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Game Thread: Stupid Cubs at Reds (2013.05.25)

Beating the Cubs is so much fun, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Reds do it again today. Wouldn’t you?

Discuss today’s beating here.  And GO REDS!

95 thoughts on “Game Thread: Stupid Cubs at Reds (2013.05.25)

  1. If the Reds had scored 3 runs in every game that Homer pitched this year, it’s likely his record would be 6-3 instead of 2-3. His run support has been terrible.

  2. He seemed to pitch better after getting hit. We’ll see what happens next inning.

  3. Gonna be hard to get much offense against Wood today… It would be nice to at least get some extended at bats and get to their bullpen, but we all know thats most likely not going to happen.

  4. Bailey’s not been sharp today, but what the heck happened to the Red’s bats?

  5. Would have been better to walk Rizzo and pitch to Soriano. Homer got that pitch up and Rizzo didn’t miss it.

  6. I can’t help but wonder if that ball he took off his leg didn’t contribute to some of this.

  7. Wow, he basically hit that pitch 6 inches above the ground. His bat head had to have dirt marks it.

  8. This reminds me of old Homer…get ahead 0-2 and then end up losing them to walk or base hit.

    • @ajswartz888: They definitely have if Marshall is only used as a LOOGY. I don’t think Walt was planning on that when he made the trade and signed him to the extension.

  9. Man what is up with Starlin Castro? The entire infield goes to the mound for a conference and he just hangs out on the grass until Valbuena has to turn and yell at him to come over. So he trots over, gets there right as it breaks up, and even Wood is jawing at him.

    I would never want that guy on my team.

  10. I’m going to keep saying it.. very impressed with how good Frazier is down at third.

  11. I thought the new inter league schedule meant the end of these silly “regional rivalry” series. Here we go again, getting 4 games against the Indians while the Cards get 4 games against the freaking Royals.

    • @eric nyc: The Reds get to play 3 against the Astros while the Cardinals have to play 3 against the Rangers so I wouldn’t complain really.

      • @ajswartz888:

        Actually, the Cardinals get FOUR games against the Astros (compared to the Reds’ three), and the Reds play the Rangers in Arlington.

        All NL Central teams are playing all AL West teams this year, in addition to the rivalry games.

  12. I’m not sure I understand that choice. Bailey hasn’t been sharp.. and he was at 92 pitches. You’re down by 1 run. Why would you allow Bailey to lead off?

  13. What is with Bailey suddenly having another gear on his fastball when he gets past 90 pitches?

    • @Mwv: He’s been dominating the past two innings. It’s like all the stupid Cubs could do was to foul it off. Overall, another really strong start from Homer. No offensive support again. Can’t believe the guy only has two wins.

  14. Really nice job by Bailey. He did not have great command today but I’ll take 6 innings of 2 run baseball.

  15. I know it’s just a perception thing but it feels to me like Bruce regularly has these epic hard working at bats at crucial moments in games.

  16. “..and Jay doesn’t chase it.” Is there ANY sentence said that sums up the difference with Jay Bruce when he’s hot?

  17. Wow. Great call there. I was just thinking in my head “When was the last time we did a squeeze play?” Believe it or not.

  18. Nice double by Hanigan!

    But….Izturis the first guy off the bench again? Come on….

  19. There we go, Reds break through in the 6th against a very sharp Travis Wood. I think he just got worn out finally and they didn’t pull him fast enough (sound familiar?) Nicely done Hanigan.

  20. If we were Cubs fans I think we’d be pretty mad at their manager right now. Leaving Wood in for this many pitches when he obviously had kind of lost it. Although considering how bad their bullpen has been, maybe we wouldn’t feel that way.

  21. During All-Star week we should have a post that puts together the best (worst?) Cubbings thus far against us this year. That would be incredible.

    • Votto led off that inning with a walk. Four runs later, is someone complaining about his RBI? Only idiots like Paul Daugherty.

      Do you really think the last part of that comment was necessary? He isn’t here to defend himself and it adds nothing constructive to the commentary.

      • @eastcoast redsfan: He has plenty of ink to defend himself. He’s willfully spreading that nonsense in the Enquirer all the time, and his blog and in Sports Illustrated. Not like he’s a private citizen who is reluctantly dragged into the conversation.

    • @Steve Mancuso: I call foul here, Steve. Doc is no idiot. He’s a gifted writer who just happens to be wearing blinders on this particular subject. My guess is, he’ll figure it out, too. I get that he’s a polarizing writer, who rubs some the wrong way, but c’mon.

      • @Richard Fitch: Fair point. It would have been more appropriate for me to say his viewpoint is idiotic – he’s being willfully ignorant just to be snarky. I agree, he’s a talented writer and seemingly a good guy. I guess I was still flush with the excitement of having predicted the Reds first squeeze bunt of the year.

        • @Steve Mancuso: I’ve been known to call Mike Wilbon and idiot, so I guess we all have our third rails when it comes to sports writers.

  22. Love the fact that people are going to the ball yard. Uncle Bob has spent his money to bring us a very good ball team to enjoy. go and cheer on the Reds- I will get to a game hopefully this summer. I have tix to 2 games here in SF.

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