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Game Thread: Rockies at Reds (2013.06.03)

The Reds play again today and we are all hoping they’ll win tonight so we can all come down from the ledge after yesterday’s disastrous loss to the Pirates.  The Rockies are playing pretty decent baseball this season.  Let’s hope that perception changes some after they leave Cincinnati for this 3 game set.

Bronson Arroyo will look to rebound after a tough outing his last time out versus Cleveland.  And who knows, maybe Dusty Baker will wake up and actually use his bullpen properly in this game.  I feel good about the first part.  Not holding my breath for part 2.

It’s game one of Reds vs Rockies.  Cheer on the good guys to get the win.  Go Reds!

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  1. According to Thom, these are the situations where “managers earn their money.” If that’s true, then Baker is making about a million dollars per good decision.

  2. Chapman will walk the first batter, I predict. This is the first one-run lead he’ll have protected since the Phils debacle.

  3. I’m not sure a pair of outfielders could play that ball worse.

  4. I’d keep in Arroyo, but if he lets even 1 guy on base I would pull him then and there. Gotta give him a *chance* for a complete game shutout. Under 90 pitches, hasn’t been hit much, and just got off a 4 pitch inning.

    • @ToddAlmighty: I would too but I’d feel better about it if the Reds got another run. One hanger and its a tie game. Of course I’d feel better about the Reds chances with Chapman if the Reds got another run.

  5. I don’t know why we’re talking about Arroyo anymore. This will be a 9th inning save situation, and there’s only one person on the team capable of pitching in that situation.

  6. I predict Votto gets Wednesday off, so he gets 2 days before the Cards.

  7. Apparently Bruce didn’t get the memo that the Reds offense was taking a nap today.

  8. If it had been a 1 run lead, there was no right answer what to do; either choice was reasonable.

    Now, with 3 run lead, unless Arroyo said he can’t pitch, you send him out there.

  9. Bruuuuuuuuuuuuce! That ball was killed! Now can we at least let Bronson start the ninth? He deserves it.

  10. Maybe Bruce should have bunted that time.

    Looks like the left-handed relief pitcher didn’t mow right through the two left-handed hitters back-to-back in the lineup.

    That ball was 3/4 the way up the bleachers. BAM!

  11. What are you guys talking about re: Bruce bunt? I just turned the game on recently.

  12. 454 ft. HR for Jay Bruce. Why he didn’t attempt a bunt is beyond me.

  13. This is exactly why Chapman was rested yesterday with the left-handed tying run at the plate in the 8th…. so he could come in today and pitch with (at least) a 3 run lead in the 9th. Anyone who doesn’t understand that logic obviously doesn’t have what it takes to manage.

  14. Robinson now has a .436 OBP with great speed. Why not start him at leadoff every night and hit Choo second?

    • @dg44: Too many runs will mean fewer save situations for Chapman. Baker is looking at the big picture.

    • @dg44: Because that would send the universe spinning into oblivion. You can’t mess with things like that.

  15. 3-0…. let Bronson stay in, bat for himself, and finish up this game. If it was 1-0, I would completely agree to take him out with the bases loaded and 2 outs.

  16. Izturis has a really slow bat. He couldn’t even catch up to an 87 mph fastball.

    • @Steve Mancuso: How would you handle the situation? If I understood the TV commentators correctly, the decision to take Arroyo out of the game was made after he talked with the pitching coach.

      • @kywhi: Well, let’s see. How about he pitches 4 outs yesterday and you put Lecure in today?

        Oh, sorry, that would be not agreeing with King Dusty.

      • @kywhi: First, I wouldn’t have Chapman be the closer. Second, tonight I’d have left Arroyo in regardless. Third, at worst I’d have told Arroyo he could go in if the Reds scored another run or two.

        Just frustrating that the pitcher with the most talent on the team is locked in a role to do so little good. The Cardinals and Pirates sure don’t waste one of their best pitchers (or even one of their best six or seven pitchers) in the closers role.

        • @Steve Mancuso: I also believe Chapman should have relieved Broxton yesterday. However, can you imagine the reaction tonight if Dusty had left Arroyo in and he’d blown a 1-0 lead?

  17. Swung at ball 4. So since he took over for Phillips, he’s 0-9 with 2 GDP, 1 K, 10 Left On Base.

    Can’t we DFA this guy and literally pick up anyone else on the MLB streets to do an equal or (hopefully) better job?

  18. I’d hang out above the letters. He’ll get that strike tonight, and not too many of these guys can do anything with that pitch anyway.

  19. Izturis is a waste. Period. Just disgusting that he’s on this team.

    • Marty just called Chapman “Arroyo” even though Chapman is a lefty and Arroyo is a righty.

      Marty is tired. Coming off a vacation.

  20. Milwaukee is going to be 16.5 games out of first place after today. Amazing.

  21. Izturis is in the Majors at Dusty Bakers pleasure, and Izturis knows it. Izturis is only following the Captains orders. (Which is start swinging before you step in the batters box)

      • @VaRedsFan: I do (though not with a 3 run lead). Simply saying that he walked a hitter with a 3 run lead, and should have walked the leadoff batter also but he swung at ball 4.

        I don’t want him relieving at all, and one reason is that I think his control is not good enough. I’d rather see him start, where one walk doesn’t kill you.

  22. 3 of the last 4 games by the Reds have been shutouts. That’ll get it done.

  23. Sure glad the Reds lost yesterday versus a divisional opponent so that Chapman could come in and steal a complete game shutout from Bronson by getting a 3 run lead save.

    So. Valuable.

  24. I have no problem with taking Arroyo out of the game, none, zero. Mostly because if Bronson was to go south, Dusty would not have taken him out until the game was tied, or the Reds lost the lead.

  25. Izturis down to a .394 OPS, which is worse than a majority of pitchers, I believe.

  26. Ya gotta win the first in order to sweep or at least win the series, and the Reds did that. Arroyo proved again he’s a pros pro. Back at em tomorrow. Go Reds!! Adios Amigos.

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