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Game Thread: Los Rojos at Los Stupido Cubs (2013.05.05)

I took four years of Spanish in school, 3 in high school and 1 in college.  With that much, you would think I could make this post in Spanish to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  Unfortunately I can’t.  I am also sure the game thread title is incorrect as well, but since we’re talking about the Stupid Cubs, I’ll let it go as is.

Mat Latos takes to the mound today to try and complete the 3-game sweep of the Cubbies today and secure the Reds a .500 road trip.  The Reds probably need to start doing better on these trips if they have any real hopes of winning a championship this season, but considering how the last road trip went and how this one started, I’ll take a 5-5 trip at this point.

So let’s break out the brooms and get going Reds!  Discuss the game here.

226 thoughts on “Game Thread: Los Rojos at Los Stupido Cubs (2013.05.05)

  1. Choo seems to be good… Choo takes enough HBP, didn’t need one to the face of BP’s glove.

  2. Votto to Choo. I’m from Canada where hockey players don’t come out of the game let alone for a fat lip.

  3. New rule: if you hit a wimpy popup, you’re automatically out. Call it the Outfield Fly Rule.

  4. What kind of voodoo crap is going on at Wrigley. Talk about a crazy turn of events.

  5. Well, that was disappointing, but I have faith the Cubs will end up giving those runs back.

  6. Great pick me up inning by Sam there. Nice job. Hope he’s got another in him.

    • Votto!!!!

      (But how does Cozart not score on that play?)

      I agree, but he was held by Speier who seems pretty conservative. Oh well, it still worked out with the Phillips SF.

      • @AnnapolisHoosier:

        I agree, but he was held by Speier who seems pretty conservative. Oh well, it still worked out with the Phillips SF.

        Second bad baserunning decision by Cozart today, earlier he should have been at 2nd on a throw home.

    • @Steve Mancuso: Because Speier for some reason never seems to want to put the pressure on the defense to make a play. Very, very conservative approach from him all year.

  7. Anyone else noticed that teams quit trying to pitch Joey inside? (intentionally, that last pitch missed the spot) So now they’re all trying to keep it outside and the result is a lot of smashed balls into left field. The man just puts on a clinic. Every time the pitchers stick with any one approach for any length of time he just makes the adjustment and takes his bases.

    • @Mwv: Somebody here swears Joey’s “hole” is under his hands… but I’m with you… he has no holes.

      • @Matt WI: To be fair that’s the approach he was struggling with earlier in the year. Then he made the adjustment and starting knocking the ball around.. and now they’re back to trying to dink and dunk on the outside edge of the plate. I don’t envy any battery trying to take him on.

  8. This ultra-conservative approach to 3rd base coaching by Speier is going to come back to haunt the Reds at some point. I was hoping early in the season it was just him getting used to being in that position, but that play right there was ridiculous.

  9. Miami up 12-0 on the Phillies, Wow! I think Roy Halliday started that game. What has happened to him?

  10. Roy Halladay gave up 9 runs to the Marlins in 2 1/3 innings today. He is having a rough year.

    • @Liptonian: Phillips was favoring his side when he went to his position. Dusty and the trainer noticed it and they took him out.

      • @mlb: and if you weren’t aware, he was involved in the collision with Choo a couple innings earlier, so it’s probably related to that

  11. If Marshall was a certain Cardinal, he’d be giving a BP a lecture in the dugout on being prepared and not messing with his routine by having to get replaced for an injury.

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