Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Colorado 12
Cincinnati 4

W: J. Garland (4-6)
L: P. Villarreal (0-1)

–Todd Frazier had two hits, a run, and an RBI. Xavier Paul hit a three-run homer. Logan Ondrusek pitched an effective inning and a third.

–Pedro Villareal, making the start (and his major league debut as a starter) in place of injured Johnny Cueto, was not good: 3.2 innings pitched, six runs allowed on ten hits and two walks. He permitted three homers. Ugh.

–Alfredo Simon and Manny Parra were pretty terrible, too.

–Tough game, but the Reds were behind the eight ball the entire way, thanks to Cueto’s injury. Cincinnati had little choice but to call upon Villareal, who was the scheduled starter for AAA Louisville tonight. Expect to see Tony Cingrani called up soon to start in Cueto’s absence.

–If Villareal and Parra never pitched for the Reds again, I probably wouldn’t lose much sleep.

A terrible showing tonight, Redlegs. Just awful. Milton is disappointed.

A terrible showing tonight, Redlegs. Just awful. Milton is disappointed.

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Blame Chad for creating this mess.

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  1. The Reds played a game tonight? I’m pretty sure they had the night off.

  2. If that Rockies team gets some pitching, watch out…

    Tomorrow is a much needed day off for the Reds.

  3. Apparently the Reds increased the payroll of the Major League team at the expense of the Minor League System. Keeping your fingers crossed that none of the players on your Major League roster get injured is no way to run a professional baseball team.

    • @Sergeant2: My understanding is that the Reds spend a lot on player drafting, development, etc. They have to. There are some legit pitching prospects in their minor league system, but Cingrani the only one at the AAA level.
      Oh, and Corcino. I don’t know why he’s doing terribly at AAA.

  4. Parra needs to go. Votto and Choo should have been rested today. They look tired and frustrated. Hurry back Cueto,Phillips and Marshall.

    • @Josh: Parra is so bad. Outside of one or two decent outings, he’s been playing well below replacement level to this point. DFA him and call up (or sign) anybody to replace him. It literally can’t be any worse.

  5. Forget the team, I’m the one who needs an off day tomorrow. Somebody hold me.

  6. One of those days. What can you say?

    The Cards pitched their 13th string starter today, Joe Kelly, who gave them 5 2/3 of 2 run ball. The Reds could win the Central, but top to bottom there is no earthly way the Reds are in the same class as the Cards. Fortunately, if you avoid injuries, top to bottom is a bit less important. Unfortunately, the Reds have injuries this year.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: I’m beginning to agree with you. At the beginning of the season I predicted the Reds would win 94 games. I had the Cards winning an even 90. I had no idea that their pitching would be so deep. I thought they could pull 2 starters from the minors and that 1 would be very good and the other would be acceptable. Every starter they’ve brought up has been exceptional. If I were to update my predictions, I would have the Cards winning the division. Sorry to say it, but from where I’m sitting they are better.

      • @LWBlogger: If their pitching holds up, I’m inclined to agree with Hank’s teammate. However, I don’t think it will — they’ll come back to earth sooner rather than later I think.

  7. Grand Slam to give the Dbacks a 7-1 lead over the WLB in the 7th!!! While I hate to see the Reds lose .. especially in the fashion they did tonight… at least the Pirates lost today.. and the WLB are on their way to another loss. (Plus Cardinals have a game tomorrow before coming to Cincy… while Reds get a day off).

    • @Love4Reds: Its been a rough couple of days for the NL Central leaders.

      • @Scott A.:

        Indeed. Molina was not catching today’s game either. Taking his suspension today from the incident earlier this week. So I wonder what kind of impact that had for them.

        • Actually .. I forgot.. they had that marathon game last night. So they don’t have much of a bullpen left tonight. they actually have one of their bullpen pitchers who has already hit Didi Gregorious twice and hit another player .. still in the game. And he’s now hitting for himself. So it seems they are having a total meltdown game too. At least we see they are fallible!

  8. I wish I could read a lot less bashing of Marty and thom and more cobstructive criticism of jockey and his inability or unwillingness to deal with a pen that’s given away what should’ve been certain wins. By the way, I don’t think jockey has managed the team’s pitching well for the last few seasons. Also, one can criticize baker till the chickens come home to roast, but jockey shares the blame for a pen that’s mediocre. I miss bob howsam!

    • @santa barbara reds fan:

      The Reds have had the pitchers to make the pen go. Injuries have hampered them. Imagine a rotation with 5 quality starters, and Leake/Cingrani waiting to fill in for injuries. That would be the case if Madsen never got hurt. Last year the team experienced very little in the way of injuries, save for Votto and Cueto. This year has been a different story. Baker’s inability to effectively manage a bullpen has made it worse.

  9. Okay, I didn’t want to pull this out, this early in the season, but, given our injuries/Dusty/bad bounces/bad luck/metaphysical offense:

    “It is only a beginning, always. The young must know it; the old must know it. It must always sustain us, because the greatness comes not when things go always good for you, but the greatness comes and you are really tested, when you take some knocks, some disappointments, when sadness comes, because only if you have been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.” -Richard Nixon

  10. I wouldn’t be too hard on Villareal Reds fans. He was put in an absolutely impossible situation. I wish the kid didn’t have to have his major league experience like that. Easy to forget that this is most guys’ dreams and they work toward this for years.

    There is no excuse though for Dusty not having someone up to face CarGo in the 4th with the Reds up 4-3. Dusty has the experience, you know you have a AAA pitcher who isn’t ready out there. You HAVE to have a contingency plan for that inning.

  11. Quoting Richard Nixon is going to cheer us up ?

    It would have been better to quote John Belushi or someone similar.

    • @pinson343:

      Over? Did you say “over”? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no! And it ain’t over now. ‘Cause when the goin’ gets tough… [thinks hard] the tough get goin’! Who’s with me? Let’s go! [runs out, alone]

      -John Belushi

      How’s that?

  12. Cueto said he felt something wrong in the 8th inning of his last start (the near no hitter) but also thought he would be OK.

    Chad, the “Thanks a Lot, Johnny Cueto” sounds like an expression of anger. Is that a misinterpretation ? I don’t think we know enough about what happened when to be angry with him.

  13. You know, despite everything, the injuries, the mismanagement, whatnot…. The Reds still have the 2nd best record in all baseball.

    Just something to consider.

    • @CI3J: @CI3J: Yep, 36-24, exactly .600.

    • @CI3J: The Rangers and Braves also have a better record than the Reds, but not by much. The Reds 36-24 puts them on track for 97 wins, same as last year. Even “experts” who picked the Reds to win the NL Central estimated they’d win 91-92 or so games, because they wouldn’t have the Astros to kick around.

  14. Votto has gone cold. Really cold. Look at his #’s since Baker told him to chill out after he cussed himself out following a strike out in the Cubs game… Coincidence?

    • @Furniture City Red: I said that exact same thing to my lovely bride at the game last night.

    • @Furniture City Red: Yes, coincidence. Unless Votto is so sensitive that a negative comment from Dusty will shatter his confidence. Guy just needs a well-deserved break.

    • @Furniture City Red: it has been pretty obvious to just about everyone (people here, radio/tv guys) but Baker since the weekend that Votto looks exhausted. I thought yesterday would have been a great day to give him a rest with today’s off day. Instead he starts and plays all nine innings in a lost cause game that ends up 12-4. Oh well.

    • @Furniture City Red: I said before Baker should keep shut about that. Baker is so bassackwards about that. He tells Votto to watch the cussing but has no problem with players on opposite teams fighting? Baker cares so much about what the kids see? Sorry, if anything, but I would rather see players cuss than fight.

    • @Furniture City Red: First he was slumping early in the year because he felt pressure over his big contract (even though it’s his second year under the contract), and now he’s slumping because Baker scolded him?

      Come on, folks.

  15. Okay, we were at the game last night so I was without access to the Nation for most of the afternoon and evening, so please pardon me if this was covered in another thread.

    On the radio, they said that Cueto reported the injury after the game on Friday. With that being the case, how in the world does nobody pick up the phone to Louisville and tell them to skip Cingrani’s next start so the he’s ready to go if Cueto can’t go? To me, this seems like the absolute first thing the organization should do. What am I missing here?

    Also, they were saying on the radio that the Reds are listing this as a shoulder injury. If that’s the case then it’s not the same injury as last time, right? Or did our fantastic medical team misdiagnose the injury last time and are now saying it’s been a shoulder all along?

    My guess is we don’t see Cueto again until after the All Star Break, and I’m good with that if he needs six weeks or so to get healthy for the stretch run.

    • @Kyle Farmer: Total confusion. It’s reported as a shoulder injury and at the same time as a lat injury, same as he had before.

  16. Couple things…

    – One of those nights, the Reds brought this kid up and threw him out there and the only reason he was called up was b/c he was scheduled to pitch today.

    – But in the 4th….after walking Young, and giving up the hit to Arenado with 2 outs….NOBODY went out to talk to this kid with Gonzalez and Tulowizki coming up. Hannigan, Price, Baker, no one got off their butts and walked out to give him advice, settle him down, break his rhythm, nothing. THIS ticked me off.

    – Votto needs a day off badly. His bat looks S…L…O…W.

    – Hopefully, they were looking ahead to the weekend?

    • @Bill Lack: Agreed. I just wonder if additional tests were done on Cueto. Recall Votto’s knee and no MRI.

      For Cueto, I’d almost be willing to see Cueto shut down for the rest of the season and, not only be pain free but also get him on a thorough conditioning and therapy program for the injured sites; let’s make sure this doesn’t show up again, even if it means changing his mechanics.

  17. Milton doesn’t look at all disappointed to me. Goddam Cubs fan.

  18. Yeah, the pitching was a mess, but to me a big negative is this offense. 4 quick runs then nothing. 3 of those coming off the bat of a guy who wouldn’t normally be in the starting line-up. Seems like there is somewhat of a pattern of a burst of offense then nothing. Wasn’t exactly Cy Young out there. NOt that they would have gotten to 12, but these guys have got to consistently put up more runs when it counts.

    • @vared: Garland can be tough when/if he finds his release point and he is commanding his pitches. That said, they didn’t even really hit the ball hard on many occasions after the first inning. They struggle against guys who change speeds and locate well; guys like Garland. They needed to put up a couple more runs and they failed to do it. Certainly a bit disappointing.

      Agree with folks that Votto needs a day off. I am pretty sure that Baker had to be considering it for yesterday. After the loss Tuesday though, and with the Cueto injury, I’m guessing Baker felt he needed all the offense he could get. That’s why we saw Hannahan at 2B… Just a theory.

  19. Have we a date for a RLN game?

  20. In honor of Milton, I share with you the Miltie Awards from last night’s game.

    1. In his major-league debut, Pedro Villareal wins a Miltie. Son, the gopher-ball should not be in your repretoire of pitches.
    2. Dusty Baker wins a Miltie, for his 4th inning performance of his usual, infamous bullpen mismanagement.
    3. Alfredo Simon and Manny Parra win a Miltie in their supporting roles. In support of Villareal, all 3 Reds pitchers thought they were pitching in Atlanta’s old Launching Pad. Six, count them, six satellites were launched as NASA is still tracking one of Cargo’s three he hit.
    4. The Reds offense wins a Miltie. They scored 4 runs in the first inning, then put up 8 straight 0’s on the board. Hard to win any game with as many 0’s the Reds “INCONSISTENT” offense puts up. Yes, I said inconsistent.
    That completes the Awards ceremony for the highly coveted Milties.

    • @WVRedlegs:
      1) “Son, the gopher-ball should not be in your repertoire of pitches.” Best… Quote… I’ve seen in a long time.
      2) I am more disappointed with Hannigan on this one. He needed to come out to the mound. If Baker brought someone in, it would have been Parra to face Gonzales. This could easily have had the same end result.
      3) That 2nd HR off Cargo’s bat was one of the hardest hit HR I’ve ever seen in person.
      4) Still not following you on how runs-by-inning is an inconsistency thing but I certainly agree that the Reds offense needed to do more, and should have done more last night against Garland.

  21. The first round of the MLB draft is today. They have the 27th pick overall. The Pirates have two first rounders, the 9th and 14th overall selections. The Cards have two first round picks, the 19th and the 28th, right after the Reds. I have seen some mock drafts that have 33 picks in the first round and others that say the Reds have a Supplemental pick at #38. At #27, the mock drafts are all over the place with the Reds selection.

    What do the Reds go after in the 1st round??

    Shortstop?? Pitching?? The last few years it has been a pitcher. Corner OF?? Corner INF??

    Names to watch for:
    1. Billy McKinney, OF, 6-3 200, Plano West HS Texas. LH hitter. A Jay Bruce clone.

    2. Aaron Judge, OF, 6-7 240, Fresno St. RH hitter.

    3. Austin Wilson, OF, 6-4 210, Stanford. A 5-tool guy that struggled a little in college this year.

    4. Eric Jagielo, 3B/OF, 6-3 215, Notre Dame.

    5. Hunter Green, LHP, 6-4 180, Warren East HS Kentucky.

    If McKinney or Judge are on the board at #27, the Reds will probably take one of those two.

  22. The game was the game. I wouldn’t call simon a negative. After a yeoman effort on Sunday, he gets two days off then pitch a fine 6, but I wouldn’t have asked a second inning against the top of the order. The O also has to help on a night like that too. 4 runs early then nothing….disapointing.

    Too bad they felt the need to possibly throw this game away, when they knew about Cueto injury on Friday.

    Some games get away from you and you have to throw in the towel, it happens. But they painted themselves into the corner and put a young kid in a bad spot from the outset. Thowing games away from the start doesn’t help in any way.

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