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168 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Stupid Cubs (2013.05.03)

  1. Joey V, back over .300 for the season and an OBP nearing .450. All this while not necessarily looking like himself at the plate, and not yet driving the ball with much power. What an amazing hitter…

  2. Ooops, hung that slider 1-2 to Mes and he smacked it… Nice job knowing what to do with that pitch Devin!

  3. According to Mark Sheldon, Teahen was sent back to Arizona because of issues with his physical.

  4. I still think Mike Leake would be better as a long reliever/pinch hitter.

  5. Get ready to hear about how LeCure likes to pitch in a variety of roles

  6. Todd Frazier has showed some signs of hitting the ball hard today. I wonder if that might give Baker the idea to leave him batting fourth and moving Brandon Phillips back to second.

  7. Listening on mlb at bat app. I will take Marty’s questionable analysis and crankiness ALL DAY over a guy who’s play by play leaves me completely clueless as to what just happened. Brantley is AWFUL.

  8. I doubt it Steve. Dusty likes the RBI-steaks and BP has a ton of them and has been “clutch”… I would be stunned if Dusty kept Frazier at 4 and moved BP back to 2.

  9. Alright Brucie, how about a nice base knock to get those runs back?

  10. Bruuuuuuuuuuce with an RBI – but again, no credit for RISP. Terrible statistic.

    Choooooooo scores. Walks will kill.

    Here comes Mesoraco with bases full.

  11. Couldn’t agree more. He’s ok as an analyst when he’s not doing the hillbilly schtick, but I have no idea whats going on when he’s doing the play by play. The extra innings games are the worst

  12. I guess I’m in a minority on Brantley, but I really enjoy the innings when he does the play by play. And I think the criticism of him is exaggerated and mostly unfounded.

    He talks in great detail about what pitches are being thrown and where. He talks about pitching strategy. I like that. I also think his descriptions of balls in play have gotten much better. The play with Choo stealing, then not stealing, then going to second on the throwing error was unusual, but I thought he explained it exactly right. He’ll never be Marty when it comes to describing balls in play. But Marty never describes the pitches or the pitching strategy.

    But if it was up to me, I’d rather listen to Brantley every inning, compared to any of the other Reds announcers.

    To each his own, though.

    • @Steve Mancuso: When Brantley chooses to describe what’s going and why on he’s fine, good even, especially it comes to pitching. That’s what makes a color guy. In play by play there are many time he goes in to explaining what was going on without explaining what the specific outcome was first: Where is the runner now? Is he safe or out? Critical stuff.

      And the complaint about how he often voices the mundane and the exciting equally or makes other the other team’s successful venture (a strikeout of a Red) sound good, is extremely well founded. Some may be more able to tolerate it than others, but it most certainly is occurring regularly.

  13. If the Reds are going to have an “eighth inning pitcher” I wish Baker would use Marshall there instead of Broxton. Instead, though, I’d rather Baker just match up the pitchers based on the degree of difficulty – that can be lefty-righty matchups or could be the batting order. Marshall is better than Broxton. LeCure and Hoover are as reliable as Broxton, too.

  14. I would use Marshall as a 7 AND/or 8 inning guy…he used to be a starter and long-relief guy, throwing 2 innings is nothing. Unless he’s coming up to bat, I think they should put him in when the situation dictates and leave him in. He is clearly the best pitcher in the Bullpen other than Chapman. (and may be better than the missile)

  15. That last pitch was nasty! Nice to see a non-Red swinging at ball-4 too.

  16. It’s a real shame a major league baseball organization can’t hire radio and TV announcers who are generally enjoyable. Is that really too much to ask for? It shouldn’t come down to Guy X is a “guilty pleasure,” Guy Y is “annoying, but not quite as bad as Guy Z,” and Guy Z “doesn’t bother me too much because I rarely have to listen to him.”

    Great job by Marshall. Too bad he’s not capable of pitching in an inning called “9,” because then Baker would have a lot more options.

  17. Too bad Marshall gave up a hit…that was his first runner allowed all year.

  18. That will keep us from seeing Chapman, unless Broxton implodes.

  19. That grounder by Cozart just bought him another week at #2. Sigh.

    • @fakename: It shouldn’t though. It was pounded right into the ground. It hit in the dirt around home plate. It just happened to be right between the 3B and SS. Sure, it’s a hit. But not an indication that he’s swinging well yet.

      • @Steve Mancuso: Agreed. That’s why I called it a grounder and not a hit. Goes in the books as a hit, and it goes into Baker’s brain as a hit, but anyone actually paying attention knows that Cozart hit a weak ground ball and has absolutely no business batting second.

  20. Things are getting tight… two on, no out. Quick, bring in Chapman! Oh, um, wait….

  21. Back-to-back called strike Sliders. Interesting. Shame he only has one pitch though, so he can’t be a starter… much better used with a 4 run lead against the Stupid Cubs.

  22. Hey ToddAlmighty, he may just blow this 4-run lead with the way he’s pitching.

    • @LWBlogger: Yeahhh, I typed that before he gave up that third single. But it’s cool, Chapman can give up three straight singles like no other relief pitcher on the team could. That’s why he’s the closer. No way Marshall/Broxton/Hoover/LeCure could pull off that.

  23. Last slider to Rizzo was pretty wicked… Nice DP ball here would be good.

  24. That was a crazy good slider he struck out Rizzo with. Best of the year.

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