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Game Thread: Indians at Reds (2013.05.27)

Happy Memorial Day!  I’d like to personally thank all members of our military who risk their lives and who have risked their lives to defend this great nation and give people like myself the opportunity to enjoy the freedom we have in America!  One of those great freedoms is the ability to watch a baseball game on a Monday afternoon!

Today is about much more than baseball, so with that said, let’s just enjoy the day, celebrate our military, and cheer the Reds on!  Win or lose, it is a great day!

157 thoughts on “Game Thread: Indians at Reds (2013.05.27)

  1. Just was listening in the car, but the Indians announcers, who generally not over the top WLB style, were incensed over the second pitch and actively calling for retaliation. I have not seen the replay yet, but the uncharacteristic reaction makes me think we are not done with this yet.

  2. As far as I am concerned, the Swisher AB sealed the deal for me. I felt strongly about the situation before the Swisher AB, but that was the Big Unit reincarnate facing Swisher in the 9th. As soon as the the 2013 season is complete (let’s hope for an extended October date) for the Reds, Chapman and Cingrani need to plant themselves in Arizona after a two-four week break, working on their changeup and slider with Mario Soto and Tom Brown. The Reds should be able to fully extend Cingrani for 2014 and will simply have to deal with working to extend Chapman during 2014. Let the chips fall where they may fall regarding starting rotation spots for 2014 with everyone competing. This bullpen baffoonery has run it’s ridiculous course and too bad for the abuse of that dead horse.

  3. Im sure Choo, Stubbs or Hannahan will be a liason and help calm things down .. and I doubt there will be any retaliation.

  4. Interesting words from Dusty today after the game re: Votto’s outburst in the first inning. Saying he was disappointed in the face of the league and how he’s a role model.

    While I somewhat agree with him, it’s interesting because less than 24 hours ago, Dusty is talking about how Cueto and Garza should box it out if they have issues.

    • @EdEddandEdWerder: I think Dusty needs to just not comment about Joey in general. Votto is the anti-Dusty in approach, mentality, you name it. Him being that mad and swearing at himself is just part of his game. I can understand someone not liking it (particularly if you’re at the game with your kids) but at the same time I’ve never been comfortable with that whole role model line of thinking in the first place. There are plenty of places to find great role models. Listening to Votto after he’s had a bad at bat isn’t one of them.

    • @EdEddandEdWerder: I LOVE it when Joey does that. He’s up there to be perfect. He’s already set for life with the last contract he’ll ever need to sign and he still gets THAT mad at a strike out in the first inning of a May game. People talk about pitchers intimidating hitters, how can that not intimidate a pitcher? Best hitter on the planet is now MAD at you. As soon as that happened (and especially after his hard ht fly ball in the next AB) I was positive he’d ht a HR today. Posted it earlier in this thread.

      To me, that is some Ty Cobb stuff. He’s a grown man playing in the big leagues. Your kids have to learn that language somewhere. I’d rather it was from Joey.

    • @EdEddandEdWerder: Did Dusty actually have something to say about that? Really? Joey just knows this team wins in spite of Dusty. Unbelievable. Btw, I saw Drew Stubbs swear, today, after his throw failed to make an out. Good thing he’s off this team now, huh Dusty? Because that Drew Stubbs had such a potty mouth, as we all know. Moron.

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