Mat Latos will look to stay perfect and lower that sparkling 2.23 ERA.

Brandon Phillips will look to drive in more RBI and make a few more great defensive plays.

Joey Votto will look to hit balls hard.

Shin-Soo Choo will look to get on base.

Dusty Baker will look to do Dusty Baker things.

It’s an earlier start time than usual today.  The Reds and Brewers kick off just after 4:00 so clear your schedule and watch the Reds Go!  Discuss the developments of the game here!

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but the Cardinals really irritate me. Again: Shelby Miller is the guy only in the rotation because Carpenter’s hurt. Also, many (and I mean many) Card fans wanted him dealt last year because he had a 4.74 ERA in AAA that was in part due to a lot of homers (but a 10.5 K/9 rate). I can only wish they’d have dumped him to an AL team.

    And today, Wainwright has a no hitter through 4. The Rockies haven’t had a baserunner in 13 straight innings after Miller set down 27 in a row after a leadoff single.

    At least Pete Kozma is back to rightfully not being able to hit.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: I am envious of their attendance. I wish the Reds could draw more fans.

    • I don’t know about anyone else, but the Cardinals really irritate me.

      What really irritates me about them is they are just plain better than the Reds in every facet- better GM, better manager, better starting pitching, better offense, better at getting big hits, better depth, better at developing players, better scouting, better at signing free agents, even their makeshift closer is outperforming out multi million dollar closer.

      They are kicking our butt this year because they are simply a better organization and that really pisses me off!

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: I’m not sure that’s true. I know a lot of fans who were concerned abouthis down year last season, but I don’y know of any serious calls to trade him. Also, he had a great spring–he would have been in the bullpen even if Carpenter wasn’t hurt.

  2. Chapman bobblehead game. Wouldn’t it be exciting if he was starting today? Just sayin’…

    • @Steve Mancuso: I dunno, it’s hard for me to even get excited about him this year. Last year it was electric, I was hanging on every pitch. Every time I’d hear Rage Against the Machine start into his intro music I’d quit whatever distractions I had at the moment and just focus on watching something incredible. Nowadays I hear Chapman’s name (or read it) and just kinda shrug. I’m more into watching Latos and Choo this year. Take that for what you will.

  3. Unusual to not have a nationally televised game on a Saturday afternoon.

    • @Sergeant2: NASCAR reigns on FOX today starting at 5:30, so no regional coverage for FOX today.

      I know they use the 1:00 ET window for some Saturday’s in April, but they don’t like to do that later in the year, as it limits ratings.

  4. I have to say I kinda like those uniforms with Los Rojos on them

  5. The news gets even better for the Cards- they’re playing a 4 game series next week vs the Mets and guess which starter they avoid………………….Matt Harvey.

  6. BRUUUUCE! That thing got hammered.

  7. Super Todd!!!! Haha, wow.

  8. Bruce homer and a Super Todd bunt single…takin’ what they give ya, huh, Todd?

  9. What just happened? Was Braun so intimidated by that Super Todd mammoth drive that he just missed the next one?

  10. Some “issues” out on LF already today…

  11. Anything but a DP, here Mat….please.

  12. Nothin’ wrong with that…seein’ eye grounder thru the infield…

  13. Latos getting it done.

  14. Come on Zack, make him work.

  15. I’m worried about Latos spending too much time on the bases. He should voluntarily get picked off.

  16. Cozart – Please be patient

  17. That’ll do Zack, that’ll do. Also, thank you again Mr. Braun.

  18. Talk about patience paying off, an RBI walk for Choo.

  19. Not to be a downer during a big inning, but the Rockies might as well have not even made the trip to St. Louis.

  20. Another complete game shutout for the Cardinals. That’s 2 complete game shutouts for their pitching. And Colorado is the top hitting team average wise in the NL right now. Wow! Just wow! Unreal.

    • @ajswartz888: The Cardinals organization seems to have good pitching in their DNA.

      • @Sergeant2: See where Carpenter has been throwing again? He may pitch out of the bullpen this year. With how bad their pen has been, he would almost have to help.

        • @HOF-13: That’s scary because their bullpen has been very solid after they sent Boggs and Rzepczynski down and brought up those 2 young kids from the minors. Their starting rotation ERA is 2.11. Just lights out unreal.

    • @ajswartz888: Colorado only had 2 hits -no hitter into the 8th

  21. Wow, Braun just cost his team like.. three runs that inning? Misplayed ball in the outfield helped the end result of Frazier and Paul scoring. Combine that with him throwing home rather than to third which allowed Votto’s ground ball to score a run rather than end the inning since it was 2nd and 3rd rather than 1st and 2nd.

    • @ToddAlmighty: This Ryan Braun throw is brought to you by FedEx: when it absolutely, positively, has to be there next week sometime.

  22. Way to stretch on that Joey…Xavier Paul is horrible defensively

  23. Braun giveth, Braun taketh away

  24. Bruce likes this pitcher.

  25. I would die laughing if Frazier bunted on again.

  26. Don’t look now…. but I think this might be Atlas-Bruce starting to show his face. Getting hot enough to carry a team on his shoulders.

  27. Super Todd! Correction: The Reds like this pitcher.

  28. That horrible chinstrap beard alone should be reason enough to bench Paul. Or at least put nair in his shampoo bottle.

  29. This rookie for the Brewers seems to be melting down. He’s nibbling off the plate every pitch.

  30. Can latos not give back any of these runs in the top of the fourth?

  31. No one warming up for the Brew-Crew. Very Dusty-like.

  32. Latos has decided that instead of trying to pitch a perfect game he’ll just do his best slugger impression.

  33. Choooooooooo!

  34. In play, run(s). My favorite pseudo sentence.

  35. Someone needs to alert the grounds crew that Mr. Burgos arm is just past the first base coaching box.

  36. Bruce is heating up for sure. Solid contact on all 3 of those hits so far. Also, the Brewers outfield is awful.

  37. Todd is merciful.

  38. That’s a pretty good inning— 2 doubles

  39. I like these jerseys. I’d say the Reds are going right now

  40. I love it when the reds take the game out of the hands of Dusty Baker like this

  41. Looks like after yesterday’s HR and now today that Bruce’s anemic SLG should be a little closer to where it belongs. Good for him.

    Also like how Cozart has 2 RBI and has yet to reach base safely.

  42. Wow. Fancy stuff there from Cozart.

  43. Brandon Phillips is 0-3 he needs to get going LOL

  44. Does anyone know the name of the song that’s played frequently at GABP when the reds are at bat?

  45. Is this Mesoracos fault?

    • @beavertucky: IDK, but i don’t like the way our pitching has been trending here of late. Maybe Cueto’s return will jump start, arroyo, bailey and latos

  46. Only top of 6th and the Cincinnati Redlegs have scored 12 runs, that’s right, 12 runs. Halleluiah!! Hal-le-luiah!!

  47. Latos is going to get a win today but sheesh, it has not been pretty.

  48. Okay, Latos needs to get out of this game. I’d bench him right there. That’s just unprofessional.

  49. Latos is a head case. Period.

  50. Latos mind is elsewhere.

  51. Stepped away from the game for a bit: can someone fill me in on what the Latos comments above are about, assuming it’s something more than just not being effective today?

  52. What voodoo is this offense today?

  53. THAT was a poor at bat by Cozy. Is he trying to get this game overwith or something?

  54. Paul should have scored on Choo’s pop up. Cost a run. And in this game, you never know.

  55. Latos gets rattled way too easily by a bad call or an error behind him. That’s no secret. He failed to cover first after an error in a late September game last year. That’s ridiculous.

  56. I missed his earlier innings, but Latos was upset in the 6th by what should have been a called strike 3. He’s got to get over that. Walk around for a couple of seconds, then forget about it.

  57. Still concerned about Votto’s whiffs, weird swings and lack of power.

  58. BP being BP.

  59. They hit 3 bullets in a row off Ondrusek.

  60. Nice play by Hannahan.

  61. Hoover showing what to do with a 6 run lead, straight at ’em.

  62. If Jay Bruce gets the day off tomorrow, I’m going to become a Royal’s fan. Dusty can not be that big of an idiot. Can he?

  63. You have to ask?

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