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Game Thread: Braves at Reds (2013.05.07)

The people who say that a strikeout is just like any other out must really love this Atlanta Braves team.  At one point last night I tweeted that the Braves were on pace to score 9 runs in the game but strike out 22.5 times in the contest.  They did not quite score 9 runs and fell just short of those strikeouts totals.  They were close to both however.

Homer Bailey will be licking his chops at the potential of striking out a high number of Braves tonight but must figure out a way to keep them in the ballpark if he wants to be successful and generate a Reds win.  Meanwhile the Braves are petitioning the league to allow B.J. Upton to use a tee tonight to hit off of.

I need a win tonight to keep my chances of winning a friendly wager alive.  I am sure most of you could care less about that aspect and just want the Reds to win.  I’m with ya!  Go Reds!

423 thoughts on “Game Thread: Braves at Reds (2013.05.07)

  1. Yeh let’s keep it positive. Also of course they won’t be benched, pretty much out of necessity. With Robinson hurting and not batting against righties, do the Reds even have a backup CFer ?

  2. OK, onto the important question, did Marty forget to say “And this one belongs to the Reds?”

    What a fantastic finish…. Marty didn’t realize that either of those balls were hit that hard, seemed surprised by them both.

      • @pinson343: I just had the pleasure of seeing the video of those bombs. Choo really did crush that, didn’t he? It still seemed to surprise Marty, but maybe I was just numb from Mesoraco’s shot …

  3. Wonder if Choo can Also be the hitting coach for the Reds the way he is going. Question, Any reason why Corky catches tonight instead of Meso? I thought Corky only catches when Cingrani pitches? Does Bailey absolutely insist that Corky catches him too??

    • @JEFFMO: Bailey does prefer Corky. Corky’s been catching 2 out of 5 since he came up. With the day game tomorrow, Corky was going to catch tonite or tomorrow anyway.

      • @pinson343: Honestly, I don’t give a rat’s behind who Bailey likes throwing to. Honestly, since when has Bailey earned that kind of status anyways? He’s had one above average year in his career. I like him and all, but jesus, CORKY MILLER?

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