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Game Thread: Reds at Marlins (2013.05.14)

The Reds take to the road for a 9-game road trip that will take the team to three different cities in the NL East.  These games will be against teams with losing records and are a combined 26 games below .500 entering tonight’s play.  The Reds were able to salvage their last road trip thanks to a sweep of the Cubs and could really use a fast start to this trip with a victory over Miami tonight.

The Reds have not done so well this season when they have “gone” away from home.  But I have a feeling they’ll really be “going” this trip.  So let’s all cheer for the Reds to “go”!

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  1. Starting XP tonight certainly paid off, but at what cost. When Bruce shows signs of getting hot the last thing you want to do is sit him. I just hope when Bruce gets back to playing he isn’t so anxious to get back to where he left off that he’s too aggressive at the plate. When Bruce gets in a groove you want to milk it for everything its worth, not sit him on the bench. IMHO.

  2. Shin-Soo Choo has two BB and an HBP in five plate appearances. He can contribute plenty to the offense even without hits.

    More Choo, please.

  3. Is anyone surprised that John Gast is pitching a shutout so far for the Freaking Cardinals?

  4. What a pleasure to watch Homer pitch when he’s on like tonight. Sure, Marlins caveat. But 97 gas is still that and so is that sharp breaking ball at 80 mph. More Homer!

  5. Only Dusty Baker understands why Bailey is still in and Marshall, who desperately needs some work, isn’t. Bailey’s near 110 pitches.

  6. Can someone please explain why it’s a good idea to let Bailey throw 125 pitches against the worst hitting team in the league, when they’re up 4 in the 9th and Marshall is both a good pitcher and one needing work?

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: It’s part of grooming Homer to be that kind of starting pitcher (other Texans like Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemmens come to mind) who are strong enough to throw 120 pitches if necessary to win.

      That was also kind of a strange situation. The Marlins went down in order but none of them were quick outs. Once you send Homer out for the ninth, no logical place to take him out since he didn’t let anyone on base.

      • @Steve Mancuso: He’s already that kind of pitcher. Last year he had 8 starts over 110 pitches. I’d just rather save it for a game when needed. And, they have a need to get Sean Marshall innings.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: What’s eating you here? If everyone’s dream has come true and Chapman started today, had thrown 100+ pitches, gave up to runs, but otherwise dominated and had a 4-run lead, would you want Marshall in the 9th because he hadn’t had enough work? Don’t we want our best players playing in the largest number of innings, which statistically gives us the best odds at winning?

      • @joelie1274: Yes, I would. Have you seen what our relievers have done on long rest this year? Blow games is the answer (and nearly blow games).

        In addition, Marshall IS one of the best players on the team.

        • @Hank Aarons Teammate: So, why isn’t Marshall considered as a starter (or why don’t people on this blog think that he should be a starter)? I really only mean this theoretically and not directed at you only. But essentially, I feel that it’s the same argument used to advocate Chapman being a starter. Marshall’s number are better than Bailey’s, so we need Marshall in more innings. Chapman’s numbers are great, so we need him in more innings, so he should be a starter. Forgive me for making what may be an idiotic point, but I’m truly only curious.

          • @joelie1274: Let me take a stab. I definitely did not mean that Bailey is less valuable than Marshall. There’s no way an above average starter is less valuable than almost any reliever. But I’d rather have Marshall in (in general) than Bailey after Bailey’s thrown a lot of pitches (and today, because the game was in hand).

            Why isn’t Marshall a starter? He was, many years ago. He wasn’t good enough (though I think he has starter stuff). Then he took off as a reliever. It’s not the same as Chapman, who’s never started a game. Also, I’d be interested to see Marshall try to start somewhere, but it’s later in his career and won’t happen ever.

            Overall, in the late innings, if the starter’s not in, Marshall and Chapman should get a lot of innings. But they don’t and won’t.

          • @joelie1274: Early in his career Marshall was used as a starter and it didn’t go so well. I’d be kinda curious to see if he could do it if given a chance but he’s been a reliever for a long time now and is very settled into that role.

          • @LWBlogger: So would another way of saying that be that roles matter but are difficult to define statistically? Are some guys are better if they pitch more games but fewer innings? Per fangraphs, Chapman has been tested as a starter in 15 games and only in the minors and only in the first 2 years in the U.S., but his numbers pale in comparison to his dominance as a closer. Not a good sample size, I know. Marshall struggled as a starter for 5 years, much of which he went in an out of the minors, before “finding a groove” in the bullpen. I guess most here believe it’s worth risking Chapman struggling for a few years as a starter to test him; really to get a large enough sample size. But given that a lot of the rest of our team are in their prime of their careers, might that be a big risk if Chapman (God forbid) ends up struggling through say 15 starts?

            I can’t disagree with anyone who says that Chapman, Marshall, etc. should get a lot of time on the mound. Not saying that. I just mean that the numbers don’t tell the whole picture and there has to be consideration for factors that may be a little less quantifiable.

          • @joelie1274: And those less quantifiable measures are the ones that have likely brought about the decision that Chapman would remain the closer this year.

          • @LWBlogger: Well, not necessarily. A lot of people think that Dusty doesn’t know what he’s doing and would suggest that he’s doing it because that’s what is to be done.

            For me, I’m just thinking about good ways to define and decide those difficult to quantify things.

  7. Just awesome. Baker has Chapman warm in the bullpen to come in if Bailey wouldn’t have gotten that last batter. Now THAT’s a good use of Aroldis Chapman.

  8. Another 97 mph fastball to end it, pretty impressive though I’m not sure why they let him back out there for the 9th.

    • @Mwv: Agreed. Unless that’s a fast gun, that’s the most impressive I’ve seen Bailey in the late innings velocity wise. But it is just stupid what just transpired.

  9. How bout dem Reds apples, Homer goes the distance getting the win. Not to take things for granted but I’ll be a bit disappointed if the Reds don’t sweep the Marlins. Back at em tomorrow. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  10. Homer started the ninth at 103 pitches. If the plan is to take him out if he lets anyone on, it’s improbable that he’ll get to 120 pitches. He’ll either get three outs or let someone on. Yet the three outs took 22 pitches (Dodd 10 on the last AB). If Dodd makes an out on the first pitch it’s only 116 total.

    • @Steve Mancuso: 103 was already the most this year. I know I’m belaboring it, but I just don’t understand it in the context of the current bullpen situation (fully rested, with some guys rested too much).

  11. I’m not too worried about 1 outing of 120+ pitches as long as it doesn’t become a habit.

  12. The best coach we have is Brian Price…the only coach not chosen by Dusty. So glad Walt resigned him. Bailey will be fine with 125 tonight. Congrats Homer!!

  13. Homer hasn’t pitched in a week- nothing wrong with letting him throw 120+ pitches coming off the extra rest. Plus none of them were high stress pitches or innings. Plus plus that comes out to only 14 pitches per inning.

  14. Dusty is clearly going to only let Leake throw three innings tomorrow and then go Lecure, Ondrusek, Hoover, Marshall, Broxton, and then Chapman.

  15. Good Job by the Reds tonight against a weak team. I was surprised Bruce sit tonight after having a day off yesterday, but he probably would have stuck out instead of getting that double that XP had. Hopefully Bruce can be consistent now. Is anybody wondering if the Cardinals starting pitching can keep this up??

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