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Games Played on 05/20/13

Minor League Player of the Day: Bakersfield 2B Ryan Wright: He went 3 for 4 with a HR and 2 2B.


Louisville 8 – Gwinnett 5 (DH Game 1, 7 Innings)

Denis Phipps went 3 for 4 with a HR, a 2B, and a SB. Billy Hamilton went 2 for 3 with a 2B and a BB. Neftali Soto went 2 for 4 with a HR. Henry Rodriguez hit his 3rd HR.

Pedro Villarreal got no decision as he went 4.1 IP and allowed 4 R on 8 H and 2 BB with 3 K. Curtis Partch got the win allowing 1 R over 2.2 IP of relief.

Gwinnett 5 – Louisville 2 (DH Game 2, 7 Innings)

Billy Hamilton, Neftali Soto, and Henry Rodriguez each went 2 for 4. Felix Perez and Nevin Ashley each doubled and walked.

Daniel Corcino got the loss as he went 4.2 IP and allowed 5 R, 3 ER, on 6 H and 6 BB with 2 K. Kevin Whelan added 1 IP of scoreless relief.


Mobile 4 – Pensacola 2

Bryson Smith went 2 for 4. Joe Mather went 1 for 3 with a 2B and a BB. Brodie Greene and Luis Durango each doubled.

Josh Smith got the loss as he went 7 IP and allowed 4 R, 2 ER, on 5 H and 1 BB with 5 K. Brian Pearl added 2 IP of scoreless relief.

High A

Bakersfield 5 – High Desert 3

Ryan Wright went 3 for 4 with a HR and 2 2B. Chris Berset went 1 for 2 with a BB.

Carlos Contreras got the win as he went 5 IP and allowed 2 R, 1 ER, on 5 H and 3 BB with 4 K. Pat Doyle (2 IP) and Jimmy Moran (1 IP) each added scoreless relief outings. El’Hajj Muhammad picked up his 5th save despite allowing 1 R over 1 IP of relief.

Low A

South Bend 9 – Dayton 1

Junior Arias went 3 for 4 with a 3B and a SB. Jeff Gelalich went 2 for 4 with a 2B and a SB.

Ismael Guillon got the loss as he went 4.2 IP and allowed 6 R, 4 ER, on 6 H and 5 BB with 6 K.

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  1. Junior Arias has a series of books out called Left Behind and Forgotten. They’re pretty good. Actually, he has been extremely streaky. He’ll have a game like that then do nothing for games at a time. While all his buddies are having a great time in Bakersfield, he’s mowing the lawn and working a honey-do list after the games on Sunday.

  2. Saw Hamilton got 4 hits and a walk in the doubleheader and was pleased.. until I looked down further and saw he was also caught stealing once and picked off twice.

    Ouch. Not what you want to see… but at least he’s put up a streak of three straight 2-hit games so his average is getting back to respectable range.

    • @ToddAlmighty: Yeah, don’t look now but those numbers are starting to come up. His OBP is finally over .300. I’ve also noticed his successful stolen base percentage this year is 85%. That’s unreal.

    • @ToddAlmighty: To expand on what TC observed…

      .205/.278/.307 BHam for April
      .284/.326/.383 BHam for May
      .326/.383/.372 BHam for last 10 games

      Every time BHam has been promoted, he has shown some regression (as naturally expected) then he makes the necessary adjustments and begins to excel once again, at the higher level of play.

      • @Shchi Cossack: Good that he makes the adjustments and gets better after being at a level for awhile.. but bad because he can’t be allowed to regress once he moves up to the majors. Who is going to help him make the necessary adjustments? Dusty Baker? Brooks Jacoby? Don’t want them to ruin yet another speedy CF.

        • @ToddAlmighty:

          Who is going to help him make the necessary adjustments? Dusty Baker? Brooks Jacoby? Don’t want them to ruin yet another speedy CF.

          That’s a point and an issue, but perhaps JoeyMVP might want another protege. After all, this is JoeyMVP’s team for the next decade, so he has a vested interest in team excellence and I can’t think of a more willing student than BHam.

      • The only thing that has not recovered yet since his promotion is that he is not yet driving the ball again.

      • @Shchi Cossack: Nice break down. Nice to see. Thanks.

      • @Shchi Cossack: That’s a great breakdown and hopefully it portends of things to come!

        I would love to see him +.375 in his OBP at AAA. He seems to ‘add’ power to his stroke once he has adjusted to making the right kind of contact. Let’s see if he does that in Louisville as well!

        If he adjusts and is hitting .250/.350/.375 by the break, is that good enough progress in most people’s mind?

        Finally, it’s worth noting that his switch hitting is still a work in progress as his left side appearances are significantly worse

  3. Is anyone else cautiously impressed/surprised by the performance of Gallaraga in AAA this season? The numbers he is putting up are reminiscent of his 2008 saeason.

  4. Is Corcino hurt? He has an ERA over 7. If he isnt hurt, I wouldnt be surprised if he goes back to AA.

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