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168 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Stupid Cubs (2013.05.03)

  1. Cubbies send up Hairston hoping he can run into one. He’s a very good FB hitter.

  2. Wow, he’s giving a pretty large dose of Sliders today. Guess he doesn’t have a good feel on his fastball?

  3. Just got squeezed something fierce according to Gameday. All of those balls except for one were on the edge of the strike zone.

  4. pretty insane. haven’t seen a chapman meltdown like this for a long time.

  5. Ransom hit Cingrani pretty well the other day. Hopefully Chapman will get him here.

  6. Wow, 4 run lead in the 9th just turned to a 1 run lead in the 9th awfully quick. Also Chapman ERA just exploded from like 0.68 to 2.57… ouch.

  7. This is why you don’t “just” pitch guys “only” in certain situations. Guys like Chapman and Broxton need regular work.

    I wish Dusty would learn this.

  8. The thing that confuses me most.. Chapman isn’t allowed to pitch 2 inning saves, not even 4 out saves. So why is he allowed to give up 3 runs, have a pitch count over 30, and not be pulled?

    I would love to know the difference between a 2 inning save of 20-30 pitches.. and 1 inning blowout of 32 pitches, 3 runs, 4 hits, and 2 walks.

  9. Whoa, what a disaster. Here comes the sweeper. Ladies and gentleman I present to you, your new Reds closer,
    J.J. Hoover?

  10. Marshall threw 11 pitches, Broxton threw 7. Using all three of them in a 4 run game is stupid.

  11. I don’t understand how people can bash Dusty for Chapman’s implosion. Yes, he has made his share of mistakes this year, and his use of Chapman overall has been frustrating, but I fail to see how today was the manager’s fault

    • @90reds: I have to agree with you there. But I think the argument would go something like this: 1. Chapman should be a starter, not a closer. This way you’d maximize his innings, and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting him “regular work” or facing only the 7,8,9 hitters with 4 run leads. This is all Dusty’s fault because he lobbied Castellini and Jocketty for Chap to be a closer and won. 2. Now that Chap is a closer you have to get him regular work in meaningful situations, but that hasn’t really happened. 3. Because of 1 and 2, he can’t mow down one of the worst teams in the division (and entire league for that matter), and 1 and 2 are Dusty’s fault.

      To me, this one seemed like Chap’s fault. He pitched two days ago and did just fine. True, not in the most meaningful situation, but today’s outing started out as not so meaningful too. Today, he just didn’t perform well, loaded the bases and gave up runs.

      Anyway, here’s something I hope isn’t true: the decision to not make Chapman a starter had a lot to do with the fact that Jocketty, Price and Dusty do not believe that he has enough control to pitch more than an inning or two at a time. If it is, those that talk about trading him for some great talent and $ may be on to something.

  12. Too close for comfort….hope no one heard me cussing while I was working in the yard with the head phones in…lol.

  13. Chapman struggled because it was a non save situation. He will be fine people.

  14. Why not use Broxton for 2 innings and save Chapman for real 1 run lead situations or maybe Chapman needs more regular work and a 4 run lead like this is good to get some work in, even though this was way to close at the end. In the end, doesn’t matter, the Reds get the win. If I were the owner (Castellini), I would have a regular meeting with the coaching staff and question the same stuff we all question on these blogs….

  15. Sorry, just can’t be impressed by a 5.2 IP, 9 H performance against the Cubs in a game where the wind is blowing in.

  16. Yes, Chapman will be fine.

    But how valuable is a closer who is so finicky? He can’t pitch too often, and he can’t pitch too little. Him and Broxton are less “Nasty Boys”, and more “Goldilocks”…

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