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Game Thread: Reds at Marlins (2013.05.15)

What do good teams do to pad their record during the regular season?  They beat up on the bad team!  That is exactly what the Reds have done as late.  The Reds swept the Cubs in Chicago.  They swept the Brewers at home over the weekend.  And now the club is 1/3 of the way to doing that against the Marlins now.  The Marlins are bad!  Which is exactly why the Reds need to take care of business today and get one step closer to another sweep.

Mike Leake will look to capitalize on the competition tonight and try and duplicate what Homer Bailey did last night.  A good start from Leake tonight would help his chances of keeping his starting job and perhaps make Walt’s decision a little more complicated and tough when Johnny Cueto returns to the rotation.  I’ll be pulling for Leake tonight.  Not because I think he’s the best fit in the rotation but because I want the Reds to go!  And if Leake is going tonight, so will the Reds!

Discuss the game here fans!

258 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Marlins (2013.05.15)

  1. Mets get a runner to 3rd with one out and as usual the Cards pitchers escapes unscored on.

  2. Jim Day:

    “Tonight, perhaps, Mike Leake made a statement.”

    Really? I wouldn’t say he pitched bad by any measure. But he’s pretty much the exact same pitcher he was last year. I don’t really care if a lot of the hits were bloop hits…that’s exactly why strikeout pitchers >>> contact pitchers.

  3. Dusty Baker is a actual, real life troll. It’d actually be pretty awesome if he wasn’t the Reds manager.


    Mike Leake is his my #5 starter. I don’t understand where this Mike Leake versus Tony Cingrani debate started…

  4. 2 out o on Descalso walks, Kozma gets another big hit, then they take the lead on a wild pitch.

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