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Game Thread: Brewers at Reds (2013.05.10)

The Reds look to get back on track after losing their first home series of the season to the Braves last week by taking on the Milwaukee Brewers at home.  The Brewers are currently under .500 and I would love nothing more than to see them further under that mark by Sunday’s end.

But first, rookie phenom Tony Cingrani will look to keep his perfect record in tact and record his third victory of the season.  He’ll face off against Yovani Gallardo whom the Reds have had a decent amount of success against in his career.

The forecast does not look great, but let’s hope the rain holds off so the Reds can take game 1 of this series.  Go Reds!

230 thoughts on “Game Thread: Brewers at Reds (2013.05.10)

  1. SCOUT: Aroldis Chapman showed faith in Ryan Hanigan by throwing that slider in the dirt with a runner on 3rd.

  2. Jeeze Chapman.. two wild pitches in one AB? I’m not watching on TV, so are those “wild pitches” that probably should have been stopped, or actual wild pitches?

  3. I like the fact that Brantley flat out says Chapman needs to pitch more. Good win.

  4. Sigh…Chapman is such a waste of talent. He’s been a complete non-factor this season.

    The only high leverage situations he’s pitched in are situations he’s created himself.

  5. A win is a win. Looks like Chapman needs more work to stay sharp. Imagine if he pitched in some high leverage situations in the 7th or 8th innings?

  6. Someday after Dusty has been fired or retired, he will understand that your closer needs to pitch on a regular basis, even if it isn’t in a save situation.

    Then again, he may go to his grave never understanding that.

  7. Well, at least Dusty figured out that you don’t bunt Choo (.500 OBP or whatever) and that you don’t bunt in front of Votto because he’s so likely to walk anyways.

  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I honestly think Chapman is miscast as a closer. I don’t mean the usual “he’s more valuable as a starter” argument (though he probably would be), I mean that closers have to pitch 4 days in a row and then not for a week (the way some, but not all managers, including Dusty, manage their closer). This is not good for Chapman. He can’t pitch many days in a row, and he really isn’t good on a lot of rest, apparently.

  9. Good win for the Reds. When the starting pitcher only goes 4 innings and the team wins, its a good win. Back to the drawing board tomorrow and another Reds win. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

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