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Game Thread: Reds at Metropolitans (2013.05.22)

Break out the brooms, mops, vaccuum cleaners, or whatever you want.  The Reds are playing day baseball today with a chance to complete the 3 game sweep of the Mets.  The good guys will send THEIR undefeated ace in Mat Latos to the hill to face the Mets undefeated ace, Matt Harvey.  Harvey has not exactly pitched against top notch competition this year and the Reds will be the toughest opponent he has faced to date.  With all the chips on the table today, I’ll take my chances with Latos and the Reds.

It’s another matinee matchup, so as usual, tell your boss to shove it cause we have ourselves an old fashioned pitcher’s duel to watch.  Of course it will only be a pitcher’s duel if Harvey can figure out how to get Choo, Votto, Bruce, and Phillips out.  Something few pitchers have been able to do of late.

Skip work and cheer on the Reds to GO!

379 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Metropolitans (2013.05.22)

  1. What a bizarre, bizarre game. I hope there’s info on the bullpen situation soon to get included in the recap.

  2. Did not to see Wright as the potential tying run. 2-0 count had me nervous. But I’ll take the game ending K and the SWEEP !!!

  3. What a road trip. Granted, these were teams that you expect the Reds to beat, but think about how close they were to sweeping away the whole thing. First game of the Phils series they come back to tie against Lee, and the last game it took 2HRs off Chapman.

  4. The Reds are 18-2 when Xavier Paul starts.

    As the kids these days say:

    “I’m just sayin…”

  5. My game MVP is Phillips with a nod to Cozart as well for his 4/5, 2-run day.

  6. Chapman does his job …he keeps Dusty from having to make another in game decision.

  7. Well, great to get a win against a Matt Harvey start. Fantastic road trip. And the reward? Baby Bear Stew at home!

  8. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions of a game, Dustyball in all its glory. But hey the Reds swept the Mets, so all’s well, that ends well, right? Now lets do the same to the lovable losers, the Cubbies. Go Reds !! Adios Amigos.

  9. LWBlogger: “It sure doesn’t seem like Baker has confidence in Marshall. Probably goes back to Marhsall being a bad starting pitcher while Baker was a manager there. I don’t get it at all. As soon as Buck singled, Marshall should have been up for the possibility of facing Murphy and Ankiel.”

    Absolutely about getting Marshall up after Buck’s single. An obvious move. And having Latos pitch to Ankiel ? Unbelievable. I didn’t see the inning, did Marshall ever get up to warm up ?

    I too have had the thought about Dusty having something against Marshall from the Cubs days.

  10. The Reds are now tied with STL for the highest run differential in baseball.

    They’re 3rd in MLB in runs scored, 2 behind COL and DET.

    Tied for 7th in runs allowed.

    It would be good to see them beat a few good teams, but the Reds are playing great on both sides of the ball.

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