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Game Thread: Reds at Phillies (2013.05.17)

The Reds have won 6 games in a row and I am convinced they will never lost again.

OK, that is highly unlikely but I wouldn’t mind seeing this winning streak continue on and last through this Phillies series.  I am still a little bitter over some of those games back in 2010 and especially how the 2010 NLDS played out.  Nothing would please me more than another sweep this week, the third consecutive by the Reds.

But first, Tony Cingrani must tame the Phillies lineup and the Reds must hit Cliff Lee in tonight’s game 1.  Cheer on the Reds to Go here!  Go Reds!

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  1. No Xavier Paul in the lineup? That doesn’t bode well.

    (Reds are 16-1 when he starts. I’m going to keep riding this fun fact as long as I can.)

    • @renbutler: The Reds are facing a LHP. Fun facts aside, I guess we have to settle for baby steps from Dusty. Cozart is still in the #2 hole (UGH!), but at least Robinson is starting in LF against the LHP and is also hitting in the #8 hole rather than the catcher. Maybe Dusty is moving toward a strict platoon in LF and maximizing the player’s abilities while we wait for Ludwick’s return.

      Now, if we can get that LF platoon hitting in the #2 hole with Cozart moved to the #8 hole…but baby steps.

  2. In a season with poor usage of the catchers….does it really make sense that our rookie pitcher will have had three of them? And if Mes was going to catch him again, why was Corky getting 40% of the starts? Ugh!

    • @Eric the Red: They don’t care. Cingrani could pitch a perfect game tonight with 27 strikeouts, and he’s going to Louisville tomorrow.

      • @Hank Aarons Teammate: He should go back down. But I’d like to win the games while he’s up here, and 3 different catchers in three starts, and a heavy dose of Corky’s bat may not be the best way to accomplish that goal.

  3. It just boggles my mind why Dusty continues to bat Cozart 2nd in the order. Any player is better than Cozart in that spot. Put Frazier to give him more fastballs in front of Votto, or use Paul or Mesoraco. Cozart has a 0.236 OBP between two guys with an OBP of 0.450. Only two players in MLB have a lower OBP than Cozart, and they are batting 7th or 8th.

  4. Did anyone else see the Brandon Phillips highlight reel they played on FSO after the game last night? Darwin who?!?!??

    • @RedForever: I doubt it. I would not be in favor of that given the way that Baker uses the long man (in combination with the fact that their rotation is good enough that it’s not common to need the long man). And I’d be very upset if they made him a short reliever.

  5. MLB.com had their writers give current their all star picks. Most didn’t select Phillips or Votto, and only one–one!–chose Choo. Ridiculous.

  6. Terrific AB. Both Paul and Robinson are pretty good at drawing walks and extending ABs.

  7. it is my understanding if a pitcher goes to his mouth with his hand he must wipe his hand off before going to the ball, yes??
    if so, is it legal for Cingrani to wipe his brow and apply the sweat to the ball? I notice he does that quite often.
    Sorry if this seems like a stupid question..

  8. I honestly want to give Dusty the benefit of the doubt because clearly he knows more about baseball than I do, but PLEASE tell me what characteristics of a #2 hitter does Zack Cozart display besides playing shortstop?

    • @eric nyc: What do you mean BESIDES playing shortstop? There are no other qualifications. Never have been, never will be.

    • @eric nyc: Honestly, and I do believe this is the case, I think that for Baker, being a bad hitter with some speed is the definition of a good #2 hitter.

      The #2 hitter is supposed to move the leadoff man into scoring position with a bunt or a grounder to the right-side. He has to beat out double plays sometimes, so speed is good too.

      Why would you want to have a good hitter hitting in the 2-hole when that spot in the order is supposed to get out?

      Stupider like a fox.

  9. See…this is when it hurts having Cozart in the #2 spot, just left the bases loaded. Especially against good teams and in the playoffs, this will come back to haunt the Reds. The Cardinals have Beltran & Holiday that deliver in the clutch and the other hitters help out as well. I think if the Reds want to make a run and get in the playoffs, they can do so with the same lineup as now. But, if they want to win in the playoffs and compete, they need to make a trade and get a “proven” bat, even when Ludwick comes back. Choo & Phillips are going to be pitched around, until Cozart or whoever is in the #2 spot is a hitting threat, and Bruce can deliver clutch RBI’s in a consistent manner.

    • @JEFFMO: I agree that hitting your worst hitter the second most times doesn’t make sense. But all this stuff about how great these other teams offenses are, how mahy runs have they scored?

      The Cardinals are winning because their starters have a combined ERA just over 2. You cannot say that the Reds need another impact bat to win when they’re scoring runs like they are. It just doesn’t make sense.

      It would be great to have great hitters up and down the lineup, but show me one single team that has that.

    • @JEFFMO: also, beltran has a .901 OPS and holiday has an .805. that’s good, but hardly leading the world.

      votto > beltran
      phillips > holiday

      and they don’t have anyone who can even come close to choo’s 1.052 mark.

  10. I’ve pointed it out before, and I’ll point it out again. Look at Cozart’s career batting averages prior to tonight’s game:

    Bases empty: .264
    Runners on: .202
    RISP: .181
    RISP w/2 outs: 167
    Bases loaded: .071

    Very clear what’s going on. Guy can obviously hit major league pitching, but needs a psychologist.

  11. has cingrani allowed any runs that haven’t been on HRs?

    also, jimmy rollins sits on the plate. he needs to be pushed back a lot.

  12. Brantley just said Cingrani has given up 7 HRs in 30 innings. Not sure but that seems like a lot.

    • @Mwv: Reds had their chances early but had the misfortune of having the number 2 hitter come up at an inopportune time.

  13. What is it about this ballpark that the Reds just don’t hit well there? I mean they are swinging and missing at 86 mph fastballs?

    And Todd Frazier’s bat looks very slow.

  14. Looks like that 6 game winning streak is history.

    I guess they will have to start a new one tomorrow.

  15. Think the Cards are going to beat MIL today. 5-0 in the first, Wily Peralta pitching. (He’s the guy the Reds bombed.)

    • @RedForever: Terrible? Hardly. It only seems terrible because the Reds are loosing. A better CF catches that ball. A bettter manager walks young to get to Howard. 3 runs in 5 innings isn’t good, but it’s hardly a disaster.

  16. Cingrani was already headed to AAA, regardless of today.

    Funny thing is, if Mike Leake gives up 3 runs in 5 innings, most people congratulate him for keeping the team in the game. If Cingrani gives up 3 runs in 5 innings, he’s terrible.

  17. Reds could win this game. Lee isn’t going to pitch a complete game. Not likely to win it, but it’s not over.

  18. If the Reds can get Lee over 100 pitches this inning, they’ll get to he bullpen.


    Man, Bruce hit that off a tough lefty pitcher.

  19. Yes. That was awesome. Bruce, homering, in a “clutch” situation, off a lefty. Take that naysayers.

  20. I’m so tired of umpires. I want balls and strikes called by machines.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: I’m generally with you, but my question is, do they calibrate the machines for each player’s height and stance? When they show the strike zone graphic it always looks the same.

      Unless they started embeding player’s uniforms with censors at the back of the knees and the numbers, it seems pretty tricky to have the machines call balls and strikes live, with an ever-changing strike zone.

      • @al: I bet we’re closer to it than we think. Maybe sensors, like you say. I don’t know, I just know they should look into it but never will.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: I like the variances in umpire strike zones — as long as they are reasonably close to rule book and consistent for both teams. I like pitchers and batters having to adjust to slight differences.

  21. That was a nice AB from Bruce (and Phillips before him). Bruce did a great job of spoiling a nice pitch right before the HR.

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