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Game Thread: Indians at Reds (2013.05.28)

This just in:  Joey Votto does not like to strike out but does like to hit game winning homeruns.  Shin-Soo Choo likes to hit leadoff homeruns. Mat Latos does not like to lose.  Aroldis Chapman likes to make sure batters are awake by buzzing a stray pitch by their dome occassionally.  It’s all good as long as the Reds win.

The Reds look to polish off a 2-game sweep of Cleveland at home tonight before the two partake in 2 games in Cleveland starting tomorrow.  Let’s keep winning!

212 thoughts on “Game Thread: Indians at Reds (2013.05.28)

  1. I’m sorry did i say LeCure had a 1.50 ERA? I meant he had a .150 BAA and a .1.29 ERA. What a bum.

  2. LeStache slams the door shut. Let’s hope he gets to start the next inning too.

  3. I hereby nominate that the new nickname for Le Cure be the Samurai. Second the nomination??

  4. SeCure is actually very deserving of an All-Star game nod this year if he keeps this up. I’m just not sure that’ll happen given the Reds already have five or so All-Stars, and relief pitcher selections generally go to the underperforming teams that have no other suitable options.

    • I hate it when Thom talks strategy. Actually, I hate it when Thom talks.

      This. I was so excited when I heard he was joining the broadcast team. And then I listened to him. No joy whatsoever.

    • @preach: I like that Thom is completely flabbergasted why BP doesn’t try to steal bases anymore, yet inadvertently also pointed out the reason when he said he was 0-2 in 2013…

      He just isn’t very good at it. He hasn’t been for some time…

  5. That Indians catcher is terrible in the last two days. Really makes you appreciate Hanigan and Mez.

  6. Nice swinging bunt. Mez saw how the Cozart play was flubbed and makes em pay.

  7. Another good knock by Jack! Pour it on Redlegs! (Darn, there goes the Chapman drama)

  8. Thank God (that’s with a capital G!) the reds finally are getting ’em in!

  9. As much as I wanted to see Samurai LeCure come back for the 8th the insurance runs are much better.

  10. That was Vottos miscue on the Robinson out…that being said, I’m not sure anyone on the Reds roster thought a guy could get from 2nd to home that fast. They’d better start working on that stuff for when Hamilton comes up.

  11. Zack you keep hitting like this your my # 2 guy the rest of the year

  12. Why not let LeCure throw another inning? He threw 4 pitches and has thrown 2 innings in the last week.

  13. 17 hits as of that last BP single … hope we save some for the Jake (or whatever they call it now).

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