Game Thread: Reds at Cardinals (2013.04.30)

The Reds and Cardinals close out the month of April with a “friendly” match-up.  The winner will be ahead of the other one in the standings to close out 2013’s first month of play.  The Reds are hot on a 2-game road winning streak thanks to some outstanding starting pitching.  Bronson Arroyo will look to continue that run of good starting pitching while the offense looks to continue scoring some runs against the WLBs.

That won’t be an easy task as the Reds face Jaime Garcia tonight.  Garcia is only 8-2 with a 3.39 ERA against the Reds in his career.  That just means the Reds are due, right?

Discuss the game here and let’s kick some WLB butt.  Go Reds!


  1. George Culver says:

    A 2 hour 15 minute game. Swing at he first pitch much?

  2. EastCoastVibes says:

    15 runs in the last 8 games. Day game tomorrow so expect Caesar in the 2 hole and a heavy dose of Corky, Hannahan and Lutz. How bout not going to games until the toothpick and the hitting coach are canned. Some kind of boycott needs to happen. This is friggin pathetic.

    1. Stephanie says:

      @EastCoastVibes: There is a lot to say for that. Hasn’t been this year so far but in years past I hated going to Sunday games. Dusty rested the whole dang team! Last I checked Sundays are part of the weekend and should be a good day to draw fans. But seriously, I don’t want to spend money to see the “B” team.

  3. Sergeant2 says:

    Tomorrows a day game, so hell the bat boy might be in the lineup. I’ll be back rooting my Reds on nonetheless. Reds can still win the series you know. Strike Out, Strike Out and Strike Out to end the game and give the Cardinals the win. I hope this isn’t going to be one of those seasons where when the bats wake up, the pitching goes south, and like now the pitching is good but the lumber is in slumber. Well, back at em tomorrow and a win for the Reds. Go Reds!! Adios Amigos.

  4. George Culver says:

    Player A: .241 avg, 2 HR, 3 2B, 27 so.

    Player B: .252 avg, 1 HR, 7 2B, 38 so.

    Who do you like?

    1. George Culver says:

      @George Culver:

      Answer: Player A – Drew Stubbs

      Player 2 – Jay Bruce

      Not much Difference. Ugh.

    2. Player A: .241 avg, 2 HR, 3 2B, 27 so.

      Player B: .252 avg, 1 HR, 7 2B, 38 so.

      Who do you like?


    3. Stephanie says:

      @George Culver: Need more info….how many walks?

      1. preach says:

        @Stephanie: But….are walks a good thing or a bad thing? Who’s paid to walk? Are they improving OBP or clogging bases? I’m so confused……

        1. Stephanie says:

          @preach: I want walks and RBI’s. I’d rather be on base than not….and if the batting average is lower because when there is a player on third you know how to slap the ball to the right side and thus get an RBI I’ll take it. Batting average isn’t everything.

      2. George Culver says:

        @Stephanie: Walks

        Stubbs – 8 Bruce – 10

        But the real eye catcher is the strike outs. We hated Stubbs for that and this year Bruce is worse.

        1. George Culver says:

          @George Culver: But the real catch is RBI:

          Stubbs – 7 Bruce – 11

          Neither has much to brag about.

    4. Hank Aarons Teammate says:

      @George Culver: Do you really think Jay Bruce will end up this close to Drew Stubbs in late September?

      If he does, this season is going to end with the Reds having about a month to plan for Halloween.

      1. George Culver says:

        @Hank Aarons Teammate: All I can say is that I hope not.

        On the bright side, Jay Bruce has a history of being the MLB player of the month in the month of May. So, I am looking forward to that.

  5. preach says:

    I don’t want to overblow it, but three weak groundouts in the eigth and three K’s in the ninth. Seems very, very sad.

  6. JEFFMO says:

    Just watched the game on MLB network. Votto should have let that last pitch go, he would have walked. Reds could not get the hit to bring in extra run when they needed it. I knew 1-0 was not going to hold up. That is why the Reds need a big bat that can do like Holiday and get the HR when needed. I don’t know how long this Jacoby has been the Reds hitting coach, but same old same old story all the time, bad plate discipline and lack of timely hitting. Somehow, he is not getting through to the hitters. Either find a new hitting coach, or if you keep the coach, then you got to start thinking about some kind of trade to get a reliable bat in the lineup. Cozart, Bruce, Heisey, and Hanigan are going to do same exact thing. Braves made changes and look what they are doing? I know we have a long season ahead of us, but I have seen the same exact thing on Reds Hitting for 3 years now. Its not fair to ask the pitchers to constantly shut out the other team with 1-0 or 2-1 leads……..

  7. George Culver says:

    Garcia’s a good pitcher but tonight was a bunch of dirt farming. Just kept digging the pitches in the dirt.

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