The Reds 6-game winning streak ended last night which means it is time to start another winning streak of equal length or longer today.  The club will have to solve the curse that is playing the Phillies in Citizens Bank Ballpark if the hope to do so.

Bronson Arroyo will be called upon to get the job done for the Reds today.  Meanwhile, everyone who is not participating in the game will be checking to see if Votto’s HR ball from last night has landed yet.

Let’s cheer for the Reds to Go today and get the Win!

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. I’m sorry I will miss the game today.
    I’ll be going “Where no one has gone before”.

    Prosperity and long life!

  2. So, the game is not on FSN and it appears (according to my guide) that the ChiSox game is the Fox game of the week in my area. Do I have any recourse here or am I simply out of luck?

    • @Drew Mac: SOL. Get the audio package from MLB and listen on the computer.

    • @Drew Mac: I cant figure out how MLB determines who can view which games. I’m in Virginia and the Reds are not Fox game of the week in my area, but I can pick up the Fox national broadcast of the Reds with MLB At Bat on my Ipad.

  3. C’mon, Choo, get us started …

  4. that’ll work …

  5. Why is this game not on FSO? How am I supposed to watch Choo go 4 for 5?

  6. Furthermore, why would I want to watch Texas and TCU?

  7. Dear Dusty,

    Please bat Cozart anywhere below 7th in the order.


    Everyone but you and Hank Aaron

  8. No RBI so another worthless AB for Votto.

  9. C’mon Bruce, can’t let this guy off the hook ….

  10. Sometimes it seems like staggering your lefties against a RH starter doesn’t work out so well.

    • @al: Good point. Staggering your lefties at the expense of the quality of your lineup makes no sense vs. a RH starter since you’ll probably get three AB that way compared to one with the bullpen.

  11. The only possible reason for hitting Cozart 2nd is that he’s good at making productive outs (since he’s really good at making outs generally). So it’s especially frustrating when he can’t move a runner over.

  12. I will still take another 3 innings just like that one. Then we can start on the Phillie bullpen.

  13. man, that’s deflating … keep clogging the bases and we’ll get him

  14. Imagine yourself as a RH starting pitcher. Which looks scarier?

    Choo, Cozart, Votto, Phillips

    Choo, Lutz, Votto, Bruce

  15. I just got done listening to Thom and whatever idiot Fox picked up for the Saturday game. Bunting Cozart was a very good move, they said. In the first inning. Jesus. Of course, they made the point more when Votto’s single didn’t get Choo in. So yes, the bunt’s a good play in case a single doesn’t score the runner from second.

    Then they had time to make fun of SABR folks, quoting Phillips as saying OBP and everything else doesn’t matter, just knocking in runs. Figures. Phillips isn’t a rocket scientist.

    In any case, I love the contradictions by Thom (who’s also not a rocket scientist): you should bunt Cozart there, but Phillips hits .450 with RISP this year. If you believe in BA/RISP, shouldn’t you not bunt, because Phillips is so good?

  16. Utley is a dangerous matchup for Bronson.

  17. Remember when Tom Verducci (who make our Thom look like a rocket scientist) was all over Votto for 2 weeks of the season slugging .188 with RISP?

    Now he’s .417. And his OBP is .529. And his average is .361.

    What do you say to that, Verducci? I’d rather hire your basic 5 year old to write articles, if I were SI.

  18. Atta boy Todd! He needed that.

  19. Marty and Jeff talking about whether Frazier’s troubles on the road could be as much mental as anything physical. Isn’t it possible it’s as simple as not seeing the ball very well compared to the hitting background he’s more accustomed to in Cincinnati?

  20. Whoa ????????????????????????????????

  21. Hannigan! Wow, crazy. You don’t see that often.

  22. Ryan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  23. YOWZA. Hananigans.


    Guess Marty can put away the “Reds can’t score any runs early in the game in this series” line.

  25. haha.. key to the game.. bridging to Chapman? What the heck is that? I could think of several much better keys to the game for the Reds. Get into the Phil’s bullpen. Good Bronson. Have Dusty make as few decisions as possible. Etc.

  26. Incredible defense there. Frazier nailed that tag.

  27. to anybody watching, was that a good call at third?

  28. Oi, never mind.. that’s a blown call. Looked better at real speed.

  29. Okay I don’t even know.. that very last replay made it look like he was out. Glad I’m not an ump.

  30. He was out. Great play by Frazier to keep the glove on him.

  31. Bad call. The ump couldn’t see the back foot. Only saw the front foot come off the base. Meanwhile, Marty says its a great call.

    • @Steve Mancuso: If you mean bad call in that the ump couldnt possibly see it correctly, ok, but it ended up being the correct call. Replays show front foot coming off and runner completely off the base while Frazier has the tag still applied. Then back foot hits the base.

  32. According to Marty, he was safe but came off the bag for a split second so was out.

  33. Marty actually said “The Phils are trying to figure out what Baker’s going to do” when Hanigan was up. I think he meant, would Baker bunt. ???????? Arroyo was on deck.

  34. Votto is swinging hard on strikes one and two today. Choking up on strike three.

  35. John Fay said that Dusty told Cingrani he needs to be more pitch efficient. To me, pitch efficiency for someone like Cingrani would be a consequence of improving his offspeed pitches. If he does that, he’s likely to strike out hitters earlier in the at bat.

    I hope the message isn’t for Cingrani to strike out fewer hitters and try to become more pitch efficient that way.

    I’m sure people here (I can think of a few for sure) want Cingrani to strike out fewer hitters and throw fewer pitches (which isn’t even true, that fewer K’s means fewer pitches). I hope people remember when the brass told Bailey to pitch to contact. (That was the previous brass.) Why anyone would want a guy who can strike out hitters to not strike them out is beyond me.

  36. Bruce gonna Bruce.

  37. Can the Reds get a calendar for Jay Bruce that every month marked as May ???

  38. Plate discipline always has been and always will be a problem for Frazier.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: Pretty much that and every other Red whose names don’t rhyme with Boo or Lotto. Some days they make pitchers work very hard but by and large the Reds just have no patience at the plate.

      • @Mwv: I’m not opposed to first pitch swinging, either. It’s just that they swing at bad ones and take pipe fastballs. It boggles my mind.

        I didn’t see Frazier’s AB, but Brantley said he swung at a bad ball.

  39. I’m not really understanding why Lutz is playing. I mean, it’s not a horrible thing, but I think Paul’s a better player right now.

  40. If the Reds lose this game, it was innings 1 and 3 that will be the culprits. This game could be 5 or 6-0 right now. And Arroyo is likely to tire and give up a few runs, which wouldn’t be a big deal if it were 6-0.

  41. Jimmy Rollins is one of the most overrated players in the game. I’m really tired of hearing about him. He’s basically a slightly above average player for his career.

  42. Choo has smoked the ball his last two AB with nothing to show for it.

    • @Steve Mancuso: I swear that it seems like Choo’s OBP should be about .750. He’s walking or smoking the ball somewhere every time I look up.

  43. Jeff Brantley is the worst play by play announcer. I mean, I am sitting here and I still don’t know if Michael Young is on or not. A line drive hit him on the arm, but it doesn’t sound like Young’s on first. What’s going on?

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: THANK YOU. I meant to point that out myself but didn’t. There were a few other plays, these involving balls hit to the outfield, and I’m waiting and waiting to hear whether it was caught or not, and I can’t tell until Brantley says what is going on with the baserunner(s). He’ll just say a “line drive to right,” for example. Line drives can be caught. Just drives me nuts.

  44. They stayed out there a while checking out Arroyo. I was afraid something might be wrong.

  45. Votto crushed that.

  46. Votto just hasn’t gotten it going yet this year. On base all three times today but no RBI.

  47. Bunt Phillips!!!

  48. Kendrick better watch it, if he puts it over the plate Bruce is going to kiss it goodnight.

  49. Great at bat there.

  50. That was a nice AB.

  51. Lutz now has zero walks in 29 plate appearances. It’s interesting how so many people wanted Cingrani down because he wasn’t ready, yet this guy on the big club seems ok.

    • Lutz now has zero walks in 29 plate appearances.It’s interesting how so many people wanted Cingrani down because he wasn’t ready, yet this guy on the big club seems ok.

      I actually think they both should be up. Lutz/Paul is better than Heisey. Lutz has also been a very good pinch hitter.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: I think Lutz is up because Dusty wanted him. Dusty has been enamored with Big Lutz since spring training.

  52. Cozart! The other way again, wow.

  53. Jamie Garcia to see Dr. James Andrews. Going to the DL and says he has pain every time he lifts his arm. Could be a huge blow to the Cardinals.

  54. BRUUUCE!

  55. Hope the Reds bomb Rosenberg. (intentional pun there)

  56. FOX graphic shows Dusty Baker as having second most wins among active managers. Of course, he’s also number three in losses.

  57. Baker is #8 among active managers in winning percentage .526.

    Pete Rose had a winning percentage of .525 as a manager. Sparky was .545.

  58. The Reds have had about a half dozen balls hit right at outfielders today.

  59. That Votto guy just cannot get an RBI. Terrible player.

  60. Votto five times on base today – but no RBI, so nothing really.

  61. Another at bat without an RBI for poor Votto. Will he ever break out of this slump?

  62. Reds really need to get more here. Put it out of slam range.

  63. I could go for Bruce putting this one away right about now.

  64. I hate to see Horst pitching for them. It just bugs me that the Reds traded him for Wilson Valdez.

  65. Super Todd!!! Needed that, good for him.

  66. Nicely done Mr. Lutz.

  67. Since May 3, Brandon Phillips has 10 RBI, which is great. Over that time, Jay Bruce has 16 RBI.

  68. Shin-Soo Choo now tied for the lead in runs scored for all MLB.

  69. I love Bronson but we should probably get him outta there after this next batter. Hoover or Marshall or someone could use the work.

  70. And Dusty yanks him. Very good job for Arroyo.. Where is Wily Mo anyone? I would love to stand in the batter’s box and watch Arroyo’s pitches dance

  71. Great start by Bronson. Homer tomorrow.

  72. Go reds.

  73. Votto! Finally got some RBI’s.. way to redeem yourself.

  74. 4-4 with 2 walks. Thats a pretty good game.

  75. Of course, now that it is 8-0, Votto decides to show up. Typical.

  76. Not sure why Votto and Choo are still in the game, but I’m not complaining lol

  77. I think Votto is just tired of Choo being #1 in OBP. That’ll show him.

  78. I’d like to see a stat that shows this teams record the day after “blowing” a game. They play well angry.

  79. Poor baserunning there.

  80. I know I shouldn’t hold grudges for that long.. but it feels good to whup on the Phillies.

  81. Very nice – very good game all the way around.

  82. I was at the game today. I’m not sure I was worthy to be in the same building with Joey Votto. Bold prediction time: Joey hits at least .360 this season. I mean, for those of us who still care about batting average anyway.

    And Bronson sure was “Good Bronson” today. Had Phils completely out of synch all day long.

    Sure was a fun day at the ballpark.

  83. Great game. Sorry I missed it.

    Star Trek Into Darkness was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

    If you get a chance, see it at the IMAX in 3D. Wow!

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