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  1. Anyone think Homer really hates throwing to Mes for some reason, or is Dusty crazy enough to be playing Corky this often on purpose?

  2. Reds did pickup Mark Teahen in a trade today for the dreaded PTBNL.

    He will report to Louisville.

    • Reds did pickup Mark Teahen in a trade today for the dreaded PTBNL.He will report to Louisville.

      Really? I watched him with the Royals. He was pretty impressive. Maybe this is a reclamation project.

  3. Beautiful day for baseball, 80 degrees and sunny. Lets play two. Go Reds!! Hopefully Corky is wearing his knee high Red Stockings. Knee highs equals less wind resistance, which equals more speed, which equals a better chance of Corky successfully steal second.

  4. That is so uncool:

    “please, please, please bean Molina today.

    let’s go redlegs.”

    I just want molina to block the plate when big Lutz is trying to score his first run

  5. Every time Baker does something stupid, people always wonder if he’s got some ulterior motive. (Homer hates Mes, Baker wants to make a “point” to the organization, Baker is trying to send a “message” to a player, etc.) Newsflash: Baker makes a lot of stupid decisions because he isn’t terribly bright. Let’s stop trying to imagine there’s anything else going on.

  6. Teahen hasn’t played in the majors since 2011.
    He batted .200/.273/.300 in 2011 and .258/.327/.382 in 2010.

    • Teahen hasn’t played in the majors since 2011.
      He batted .200/.273/.300 in 2011 and .258/.327/.382 in 2010.

      So in other words: he’s a pretty good fit for the organization.

  7. It is really mind blowing to me that Corky has gotten so many starts since coming up. Mesraco has been one of the more consistent hitters we’ve had.

  8. Can I wish for a Sparky-like moment from Dusty and pinch hit for Corky in the 2nd inning?

  9. I’m at work and stuck with only Gameday. How did Bruce not score on a fly ball deep enough to advance Frazier from first to second?

  10. Nah, why would we have wanted XP up in that situation, or Mes? We can have the AA guy and the career minor leaguer instead.

    • Nah, why would we have wanted XP up in that situation, or Mes?We can have the AA guy and the career minor leaguer instead.

      Gotta get Lutzy going.

  11. Regardless of the result, not pitching to Corky is a mistake by the Cards. You can’t rely on getting the double play with Choo coming up.

  12. Should have sent the runner and taken the chance, especially with .125 hitting Miller coming up.

    • So now Lutz is starting over X Paul now?

      Baker’s MO. New guy called up doesn’t play first game, PH second game, makes start on getaway day. I just thought maybe he’d “save” the Lutz start for a Cubs game instead of putting him out there against Lance Lynn and the Cardinals.

  13. You’d have thought Lutz might have wanted his first big league AB to last a little longer.

  14. Lynn up to 40 pitches in two innings, though. Reds are making him work and can hopefully get to the terrible middle relief in the Cardinal bullpen.

  15. National league baseball gentlemen. Walk Corky Miller to get to the pitcher.

    Pure strategy!

  16. pitched Molina inside (for a strike) for once – and it worked. that was even better than hitting him.

  17. I agree that 15-13 in April is not bad considering the strength of schedule and the injuries. It’s hard not to feel like our manager left a few on the field though, between really questionable bullpen usage and playing time decisions.

  18. It might have got lost in the beginning of the thread, there was some talk as to why Corky over Meso today: Not a Baker apologist, don’t get me wrong, but it is a day game after a night game. Meso would have the day off regardless of who was filling out the lineup.

    • @RedLeg75: but that’s ridiculous. We have an off day tomorrow, and Mes is young. And he’s not slated to catch 150 games this season. Oh, and we’re playing the Cardinals.

      • @Eric the Red: I don’t mean you’re ridiculous, I mean Corky catching because it’s a day game is ridiculous. Sorry if that wasn’t clear and I gave offense 🙂

    • @RedLeg75: It’s not uncommon, but it’s also not true that every manager does it the same way. Note that Yadi Molina is catching today, there’s one example for you.

      And if Baker knew that he was going to rest Mesoraco today, then there’s no reason that Corky should have started two days ago.

      Since Hannigan has gone down, they’ve basically shared time, and that’s crazy.

      • @al: I’ve been working alot and not keeping up on things day-to-day. Able to catch a game today. Al, you’re right on then. Yadi is catching today. And Baker is dumb, again, if the time share at Reds C is how you have described it. The manager has to maximize Meso’s atbats, he has proven lately he can handle pitchers other than Leake.

    • @jas_428: Probably, but I think the Reds have big plans for him in the future. He’s just not ready right now. Although, I think most anybody should be available for the right trade.

  19. anyone think dusty’s advice to lutz in his first ab was “go up there swinging son”? lol

  20. The Cards announcers are talking about Votto being asked to expand his zone to drive in more runs.

    This has become a consistent talking point and it drives me nuts. Not just because I think having a guy get on base nearly half the time is good, but from a hitting stand point.

    I read a great article a few yeras back about Robinson Cano, after he had his big breakout power year. The thing that he credited for increasing his power wasn’t a change in his swing, it was a change in what pitches he swung at. Borderline pitches, pitcher’s pitches, and outright balls can’t be hit hard unless you’re a freak like Vlad Guerrero.

    So telling Votto to expand his zone not only would decrease his OBP, but it likely would decrease his slugging percentage and RBI also. It would only increase the number of outs he makes.

      • @zab1983: That’s the bleeping point! There is no scenario where you would want Votto swinging at bad pitches because you can’t hit bad pitches well. That’s why they’re called BAD pitches.

        There’s some sort of delusion amongst old-tymie fans and announcers that a guy can just will an RBI if he’s a good hitter, even if the ball is a slider down and away off the plate.

        “Hey, the game was on the line, why didn’t he expand his zone!?”

        Because that’s how you get out! Makes absolutely no sense to me.

        • @al: I wasn’t necessarily disagreeing with you (although down 1 in 9th with guy on 3rd and less than 2 outs i wouldn’t mind seeing votto expand zone a bit) was just saying that cards’ announcers were saying that in general they love votto’s approach, but maybe in certain instances he could be a little more liberal?

          • @zab1983: @RedLeg75: Sure, I agree that in general they weren’t bashing Votto. I agreed with them right up until they started saying that there are situations where Votto should swing at bad pitches.

            And that’s the thing, you can track this kind of stuff now.

            Here are the league stats for
            Swinging outside the zone: 29.1 %
            Swinging inside the zone: 64.4 %

            And here’re Votto’s numbers: 20.7% & 63.8%

            So it’s hardly that he never swings at balls outside of the zone, or at borderline pitches. There’s this idea that he never takes the bat off his shoulder.

            But clearly he swings at almost exactly the league average of pitches in the zone, and is a bit more selective than the average hitter outside of the zone.

            And that, along with his great swing, is why he’s a great hitter.

    • @al: Exactly. This line of thinking is so elementary, it baffles me how so many otherwise intelligent people don’t see this.

    • @al: I’d expect that Votto listens to no one other than himself when it comes to how he should hit a baseball. Joey does what works for him. If Votto starts taking advice from Marty, that’s a $20M a year problem.

  21. Just to add to the stupidity of Miller playing today… When Hanigan returns, Mes is probably playing no more than 2/5 of the games. So there’s absolutely zero long-term fatigue issue. This decision comes down entirely to whether he’s capable of catching a day game after a night game, and I can’t believe Molina is capable of it but Mes isn’t. It’s just plain stupid.

    • @Jason1972:

      Just 10 more days til his bobblehead game, and honestly yeah I wouldn’t mind seeing him traded if we can get value for him. Reds aren’t ever gonna use him to his full potential.

    • I want to start up the dejesus bandwagon again. Maybe we could pry him away for leake and lutz? IDK. Offense is hard to come by in baseball but would like to see dejesus and choo at top of reds’ order. i agree LF is a black hole for reds right now

  22. well at this point it’s pretty obvious the final score will be 2-1. Hope the reds are on the bright side of that! Bailey carrying the team again!

  23. This may be covered higher in the thread, but this game is the free MLB.com game today.

  24. @zab1983 – I’ve always like DeJesus. I think he’d look great in a Reds’ uniform. Not sure I’d give up Leake for him though.

  25. How many pitches is Lynn at? If he’s around for a while, it might be another 1-0 loss for the Redlegs…

  26. XP is hitting .268/.318/.366 with 9 RBI in 41 ABs. Robinson has a .375 OBP. Obviously these aren’t great numbers, but the Reds do have better options than Lutz. Baker just isn’t aware of them because he’s stupid.

    • @fakename: I don’t really mind Lutz starting. It’s hardly like the other’s are worldbeaters, and he may still hit a HR this game. He’s got pop.

      Now starting Corky over Mesoraco, and batting Cozart #2, those I have problems with.

      • @al: Corky may still hit a home run too. What’s the difference? Neither one of them are major league hitters. And once in a while Cozart has a good offensive game, and for all we know today would have been one of those days. The point is, Baker should maximize the chance of winning every single game instead of going with the “Lutz may hit one out” strategy.

  27. It would be really great if the Reds could start hitting HR’s again.

    Was Heisey the last one to hit one out?

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