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Game Thread: Stupid Cubs at Reds (2013.05.26)

Just keep winning, winning, winning…  Just keep winning, winning, winning…

That’s what the Reds have been doing a lot of lately and will look to continue doing today vs the Stupid Cubs.  Johnny Cueto takes to the mound for the Reds in his 2nd start since returning from the disabled list.  He’ll face off against Matt Garza who is making his 2nd start of the season. I think I’ll take the Reds in this one.

Discuss the game here.  Go Reds!

212 thoughts on “Game Thread: Stupid Cubs at Reds (2013.05.26)

  1. Horrible AB by Castro. On the first 2 strikes, swinging for the fences when all he had to was hit a single. Then strikes out on ball 3.

  2. This is where Broxton & especially Chapman should be earning all that money they make. Instead of having them pitch the last two days, or even if they pitched one day, have them come in (especially Chapman)with two men on in the 8th and one out to face the heart of the Cubs order. Good pitching by Hoover in the top of 9th to get out of that jam. He should have been there from the start at the top of the 8th.

  3. We want more of the Choo we had about 3 weeks ago. Where did that Choo go?

  4. This umpire needs to be fired. Gives a warning to both teams, Hanigan almost gets pegged in the chest and nothing happens. Choo DOES get hit, and still nothing happens.

  5. Phillips is due. This would be a great time to continue his hitting streak.

    • @90reds: Can’t use your closer three days in a row though. That’d just be craziness. If only Chapman wasn’t expected to pitch three days in a row. If only he could like.. pitch.. sit for four whole days, and then pitch again.

      Shame there’s nowhere he could have done that.

  6. Oh no, Castillo can’t hurt you. Thanks to Jim Kelch for putting the hookie on Hoover. I knew as soon as he said that that it was gonna happen.

  7. This is another of those games that the Reds will look back on as a bad loss.

    • @Truman48: @Truman48: At this point, you can just blame the offense. Garza’s long gone, and they have not done anything. Sure, Ondrusek (& Hoover) blew it, but a championship team should be able to out-bat the Chicago Cubs. Get Milton warmed up…

  8. Of course, it would have helped if Hoover could have thrown his curveball for a strike.

  9. Shame this game was even allowed to get to this point. Cueto went 7 innings, the game was 4-1.. this should have been a 8 1/2 inning game.

  10. Complete and utter collapse by the bullpen. This team needs bullpen help big time. There are a lot of teams in the big leagues that have better bullpens.

    • @RedForever: That’s because there are a lot of managers in the big leagues that aren’t in love with Ondrusek and Parra.

    • @RedForever: I put more blame upon the management of the bullpen. As mentioned before, did Chapman need to protect 3 run leads 2 days in a row and be unavailable? Would he even be used in a pressure situation?

  11. It’s up to Bruce and Frazier now … JJ just couldn’t buy a strike on the weaker part of the lineup.

  12. Anybody have an accurate number of how many games this pathetic exuse of a manager has single-handedly blown this year?

    • @EastCoastVibes: I don’t think we can say he single-handedly lost this one. Made some bad decisions yes, but it was a team effort losing today. Plus, we haven’t even lost quite yet.

      • Up 3 runs in the 8th inning and bring in you’re worst relievers qualifies as single-handedly blowing a game due to friggin stupidity.

        • @EastCoastVibes: except that every game that we bring in our best relievers while up 3 runs, we all complain that we’re using them in low-leverage situations.

          • @mlb: Nobody asked for the best, they just asked for not the worst. LeCure, Hoover, or Simon would have all done the job in the 8th.. you know, major league level pitchers. Not Ondrusek and Parra.

  13. Yep, there’s your opening. The Cubs have Cubbed. Now to make them pay for it!

  14. Any Reds pitcher put into the game in the 8th inning other than Ondrusek or Parra = Reds win…. Heck, Ondrusek pulled after he gave up 1 run in the 8th = Reds win.

    Dusty’s such a pro. What is that now, like 4 games this year he’s lost the Reds with horrible choices?

    • @ToddAlmighty: and if we brought in Broxton and Chapman and the Cubs didn’t score, we would say that Dusty shouldn’t have used good pitchers in low-leverage situations.

      Should’ve got Ondrusek out of there sooner, perhaps, but I think this one is as much or more on the offense not being able to score late.

      • @mlb: Never asked for Broxton or Chapman. I just asked for not-Ondrusek or not-Parra.

        LeCure has pitched 2 innings in the last 9 days. Simon has pitched 2.1 innings in the last 16 days. Hoover pitched .2 innings in the last 10 days until he got into today’s game when the lead was already blown.

        • @ToddAlmighty: yea… I don’t disagree… I would have gone with one of those pitchers as well. Or had one of them warming up to start the 8th.

          I just don’t think this loss was ALL Dusty’s fault. Blame to go around today.

      • @mlb: The offense scored 4 runs. It was 4-1 after 7 innings. The offense did enough to win.

        • @ToddAlmighty: We only had 5 hits; and only 1 hit against the pitiful Cubs bullpen over 5 innings.

          We can agree to disagree though. Overall, a disappointing game.

  15. Today was ALL a team effort. From Dusty, to Ondrusek, to the lineup. Everybody contributed. Team effort. TEAM EFFORT.

  16. I have to say, for whatever reason, this team always seems to be very streaky on offense. I sure hope we’re not going into an offensive slump with one of the tougher parts of our schedule coming up here.

  17. It’s a 162 game season. Wins in May don’t matter. At all. Pirates took care of business against the Brewers (5-4). Cardinals up 3-2 against the Dodgers. But it’s a 162 game season. We can easily give up wins against the likes of the Cubs. No big deal here.

    • @wildwestLV: Basically that is Dusty’s approach, stay close until after ASB and then go for it. Hope it works but it sends a crappy message to the fans and the team, IMO.

    • It’s a 162 game season. Wins in May don’t matter. At all. Pirates took care of business against the Brewers (5-4). Cardinals up 3-2 against the Dodgers. But it’s a 162 game season. We can easily give up wins against the likes of the Cubs. No big deal here.

      I’ve never understood this line of thinking. Wins are wins are wins.. I don’t care if the wins are in May or September. I know it’s a 162 game season, but win #40 counts just as much as win #100…

  18. Gave one away to the Cubs and the Cardinals are beating Kershaw and the Pirates already won. Ouch

  19. It stinks, but you really can’t win them all. I hope we can channel our “inner beast” for the next 4 games against a much better Indians club. 2 home, 2 in Cleveland … should be interesting to say the least.

  20. Maybe the Reds needed to get spanked before the Tribe comes into town. A real team is coming in to play. Hope everyone gets their sleep. (Dusty, a real MLB manager is also coming in to manage).

  21. I think we have found our trade need (that would be the bullpen for those who didn’t watch today).

  22. Thank you Logan ondrusek for ruining a perfectly good Sunday afternoon! Really?

  23. The Reds simply do not need bullpen help. They need a manager who is able to rank his relievers from best to worst. Logan Ondrusek and Broxton are the two worst, yet Baker uses them as if they are #2 and #3, after Chapman. It is just ridiculous.

    If he brings in Hoover there, and they lose a 3 run lead, I’d be fine. A 3 run lead in the top of the 8th, with the top of the order up after a pinch hitter, is NOT a low leverage situation. It’s not extremely high, but it’s high enough that Logan Ondrusek shouldn’t be pitching.

    Sam Lecure barely pitches, and he’s very good. Simon is way better than Ondrusek. So is Hoover. I’ve been saying this every single game, and Baker continues to use the #2, 3, and 4 relievers as the number 4, 5, and 6 relievers. It’s just inept.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate:

      Its clear that Sam has physical problems which limit his availability. The failure to recognize this fact renders any critique of Baker’s/Price’s bullpen management meaningless.

      • @Mutaman: What problems? Nice response, simply asserting something that’s never been reported. Are you stating that he cannot pitch on back to back days? If so, where did you read this? Hear this?

        Even if Lecure is not available, I’d love to hear why Broxton and Ondrusek pitch the most important innings when they aren’t good.

  24. I feel the need to (sort of) defend Dusty (*duck*) but I’m going to wait for the game recap.

    • @eric nyc: Do me a favor, before you defend Dusty, read his quotes from today, which include a passionate defense of the save rule being “protecting a 3 run lead in the 9th inning”, which he says is harder than you think. Of course, 97.5% of games are won with such a lead. So I guess a guy deserves a save for that tough duty.

  25. Call the offense out for what it is. They had their ups and downs last year. The big difference is, I never experienced the abject f-e-a-r that I do this year, whenever the game is turned over to the Reds’ bullpen. That includes Broxton & Chapman. Maybe that will change. I don’t know. But I never felt like this last season. I cannot imagine I’m alone, though, in that regard.

    • @wildwestLV:

      It definitely felt like last year if the starting pitcher handed over the game to the Bullpen with a lead for 7-8-9 .. the Reds won the game. That has clearly not been the case this year. I’d love a comparison from this year to last year of what percentage of games lost were lost because of the bullpen.

  26. “I had to turn it to some other guys, we all have a job to do and that one got away,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said.

    “They’d gone two days in a row. It’s too early for that. We’ve got 10 days where we go in a row (without an off day),” Baker said. “I try not to go — especially with those guys, more than two days in a row.”

    “What you going to do? If the guy gets in trouble, you’re going to bring him in anyway,” Baker said. “You don’t want to bring him in if the guy’s in trouble. It’s easy for you guys to say you should do this or you can do that, but if you don’t bring him in. This is how he makes his money, closers have done it since the beginning of time. If you want to change the rules, you can. … A three-run lead is no guarantee.”

  27. And if the situation doesn’t warrant it, over the next 4 against the Tribe, or the next 3 against the Bucs, you won’t see Broxton or Chapman at all for the next week.

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