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If you want to savor Tony Cingrani’s performance on Sunday against Washington just a little longer, here’s a delicious pitch-by-pitch narration from Razz Ball. You might want to pour a glass of your favorite beverage before you settle in. Enjoy:

[From the fourth inning] Big matchup here for Cingrani against Harper, and he gets a fastball over at 95, strike one.  Then Harper bunts the next one foul, (wow, odd to see that) and it’s 0-2.  Then the next pitch is a 95-MPH fastball at the eyes, and Harper can’t keep himself from swinging and Cingrani made him look silly for another strikeout, his 6th.

18 thoughts on “Cingrani-mania

  1. Did anyone see the interview with Cingrani during the pregame last night? It was painful to watch from an interviewer’s perspective, but The Kid is simply not phased by any success he has had at any level, including his last three games. The Kid had a lot of one-word answers and basically said that he’s not surprised with his success at all, since he’s just doing what he’s done at every level since turning pro. The Kid just makes his pitches and looks forward to facing anyone and everyone with the expectation of success.

    I guess it’s not bragging if you can back it up, and he has certainly done that! If the Kid played in a major media market, he would be the darling of ESPN.

    • @Shchi Cossack: Yeah, I saw during the BP interview, one of the guys said “Now if only Brandon could teach some of that interview ability to Cingrani.” or something along those lines. Basically saying that he wasn’t really a great interview.

      But hey, if you perform like that, you can interview as badly as you like. Not like he pulled a Ricky Bobby and just had his hands held up next to his face.

  2. I just don’t understand the concerns about Cingrani’s two pitch, mostly fastball, approach. Didn’t Steve Carlton work with just a fastball and slider?

  3. Cingrani is something to get excited about. Looking forward to watching this Kid grow and progress and hopefully become yet another top-of-the-rotation quality starter for our Redlegs.

    • @rhayex: That’s primarily the handy-work of the Cossack… but the Cossack is wise and knowing, so maybe it’ll stick.

        • @Shchi Cossack:

          My horse gets that. I’d pass along a good ole fashioned horse cure to you, but it involves a garden hose and good water pressure. Take care Cos.

          • @WVRedlegs: 😕 A Cossack and his Horse are One :mrgreen:

            But I must say, that treatment is better than the plastic sleeve and left arm the Old Cossack uses on the cows!

  4. With as many strikeouts as he has thrown, maybe it should be “The KKKKKKid”.

    My #52 Reds jersey arrived today. Ready for the next start against the Cubs and Smardzjian.

  5. The best part of that interview is when he was asked about the four K inning he said, “and then I struck out whoever was up next” – referring to Bryce Harper.

  6. Excerpt from an interview last year.

    MiLB: Do you ever look at your numbers from this season and think, “Whoa, I did that?”

    Cingrani: When I look at my Double-A numbers, I think I could have been better. I don’t know, they are kind of ridiculous, I guess, but I set goals for myself. [My numbers] got me to the big leagues this year, so I can’t complain.

    I like his attitude.

  7. I’ve seen comparisons to the young Sid Fernandez, although the Reds have not rushed him like the Mets may have with Fernandez. I also don’t get the beef with his allegedly lacking a solid third pitch. I guess maybe the teams will adjust, but they didn’t in the minors and they haven’t up here yet.

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