2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Reds and Nationals (2013.04.28)

Can the Reds avoid being swept by the Nationals on the road?  Let’s hope so!

I made a bold prediction that the Reds would at least double their runs and hits for the series yesterday and they did.  Today, I am making another bold prediction.  The Reds will win at least 1 more game on the road this season.  It might as well be today’s game!  Discuss here or face the wrath of Milton!

296 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds and Nationals (2013.04.28)

  1. This Marshall guy is pretty good. Maybe we should be happy he isn’t the closer…he actually gets to pitch in high leverage situations.

  2. If the Pirates beat the Cards today (its 3-0 Pirates bot 6th) the Pirates will be in first place in the Div. A nice reminder of how early in the season it is.

  3. Why in the WORLD do you put a pinch hitter in to bunt? At the very least put in a pitcher. They’re supposed to be great at bunting.

    • @ToddAlmighty: That’s so absurd it just makes me upset. Why does Robinson need to come in to bunt? Can’t Marshall bunt? Or if not, put in Leake to bunt. You might need him to pinch hit later. Probably not, but still.. why burn a position player to bunt?

  4. Loved the graphic on TV of all the places Choo has been hit by pitch. But really Thom “hit in the fanny”?

  5. Does anyone actually need to take their bat off their shoulder for this guy? I’d just stand up there and expect him to walk me before striking me out.

  6. I’d like to point out that the guy who just walked 3 straight batters including one who was trying to bunt? Xavier Paul got out on 2 pitches, only 1 of which was a strike.

  7. Corky Miller runs like the Babe, minus the speed. But hey, we all like Corky. Gonna be a great coach sooner rather than later.

  8. Watching Corky run puts a smile on my face. Ya gotta love it, he gives it everything he’s got.

    • Broxton is a human rain delay.

      Imagine if Broxton had had to pitch to Mike Hargrove. He was actually called the human rain delay.

  9. Howdy! I am at work. Heard Marty say Cingrani tied Nuxhall for something. Can you tell me
    ? Who is coming up from AAA?

  10. I realize it’s illegal to use a closer in a non-save situation, but Chapman should have been pitching the 8th. Then you almost certainly take a 4 run lead into the 9th with the bottom of their order due up. Yes, the Reds probably win the game either way, but I’m so tired of Baker insisting on making everything more difficult than it needs to be.

    • Why does it always seem like Chapman pitches to 7-8-9

      Because Baker doesn’t care about such things.

  11. I have been out all day and just caught up on the DVR. Hopefully Cingrani today quieted the ridiculous notion that he isn’t ready. He’s more than ready. The kid is a stud.

    • @AnnapolisHoosier:

      As I keep saying, he looks good so far, but he really needs to learn to go deeper into games.

      Lots of young pitchers have had to learn to overcome this flaw, our own Johnny Cueto and Homer Bailey among them.

      • @AnnapolisHoosier:

        As I keep saying, he looks good so far, but he really needs to learn to go deeper into games.

        Lots of young pitchers have had to learn to overcome this flaw, our own Johnny Cueto and Homer Bailey among them.

        He went 6 innings today which is fine. Mike Leake can’t go 6 without giving up 6 runs. It’s not even close.

        • @AnnapolisHoosier:

          100+ pitches in 6 innings isn’t ideal. He’ll get it together eventually, and when he does, he could be superb. As it stands, he still needs work.

          But yeah, he’d probably be an upgrade over Leake over the course of a full season.


  12. Here comes Chapman to make his valuable contribution to the Nationals series. One inning with a three-run lead facing the bottom of the order. What a waste.

  13. If the Gameday pitch locator is anything close to accurate, the HP umpire needs an eye exam … and that goes both ways.

  14. The last 3 innings have taken FOREVER. COme on CHapman wrapt this up…got things to do!

    • @Stephanie: Most certainly. It feels like the last 3 innings has been as long as the other 6. Part of that might have to do with how fast Cingrani’s pace is compared with how slow Broxton’s is.

    • @Truman48: He will next year when he’s a starter for the Dodgers or White Sox… and not pitching with a 3 run lead against the 7-8-9.

      Chapman to the Dodgers or White Sox next year for prospects and a bunch of cash that’ll go directly to paying for re-signing Choo.

  15. Wow. That game was absolutely fun to watch for the first 6 innings, but then it had to drag on FOREVER. The Nats seemed to be much more patient at the plate than Reds.

  16. Reds avoided the sweep, plus got a great performance from Cingrani. A good day for the Reds all and all. The Cards are up next with Wainright pitching the opening game of the series. Should be a good old good one. Go Reds!!! Adios Amigos.

    • @Sergeant2:

      Latos/Wainwright is a sound opening indeed.

      Get after it Redlegs and start working on evening out that road record!

  17. Corky is 3 automatic outs.

    It’s remarkable the absurd things some people try to get away with saying.

  18. Regarding Tony Cingrani, like my old buddy Jed Clampett used to say, “Wellllll Doggies.”
    They said Cingrani pitches next against the Cubs and Smardzjian. That should be a great matchup. He has 1 more start then the dilema begins. Leake?? Arroyo??

    LF has been a thorn in the side of the Reds all season. Time to address that is now. Arroyo’s trade value may not be any higher this season than it is now. Can always re-negotiate the due deferred money or buck up and pay it now.
    What is best for the Reds?? Wait another month and see what works out in LF, then offer up a Leake or Arroyo?? Do something now? Do nothing?

  19. Play Leake in left field.

    Chapman has pitched 12 ninth innings. He is 2-1 with 5 saves.

    Cingrani has pitched 18 innings and is 2-0

    Which left handed pitcher has contributed more to the team?

    Today’s win had Stopper written all over it. We needed this start by Cingrani today.

    Too bad that Chapman didn’t want to be “that guy”

  20. I was upset today with Dusty in putting in Marshall instead of Parra to shut down the Nationals….just kidding…..wonder what happens with Parra and his ultra high ERA when he comes back from the DL??

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