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Game Thread: Reds at Cardinals (2013.04.30)

The Reds and Cardinals close out the month of April with a “friendly” match-up.  The winner will be ahead of the other one in the standings to close out 2013’s first month of play.  The Reds are hot on a 2-game road winning streak thanks to some outstanding starting pitching.  Bronson Arroyo will look to continue that run of good starting pitching while the offense looks to continue scoring some runs against the WLBs.

That won’t be an easy task as the Reds face Jaime Garcia tonight.  Garcia is only 8-2 with a 3.39 ERA against the Reds in his career.  That just means the Reds are due, right?

Discuss the game here and let’s kick some WLB butt.  Go Reds!

235 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Cardinals (2013.04.30)

  1. Reds are exactly average (before tonight) in slugging percentage in the NL. That’s extremely disappointing, given the park they play in and the expectations I had.

  2. Good news for the Reds is that Cozart is guaranteed at least one more at-bat, while the terrible 6 and 7 hitters might not have to hit at all.

  3. The Reds have only 2 right handed bats on the bench….Izturis & Corky Miller. Vomit.

  4. this game might come down to one bad decision by arroyo to throw back to back curveballs to holiday

    • @Larkin219: And what will be lost is that it was a good outing and if the starter gives up only 2 runs, they should win more often than not…..unles you are a Reds starter.

      • @Stephanie: not really concerned about 0 strikeouts by arroyo, i think he actually pitched a really great game. one mistake, gotta get more from your offense. i agree.

    • this game might come down to one bad decision by arroyo to throw back to back curveballs to holiday

      I think more importantly, this game came down to the fact that once again the starting pitcher is going to enter the 9th inning against the Reds. 92 pitches in 8 innings isn’t exactly making him work for it.

      THAT is what it came down to. Terrible managing leading to players hack away horribly… yet again. They just had a complete game (91 pitch) 1-hit shutout against them a few games ago, and now here’s another guy poised to go all 9 innings against the Reds again.

  5. Reds may lose this game by a run, but at least Cozart’s opportunities were maximized, so let’s all give Baker some credit for that.

  6. I can’t remember the last time the Reds had a really good bench (except for johnny).

  7. I would think Lutz gives the Reds a better chance of scoring than Izturis, but I dunno. Options are limited when you have 2 left handed hitters with bad splits against LHP, Corky Miller, and a rookie without a major league hit.

  8. They’re going to have to go out and get someone to hit from the right side.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: I don’t love either of these options, but Casper Wells or Shelley Duncan were DFA’d recently. Wells in particular, hits LHP well: .261/.345/.482 over his career.

      Duncan stinks, but he’d be a better option off the bench than Lutz, given the current roster construction.

  9. I think it would be interesting to ask Dusty which players he would like to have (at the end of the year) with the most at bats. You could promise him you’re not asking about lineups. Just tell him to list the guys from 1-9 and see who he would put down.

  10. Cozart has hit about as well as you could ever expect from him in the #2 spot, with a .257 AVG.

    His OBP is 0.286. Gross.

    • @CP: That REALLY speaks volumes of Choo’s and Joey’s OBP for Phillips to have that many RBI’s. Although, they aren’t paid to walk….

  11. Izturis is very close to the OPS+ put up by Wilson Valdez last year. Everyone that was so happy that he is on the team instead of Valdez, well, that’s over now.

  12. Costas can’t pronounce Sam’s name correctly. Really? La-Coor…

  13. In some lifetime Dusty Baker will understand that batting a guy at a certain spot in the order has zero effect on his performance, long term. With maybe a slight difference in the #8 spot because of the pitch-arounds and IBBs.

  14. Because I enjoy banging my head against the wall, I’m still watching.

  15. Mujica throws strikes, so this is a guy we may get something on since we like to swing so much. Happy thoughts.

  16. I reeeeeally don’t want to see Bruce stike out to end the game. C’mon Joey! (or BP!)

  17. This team loves to swing at pitches in the dirt. Change the name of this team to the Cincinnati Plow Horses.

  18. As was mentioned earlier no homers=struggling offense. Just not getting ANY power from the middle of the order is killing the offense.

  19. Phillips is a very good player. However, he is by far the most overrated offensive player around. He’s slightly above average league wide, which means he’s pretty good for a 2nd baseman. But he’s not a great hitter, never will be.

  20. Mujica was acquired by the Cards for a bag of baseballs. But let’s keep Chapman in the bullpen.

  21. I was optimistic coming in to this series, but I would be shocked if the team won tomorrow. I expect zero or 1 run.

  22. Just glad Cozart got a fourth chance to hit, while the weaker 6, 7, and 8 batters didn’t. Hope we get to see it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, and the next….

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