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Game Thread: Reds at Metropolitans (2013.05.21)

The Reds will look to take the series tonight in game 2 of the series versus the Mets.  They’ll call on Mike Leake to get the job done.  Leake is having a nice season up to this point, which may come as a surprise considering many of us (myself included) have clamored for Chapman or Cingrani to have his spot in the rotation.  I am sure nearly 99% of MLB teams would love to have a guy with a 3-2 record and 3.72 ERA entering tonight’s game as their #5 starter.

While many eyes are waiting for tomorrow’s matinee pitching matchup, the Reds can secure their 6th win on this 9-game road trip with a win tonight.  Regardless of who is on the schedule, having a shot to go 6-3 or 7-2 on a road trip is a nice way to boost your record and your standing within the division.  Can the Reds get it “going” again tonight?  Let’s hope so.  Go Reds!

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    • @CI3J: Yeah that article steals a lot of hope. Let’s just hope that the more time Choo spends with the guys in the clubhouse and has fun winning, he’ll tell Boras to make a deal.

      • @L.A.Red:

        he’ll tell Boras to make a deal.

        Or better yet, tell Boras to ‘take a hike’ like multiple players have recently done.

    • @CI3J: You have to keep in mind Choo won’t play at this level for ever. He has a few more elite years left in him, but he’s going to be *the* top free agent on the market next year. He will receive at least 15 mil a year, probably more if he goes to the Yanks or BoSox, which is likely. Is it really worth over investing in a player when you’re only going to get a three or four year return of investment? And Hamilton, while struggling now, is the future of leadoff. He takes walks, he can hit for a decent average, and he really does have game changing speed. The amount of sheer distraction and stress he puts on the opposing pitcher can only help the number two spot get on base more.

        • @RiverCity Redleg: Because we still have Ludwick, tacking up a decent chunk of payroll, plus a myriad of decent bench options that can fill in admirably. Plus the money we could use to sign him could be utilized better to possibly buy better production in the long run. I’m not saying that signing Choo would be the end of the world, I’m just saying it is neither financially practical nor feasible, and if the Reds want to continue to contend for more than five years, which we have a decent shot for giving veteran leadership, young talent, and good management, signing Choo isn’t the best option.

  1. Speaking of Choo, he’s out of the lineup tonight:


    • @CI3J: Choo out of the lineup today has been planned for a while. Choo was originally out of the lineup yesterday because Niese was supposed to pitch then but Dusty switched it. I guess he needs a day off sometime, might as well make it against a lefty.

  2. It’s really amazing how dramatically Dusty is willing to change the lineup in some ways, and how stubborn he is about changing other things.

    He won’t move our worst hitter out of the #2 spot, because that would shake things up too much. But he’s fine taking Choo, Hannigan, and Paul out at the same time, who have been 3 of the Reds better hitters this month.

    I get that all these guys need days off, but why all at the same time?

    • @al: Well, if we’re gonna get Choo a day off it may as well be vs. A lefty, we gotta get Lutzy going and Leake is the only one on the staff with the moxie to pitch to Mes

  3. Well, Choo has to have a day off sometime, it’s Mesoraco’s turn to catch, and I like to see Lutz get some opportunities in LF. I like Paul, I like Paul a lot, but Lutz is better defensively, has more power, and surprisingly, so far, has handled ML pitching fairly well. Paul has been very good coming off the bench as a pinch hitter.

  4. Bloody hell. Grande again? Every time he uses one of his corn pone buddy buddy nicknames I come close to having a seizure. “Here with the crafty left-handed…” NNNNNG

    • @RedZeppelin: he’s better than Thom! I posted this very late on last night’s recap, so I hope folks won’t mind me posting it again: With Thom, I mind the constant shouting, sentences that–and I think we can all agree; well, maybe not all of us, but I mean a very high, and I’m talking about 80 or 90 or even NINETY FIVE percent, which is a number that is above ninety four and, correct me if I’m wrong Cowboy, below 96–never end, and endless discussions of the early 2000 Arizona Diamondbacks. But maybe that’s just me. 🙂

    • Bloody hell. Grande again?Every time he uses one of his corn pone buddy buddy nicknames I come close to having a seizure. “Here with the crafty left-handed…”NNNNNG

      Grande sucks. He just never shuts up.

  5. Cozart had no idea what he was doing. Shouldn’t he be batting 8th? Oh, I forgot, he is the SS.

  6. Niese is the guy who beat the Cardinals. (They missed Harvey, of course, because they’re the Cardinals.). I hope we don’t suffer the same fate.

  7. I hate to say it, but I kind of like the Grande master flash…..I think if you listen to anybody all season its hard not to get sick of em. I’m sick of the Thom…..

  8. I am really digging how after our first 2 batters go down on 7 pitches suddenly this is a 27 pitch inning.

  9. Atta boy Frazier! He worked to get that pitch, even if it’s an error that ball was smashed.

  10. Mike leake gets to swing the bat before he throws a pitch. Gotta like that.

  11. Love it when our pitcher comes to bat prior to throwing a pitch. Nice first inning!

  12. Leake is looking good. I thought he had Tejada struck out. Good job stranding him on 2 nd.

  13. Starting to look a lot like last night: 3 early runs and try to make it stand up.

  14. This road trip was against three weak hitting teams. The Phillies, Mets and Marlins are three of the four lowest teams in baseball in runs scored the past 30 days. Betcha can’t guess who the other team is in the bottom four without looking.

  15. Zack going the other way again.. is that him making an actual adjustment? It’s happening more lately.

  16. Miguel Cabrera with another homer tonight, against the Indians in a pretty big series. It was really diabolical for the Tigers to go out and get Prince Fielder to protect Cabrera, otherwise no one would ever pitch to him.

  17. The Mayans should have predicted today as end of the world. Cozart singled and Votto struck out.

  18. Frazier is really starting to come around overall. He’s hesitating less on some of the pitches he can handle.

  19. Did anyone else hear Welsh say that he reads Reds Reporter? Kinda cool. I was hoping he was going to say Redleg Nation.

    • I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a batter put a ball in play after it hits the dirt? Weird.

  20. It seems hard to see WAR as important when a losing team like MIL has 3 of top 10? Again, It’s all about pitching.

  21. I haven’t paid great amounts of attention to the game. From from reading the line, it looks like Leake is having another one of his games that I mentioned his trend. When the team gets him an early lead, he seems to have some success. When he is coming from behind, he tends to struggle.

    I’m not saying that’s good. That is still something Leake needs to address. Hopefully, it will be something he will never need to address (I hope he always has a lead to work with). But, odds are, he will have the situation again; he has to be able to step up.

      • @beavertucky: If you want to call losing by 1-2 runs struggling, then yes. I wouldn’t necessarily call that struggling to get behind by that much.

        Maybe if I put it this way. When the Reds get him an early lead, he seems to pitch well. When the Reds get behind early with him on the mound, he seems to struggle.

  22. Stop the presses! (that’s a quaint expression ain’t it) its time for “Ask Marty”

  23. I predict that within 3-4 weeks, there is going to be a deafening clamor to have Lutz in the minors…if he’s not there already.

    He’s swinging at an unbelievable 45% of pitches out of the zone. He swings at everything…58% of pitches thrown.

    He is not ready for the major leagues, despite what Thom, Marty, and Brantley are asserting. Get him work in AAA. He needs it.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: I disagree. Partly due to playing time or lack thereof, but most people are just gonna remember his hot first 30 ABs, see him start to struggle and assume he’s slumping. All the media guys will push that theory as well. It took, what, over half a season of Cozart sucking for any of the media-types to notice Cozart never gets on base.

      Plus, kinda wonder when Heisey comes back? Seems like another month would be pushing it.

      • @CP: My point was that people would want him down in AAA. I’m trying to understand what you are disagreeing with (respectfully).

        • @Hank Aarons Teammate: I disagree that people will want him down in the minors. First impressions are hard to break. All Reds fans have heard about is how Lutz is so impressive, then he came up and performed well.

  24. I can’t decide which is worse, Votto leading off an inning or Votto up with the bases empty and 2 out?

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