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Game Thread: Reds at Metropolitans (2013.05.20)

The Reds travel to the Big Apple to take on the struggling New York Metropolitans in a 3-game tilt starting tonight.  The Reds will be looking to rebound from yesterday’s crushing defeat at the hands of the Phillies by beating up on the Mets.   As Richard stated in the series preview, hopefully “the Reds can right the ship by taking the first two from an overmatched New York club before having to deal with young Harvey in the Wednesday matinee.”

In order to take game 1 tonight, the Reds will call on and welcome the return of Johnny Cueto to the mound.   Cueto was looking like his normal self through the first 2+ starts of the season until an arm injury has sidelined him since April 13.  We have all anxioiusly awaited for his return to the rotation but I’m sure we’ll all be holding our collective breaths with each torque, twist, and pitch Cueto makes tonight.  I am optimistic the Cueto we see tonight will be the same as the one we are accustomed to seeing.

It’s game 1 of Reds versus Mets.  Cheer on the guys in red to GO!  Discuss the game here…

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  1. I think Red’s management should have Todd Frazier have to watch video of himself at bat for at least 2 hours a day, to see what he is doing wrong.

  2. Naturally, against the heart of the order, you want Broxton. Classic.

    Fortunately, Wright’s ball stayed in there.

  3. It kind of feels like the Mets have angered the umpires in this game and now any close call is going against them.

  4. So Baker will of course think he’s a genius, as Broxton throws ball 4 that’s swung on there.

    Chapman with an ump with a small strike zone in the 9th..dangerous.

  5. Broxton likes to walk to the very end of the pier before stopping doesn’t he.

  6. My wife just asked “Who’s going to close?” I said , “Chapman.” She said, “Why is he closing after the last 2 games?” I said, “Because Dusty says so.” She shook her head and replied, “Well, I guess you can’t argue with that.”

  7. In the pregame, Marty mentioned a meeting in Dustys office between Dusty, Chapman and Walt. When Marty asked, Dusty said it was non baseball content.

    • In the pregame, Marty mentioned a meeting in Dustys office between Dusty, Chapman and Walt.When Marty asked, Dusty said it was non baseball content.

      probably discussing Lamborghinis.

  8. Boom goes the dynamite. Nice to see Chapman get right back on the horse. Best inning in awhile! Great job Reds.

  9. Just to be clear:

    1. Trade Chapman

    2. Chapman is good.

    3. I don’t believe in head case issues, passion for the game, voodoo, or anything else. But he’s miscast as a closer. And they could get more value from trading him.

  10. Chapman showed me a lot tonight with the he pitched tonight after that devastating back to backer that cost the Reds a win yesterday. But tonight was Johnny Cueto’s night. A lot of Reds fans will be breathing a lot easier after Cueto’s performance tonight. Lets get another win tomorrow. Go Reds!! Adios Amigos.

  11. I missed most of the game. Can someone tell me how Cueto looked? 4 BB and 8 K in 6 IP is a rather unusual line for him.

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