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Redleg Nation Radio #86: with Big Red Machine pitcher Fred Norman (Part 2)

Last week, we brought you the first part of Bill Lack’s excellent discussion with Big Red Machine pitcher Fred Norman. Today, part two. Enjoy!

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Many thanks to Friend of the Nation — and huge Reds fan — Freekbass for the bumper music. The music is from this album; he’s a talented guy, and highly recommended.

4 thoughts on “Redleg Nation Radio #86: with Big Red Machine pitcher Fred Norman (Part 2)

  1. NYM won one today! Gives us a chance to get closer by one game tonight. Lets go Reds!!!!

  2. Freddie was a good interview. He was a solid pitcher for the BRM, but not spectacular. It was interesting to hear his comments on his HOF teammates. His perspective on how great they were as players and as teammates was meaningful.

  3. He was a very good interview, IMO. I can’t think of another player whose “stars” aligned at precisely the right time…just as he was really figuring out how to pitch in the big leagues, he gets traded from an expansion franchise to one of the best teams in history. Pretty good timing.

  4. Good interview. It brought back plenty of memories. Interesting note about the first Sunday night World Series game (1976 vs. Yankees). Also, his comments about the All-Star Game snub. Is there an effort to have him inducted into the Reds’ Hall of Fame? He deserves to be there.

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