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    • @CP: An exciting play with a perfect throw to cut down a runner at second? I hardly think that’s what most people would think when they read “Sigh, NL baseball.”

      • @al: Pitchers hitting & (god forbid) running bases, or Billy Butler mashing doubles?

        Easy choice.

        • @CP: That’s your opinion, and you’re entitled to it.

          I just think it’s getting pretty desperate when what you’re complaining about is a pitcher getting a single and almost hustling it into a double. That’s just good baseball.

          Save the complaining for when a pitcher goes down weakly on 3 pitches, I think.

          • @al: Sure, noted. That play, or perhaps Mike Leake going 3-3 or something is probably the peak excitement of watching a pitcher hit. I’ll give you that.

            I’m generally an optimistic poster (I gripe a bit about Mes’ playing time, and how Dusty uses Cozart, but hey, I’m a Reds fan 4 life.

  1. Yep he was out. I thought he was safe at first look, but replay clearly showed he was out.

  2. So, Corky swings at hte first pitch, then Homer gets thrown out trying to stretch a single into a double? (Can only go by Gameday…MLB.com has the game blacked out here, though Im’ not sure why)

    • @Bill Lack: yes. And if Homer makes another comment about the lack of offense like he did after his last start, I hope someone asks him directly whether he has any issues with pitching to the offensively superior Mesoraco.

    • @Bill Lack: Homer hit it off the end of the bat down the RF line. It then hit the wall and kicked away from Beltran, but he recovered and made a perfect throw.

      If Bruce had made the same throw in the previous inning he would have had Carpenter by more than they got Bailey.

  3. Anyone else find it interesting that Baker is playing Miller more, with Hanigan out, than he was playing Mesoraco, when Hanigan was well? Miller is TERRIBLE offensively. I won’t speak to his job behind the plate (though his arm doesn’t impress me), offensively he looks like a beer league softball player.

  4. Well it is a quick game so far. I won’t say TOS because I don’t think that’s really the case. I will say that this offense is sure stinking at the moment though.

  5. Bailey: 5 5 1 1 0 3 line thru 5, good enough most days. Clog the bases. Score runs.

  6. @RedLeg75 – Heck look at Arroyo’s line from last night. I’ll take that every night from just about any pitcher. Not good enough lately though. Almost have to throw a shutout to get a win right now.

  7. The offense is definitely stinking but seems like it’s really snakebit right now. I try to watch a lot of the games and it seems like we’re just missing the good pitches and getting poor calls from umpires at times. Also, in the field, squibbers go for hits for other teams and ours go to the other team. This does not condone the poor at bats we have at times to though.

  8. BP’s RBI double after one of those base-clogging walks by Votto is why Dusty doesn’t want to move BP from the 4-hole to the 2-hole.

  9. Marty correctly asking where someone (Dusty?) expects to find offense with this lineup.

    Talks about Cozart, remarks about Frazier’s terrible slump…then somehow equates Corky=Hanigan=Mes I guess? Weird. One of these is not like the others.

    He didn’t go after Bruce, though, so that’s a positive development.

  10. Basically, Dusty’s reasoning is probably that BP is really the only guy he can count on to drive in runs at the moment. Heck, even Frazier has been struggling lately.

  11. A) Joey’s not paid to walk. B) Brandon’s hit was nice, but it didn’t come with RISP, so I’m not sure if it counts. /sarcasm/

  12. What are these guys doing? Taking bad pitches? Working the count? Attempting to steal at an APPROPRIATE time? Has Baker lost control of the team?

  13. Bruce just swung through 3 straight fastballs. He’s really pulling off the ball.

  14. Bruce has been getting some flack on social media about his lack of home runs and “he responded on some twitters last night.” I love responding to twitters!

  15. I’m afraid the league is starting to notice Frazier’s willingness to swing at almost anything low and away.

  16. Didn’t Frazier realize he was going to get walked that AB, unless he got himself out?

  17. Marty: Quite honestly, Jay Bruce has never been a good RBI man in his entire career, in terms of driving in runners in scoring position.

    Facts: Bruce career 2500+ AB

    OPS with bases empty: .798
    OPS with RISP: .799

    Baseball-Reference compiles a statistic that shows the percentage of all runners driven in by the batter. It includes ground balls and sacrifice fly RBIs. The Major League average is 14%.

    Jay Bruce 2012: 16%
    Jay Bruce career: 14%

    Marty has a verbal tell. Whenever he starts a sentence with ‘quite honestly’ you can generally count on an ill-informed opinion following.

  18. What did Gameday think of that 2-2 pitch to Craig? Looked like a strike to me.

  19. Great pitch by Homer to Carpenter. Broke his bat and Homer unlucky it found a hole over second.

  20. Oh well, there it went. Normally I have a “never say die” attitude about the Reds but the way the offense has been lately, I’m not feeling there’s much of a chance for them to come off the mat and pull this one out.

      • @fakename: But who do you put in that 2-hole? BP would be the best fit but he’s also the only one Dusty feels like he can trust to drive in runs right now.

        • @LWBlogger: Frazier > Cozart, it’s that simple.

          Either put Frazier cleanup or #2. But there’s absolutely no reason for Cozart to get more ABs than Frazier.

        • @LWBlogger: I wouldn’t mind seeing what Robinson can do in the two-hole. He’s a switch hitter so can’t go with the ever-popular “3 straight lefties” argument. Unlike when Izturis and Cozart hit, I don’t feel like he’s an automatic out. I know he doesn’t have a quality minor league track record, but he’s seemed to hold his own so far, which is a recognized small sample.

  21. Listening to Marty (this season) is more frustrating than the fact the Cardinals are winning. I’m going outside and turning him off. I hope they come back and take it.

    • @Zach: I turned him off today. I know I’m in the minority on this, but I really like Brantley. He’s the only reason I listen to WLW. But Marty is just insufferable when the Reds aren’t playing well. It’s miserable enough watching the team struggle, but to hear the team’s broadcaster constantly — constantly — bash the players is just too much. And it’s not like he offers any real insight because so much of what he says is totally wrong. Sigh.

    • @Zach: Agreed, he’s hitting some nerves today. I think Molina might be his favorite player in the league. I’m frustrated as it is with Bruce and Frazier striking out one right after the other to end the top 6th, dont need sMarty going on and on.

  22. I can’t fault Bailey for coming unglued. The way the offense has been lately a pitcher has to think that he needs to be nearly perfect. As soon as he gave up runs on bleeders he had to think he was in line for a loss.

    • @LWBlogger: See, here’s the thing… Bailey never was at a loss for glue. That was what Marty saw. I’m watching the same game. Bailey threw some pitches that fell in for hits. His visible emotion never wavered. Marty paints a different picture than what is really happening sometimes.

  23. Baker is to Mesocaco what Narron was to Edwin Encarnacion…..

    And we all saw what had to happen for Edwin to finally break out.

  24. I think Walt may have to make a move to improve the offense this season if the plan is to win the World Series.

    I assume that Bruce will come around, though it’s getting pretty late for him to have a 35HR season.

    Choo, Votto, and Phillips have all been good as expected.

    Frazier is playing about to expectations so far, which is just average.

    But other than those 5, pretty much everyone else has been bad. Mesoraco and Hanigan will provide decent OBP I think.

    That leaves LF and SS. Ludwick may be all we can hope for in LF. How long will they go with Cozart is the question.

  25. The Reds look moribund. This is difficult to watch. I thought the team was out to make amends for the collapse in September. This is brutal.

  26. The way Marty is praising the Cardinal hitters for making contact with ball a priority, and then Cowboy pointing out how John Jay was choking up on the bat in order to make contact with ball, the first thing that came to my mind was it sounded like the hitters were well coached. Just the opposite of how the Reds hitters look at this point in time.

  27. Well, the Cardinals pen has been terrible this year. Hopefully the Reds can steal one.

  28. With Lutz and Miller playing, the Reds are essentially giving automatic outs with 2 of the 8 position players. This is like a basketball coach instructing one of his players to remain on the defensive end at all times.

    • @LWBlogger: At least Cozart will have made his usual maximum number of opportunities to make outs. I only wish Lutz and Miller would have been at the top of the order to maximize their opportunities as well. I’m sure Baker will get that straightened out.

  29. WJ has got to do something soon, bite the bullet and go get a Mark Trumbo from the struggling Angels. Trumbo batting 4th and hitting 475-foot HR’s and Frazier batting 6th hitting 480-foot bombs. Thats what we want to see. Not Jay Bruce flailing away at anything a pitcher throws to the plate.

  30. Why the Reds let Corky hit in the 7th, down by 3 runs, is beyond me.

    The same probably goes for Zack at this point, but I’m not sure if anyone on the bench is better (guess they could double switch Mes/Izturis).

    • @CP: Could certainly have given XP, Mes, and Robinson a chance. Izturis could have gone in to play defense after someone hit for Cozart. But I guess Baker is saving those guys for the 10th.

  31. I do like Brantley. He just needs a play-by-play caddy to help him out a little bit.

  32. Game could still be in reach. Some damage control would have been great a few innings ago.

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