re going to need Lecure tomorrow, and he’s going to be unavailable. Why not leave Parra in?

  87. Pretty weird using Sam here. Not that it matters, we’re outclassed. Cards got a heckuva ballclub

  88. Sam did his job, now for the payoff. All the Reds gotta do is score 8 runs in the bot. of the 9th for the win. Sound the Charge!! Go Reds!

  89. I’m looking forward to tomorrows game. Gonna be a good old good one. I expect the Reds players are gonna want to show they ain’t exactly chopped liver. Look for Latos to go high and tight with his pitches. Ain’t gonna be no Cardinals getting comfortable at the plate tomorrow. Go Reds!! Adios Amigos.

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