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Game Thread: Los Rojos at Los Stupido Cubs (2013.05.05)

I took four years of Spanish in school, 3 in high school and 1 in college.  With that much, you would think I could make this post in Spanish to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  Unfortunately I can’t.  I am also sure the game thread title is incorrect as well, but since we’re talking about the Stupid Cubs, I’ll let it go as is.

Mat Latos takes to the mound today to try and complete the 3-game sweep of the Cubbies today and secure the Reds a .500 road trip.  The Reds probably need to start doing better on these trips if they have any real hopes of winning a championship this season, but considering how the last road trip went and how this one started, I’ll take a 5-5 trip at this point.

So let’s break out the brooms and get going Reds!  Discuss the game here.

226 thoughts on “Game Thread: Los Rojos at Los Stupido Cubs (2013.05.05)

  1. Choo 8
    Cozart 6
    Votto 3
    Phillips 4
    Bruce 9
    Frazier 5
    Paul 7
    Mesoraco 2
    Latos RHP

    DeJesus 8
    Castro 6
    Rizzo 3
    Soriano 7 (can we stop throwing him strikes yet?)
    Schierholtz 9
    Navarro 2
    Valbuena 5
    Barney 4
    Jackson RHP

    Jackson has been flat out BAD this season. No reason the Reds shouldn’t be able to knock him around a bit. Cubs shouldn’t stand a chance as long as the Latos has his usual stuff. I also firmly belive that Soriano is on fire as he’s gonna get this year, no sense giving him anything to hit.

    ¡Go Reds!

  2. Baker on Cozart, “I’d like to see him get more aggressive and swing earlier in the count.” He proved that worked with Drew Stubbs.

    • @TC: I read that comment this morning and nearly threw my coffee cup at the dog. The same old (emphasis on old) narrow-minded philosophy continues to plague the Reds’ hitters.

    • @TC:

      Baker on Cozart, “I’d like to see him get more aggressive and swing earlier in the count.”He proved that worked with Drew Stubbs.

      And we see what happens in the first inning…

  3. I like Cozart at SS, but Dusty will simply continue to hit Cozart in the #2 hole. Since Dusty has to hit the SS in the top of the lineup, how about a trade with the Padres in order to try and Dusty-proof the lineup again?

    Zack Cozart & Chris Heisey for Everth Cabrera & Jesus Guzman? I personally like Cozart more at SS than Cabrera, but not hitting at the top of the lineup. Does that trade make sense for both teams, perhaps with some balancing prospects?

    • @Shchi Cossack: I can’t attest to any knowledge of either of those Padre’s ability defensively, but based on their offensive numbers (as well as Guzman’s cost and team control) it would take some valuable prospects to pry them away. If I were Walt, I don’t know if I pursue that trade. It sure would be nice to have a SS with a nice OBP though…

    • @Shchi Cossack: i know this has been said a thousand times, but a simple solution that doesn’t involve trading away a potential gold glove at shortstop… move him to 7th/8th in the lineup. BINGO!!!

  4. I’m not mexican, nor do I speak Spanish, so what does the headline mean? By the way, the only Independence Day that I celebrate is America’s. USA!

    • @RedForever: Actually, Cinco de Mayo doesn’t celebrate Mexican independence. It celebrates a battle won by Mexico over the French at a time when the French were considering breaking up the American Union during the Civil War.

  5. Bat XPaul 2nd. If Choo is on 1st and held on, there’s a hole on that side of the field for Xpaul the left hitting batter. XPaul has decent speed and is a good contact hitter. Not that complicated.

    Why are Cozarts numbers so much lower than his minor league numbers? I think Jacoby/Reds try to change the hitters once they make it to the majors. You must go to right. Easier said than done if you haven’t batted that way up till now. It takes time but Cozart is a mess at the plate. Last year with his low ob% I would have never had traded Gregoriuos.

  6. Edwin Jackson got lit up in his last start. he didn’t throw a ton of strikes and when he did throw one, they were not quality.

    Reds bats should get well today.

  7. FYI- Reds @ Cubs game is being broadcast on WGN and is also the free game on mlb.com t.v. Go Reds! Sweep! Sweep! Sweep!

  8. What’s the point of the Los Rojos jerseys if we aren’t going to wear them on Cinco de Mayo?

  9. Dusty Baker got his wish. Cozart swung at the first pitch.

    The strategy of putting the worst hitter in the lineup between the two best hitters didn’t seem to work that time.

    Brantley just described the #2 spot in the lineup as having reached a “critical juncture” given Choo and Votto’s performance.

    Wow. You don’t often see Votto swing at a pitch that bad.

  10. I miss when saying “Zack Cozart starts some of the prettiest double plays in baseball” was a reference to his defense. But on the bright side, he’s doing a fantastic job of unclogging that pesky Choo from the base paths this season.

  11. Latos got Castro to do the same thing that Jackson got Votto to do.

  12. I saw the Reds had Teddy be the honorary bat boy. I wish they would let someone be the honorary manager. Maybe Dusty could learn something about lineup construction.

  13. Latos dealing some good lead-off double defense. Go get one more big guy.

  14. Hard to believe Latos is only 25. Seams like he has been pitching forever.

  15. They just said the Reds have allowed the fewest first inning runs in MLB. And then I think of Volquez. And breath a huge sigh of relief.

    • @Matt WI: Yeah, my “Yorktown Red” friend occasionally reminds me that the Reds offered Volquez an extension at the same time they extended Cueto, but Volquez turned the team down.

  16. Marty just suggested that maybe the extra offday for Phillips wasn’t the best idea when he was hitting so well before that

    • @Brian Van Hook: Yep, don’t want BP to get too overheated too soon in the season. Dusty logic. Same thing last year with Bruce: Jay was killing the ball going in to a series with Buccos so obviously a good time to cool Jay off. It worked.

      • @Sergeant2: I looked it up. Actually it was against the Mets in New York. Going into a 4-game series, on May 16th, Jay was hitting .300/.343/.643/.973, 10 HRs. That started a descent that by May 29th, Jay had 1 HR and 4 RBI’s in that span his number s had dropped to .254/.309/.533/.841. Jay Bruce, more than anyone else on the team, needs to remain in the lineup when he is red hot. May be a coincidence but I remember that day complaining about getting a day off and many folks here giving me a hard time about it. He is in his 20’s and doesn’t need “days off”.

  17. Todd Frazier should go with the high socks. It seems to work for Choo and Votto.

  18. Good AB by Frazier there but the middle of the lineup right now is just not doing anything.

  19. Mes just missed that pitch. Got the fastball and was just a bit tardy on it.

  20. Jackson has been throwing a lot of first pitches out of the zone. You don’t think the Cubs are reading the paper, do you?

  21. Cards just buried the Brewers in Milwaukee this weekend. 4 game sweep it looks like. Dang.

  22. Cubs announcers talking about how the Reds are sixth in runs scored even though they are near the bottom in slugging because of OBP, they don’t make outs. Cubs are the exact opposite, high in slugging but low in OBP. I wish Dusty was listening.

    • @AnnapolisHoosier:

      I didn’t believe that they are near the bottom in slugging but darned if they aren’t. How ’bout Bruce starts hitting some bombs?

    • Well, at least Barney is the best defensive second baseman in the league.

      Hard to believe he won the gold glove. It was only because of his consecutive errorless games streak. he doesn’t get to half the balls that Phillips does.

    • Latos was trying to win this one himself.

      With the way this offense is, he probably will have to.

  23. I see the Reds offense is still moribund. Will it ever get well?

  24. Cozart’s swing would appear to be long and it doesn’t vary based upon pitch location too much

  25. Cozart clearly needed to be pressured by his manager to swing earlier in the count. He tapped that pitch out of the strike zone all the way back to the pitcher.

  26. Not a big fan of the “OPS” stat just because IMO they are 2 clearly different stats thrown together to make a new stat. Would rather just look at OBP and Slugging seperately

    • Not a big fan of the “OPS”stat just because IMO they are 2 clearly different stats thrown together to make a new stat. Would rather just look at OBP and Slugging seperately

      I kind of agree with that.

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