Poor Derek Dietrich.  He didn’t deserve this.

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  1. It’s a good thing Aroldis has an out pitch.

  2. Dietrich was really impressive at fighting off Chapman’s 100+ mph fastballs. It’s rare that a LHed hitter can do that.

    More sliders for strikes, please, Mr. Chapman. It’s an automatic called strike.

  3. Careful Chris.. your gona remind Chad why Chapman is wasted talent in the BP with post like this.. /facepalm 😛

  4. Dietrich was also the victim of a Sean Marshall curveball in the 7th. Pretty big challenge in a guy’s 5th major league game.

  5. Having to face Marshall and then Chapman in back-to-back at bats is just criminal. I feel for the kid!

  6. Whatever you do with Chapman though, do not make him a starter because he only has one pitch….

    That is nasty there. What a waste that he will throw only 36 of those in his 60 innings this year

  7. Wow – he almost got Mes there too!

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