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Game Thread: Stupid Cubs at Reds (2013.05.24)

The Reds look to continue their winning ways and inch closer to the top of the division by starting a 3-game series with the last place Chicago Cubs.  Now that the Astros are gone from the league and division, perhaps adding that “last place” description is no longer necessary but implied.

Bronson Arroyo will take to the mound for the good guys where hopefully he’ll have everything working tonight and spin his mojo.  Arroyo has pitched 14.1 innings over his last 2 starts in which he has not allowed an earned run.  He is 2-0 in those starts.  Let’s add 7 more innings and another win to that total, shall we Redlegs!?

Cheer on the Reds to Go and discuss the game here!

142 thoughts on “Game Thread: Stupid Cubs at Reds (2013.05.24)

  1. Wow.. if I told you that there’d be 3 homeruns in the first four innings. Votto you might guess. But Feldman and Hanigan? You’d laugh me off this site.

    • Wow.. if I told you that there’d be 3 homeruns in the first four innings. Votto you might guess. But Feldman and Hanigan? You’d laugh me off this site.


  2. Hanigan is jealou of all the publicity McGuire and Sosa got. So he started doing roids to get his just attention. (This is also known as the Bonds’ explanation for home run hitting.)

  3. Hammerin’ Hanigan gives the Reds a 5-3 lead with one mighty swing of the bat. If Bronson can give the Reds 6 innings without giving up anymore runs, that would be excellent. But get him out after 6 I don’t care if he’s pitching like Scott Scudder. Oops I mean Sandy Koufax.

  4. I think the Cubs did the right thing in pitching to Hanigan…just gotta pitch better and not be the lolcubs

  5. I thought BP was going to dive for that ball, guess it wasn’t as close as it looked on T.V.

  6. Wow, Choo is 1 of his last 15. I guess he can’t be unstoppable for the entire year?

  7. Quick. It’s a game after an off day. Who’s your first relief pitcher off the bench in the 6th inning with 2 people on? If you said Ondrusek, then you’re wrong… wait, you’re right? You’re right, but you’re WRONG.

  8. Arroyo is done for the night, right? The Cubs sent Feldman back out, I hope Dusty doesn’t get the idea that two can play that game, and send Bronson back out.

    • @Sergeant2: Thing about Bronson is that usually between innings, they’ll ask him and he’ll tell the truth.

      Frazier just can’t hit — and can’t lay off — that slider low and outside. I wish he’d work on hitting that the other way. He should change his approach with two strikes to just look to hit the other way.

  9. Cincinnati native James Russel in to pitch for the Cubs. (I think the first name was James) I’m not familiar with Russel, where did he go to school.

  10. Just want to comment off game topic, and see what the opinion was on Marshal to the DL really quick. I have two feelings that are reasonably summarized:

    First: Shootfire. Daggone. Daggone daggone daggone. Nuts. Marshall on the DL twice for his throwing shoulder isn’t cool. I hope that this “isn’t serious” twice in two months!

    Second: The Reds didn’t convert a second lefty throwing-top prospect to a reliever! Despite having two really legitimate chances to do so! It’s an early (late?) Christmas!

  11. No he did’ent. Wow!!! Did you see that play by Brandon Phillips. He almost got the runner, it was pretty close. Woulda been the play of the year.

    • Brandon Phillips is the best defensive second baseman in the history of the game. And it isn’t even close.

  12. You gotta think Jocketty is out looking for a lefty for the bullpen. You can’t think the Reds aren’t a little nervous about Parra being the only lefty (besides Chapman).

  13. Tonight is the anniversary of the first night game ever played in MLB. It happened in 1935 right there in good old Cincinnati. (Per Cubs announcers)

  14. I don’t understand why you don’t use Chapman here against all the lefties?

  15. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. I really just can’t make myself become a Broxton fan. Even when you don’t account for the fact he’s making $7m/yr to be the team’s 5th best relief pitcher.

  16. He’d be fine if he didn’t get ahead of batters and then try to nibble so much. His stuff isn’t bad he just doesn’t seem to be aggressive with it.

  17. “You are the Cubs. I am Joey Votto. I will not allow this game to end with me lowering my average against you.”

  18. Not having Marshall there sure hurt vs. all of those left handed hitters. But the Reds should put a couple of runs on this inning. Chapman will sit down and be wasted again instead of facing all of the LH in the lazt inning. Narrow minded management.

  19. Wow, just looked at the standings. I know it’s still relatively early, but… today there are 6 major league teams with winning % over .600, half of them in the NLCD.

  20. That was a monster at bat by BP topped off by a monster 2 run HR. 7-4 Reds bot. 8th 1 out.

  21. BP with twice as many RBIs this game as Joey Votto. Votto’s performance is just kinda sad at this point.

  22. Pitcher’s mechanics are so odd. His left knee hits his glove arm when it lifts up for the step, and it causes a little sharp shake of the glove.

  23. Hanigan going for HR #2 for the game just about screwed himself into the ground inside the batters box.

  24. Good, good win for the Redlegs. At least now a sweep of the Cubs is a distinct possibility. Arroyo hung tough, Broxton hung tough and Chapman hung tough. Proof positive that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Go Reds!! Adios Amigos.

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