2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Reds vs. Braves (2013.05.08)

After last night’s miraculous finish, the Reds and Braves get together again for an afternoon tilt to decide the victor in this three-game series. It’s Mike Leake vs. Mike Minor. The two Mikes. Minor Leake. Now I’m just rambling.

I have a fervent desire for the Reds to go today. Go Reds.

281 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds vs. Braves (2013.05.08)

  1. I’d like to see a new stat for pitchers. Base on balls that score. Call it BBTS. Free passes that turn into free runs. Walks kill.

  2. Fun Fact of the Day

    With Xavier Paul starting in LF: 11-1
    With anybody else starting in LF: 8-15

    Just fun, minimal meaning. (But not COMPLETELY meaningless, IMO.)

  3. Looking forward to Cangrani pitching Friday against the Brewers. Dusty didn’t know when to walk away from the Craps Table and rolled the Leake dice one time to many. On to the Brewers and probably more misadventures in the old ball orchard. Adios Amigos. Ho-Hum Yawn Go Reds?

  4. You can put powder sugar on or sugar coat a turd, but in the end, its still a turd.
    –The Reds offense–

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