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Game Thread: Reds at Nationals (2013.04.27)

Yes the Reds play again today.  I am guaranteeing the Reds at least double their runs and hits total for the series in today’s game!  Of course, that would not be extremely hard to do.

Today’s game has an afternoon start for Fox national television.  I’ll be on the road dodging rain drops to try and play some youth baseball.  Therefore I’ll need the loyal followers of the Nation to keep posted on game happenings.  Do not disappoint me!

Let’s go somewhere today Reds.

212 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Nationals (2013.04.27)

  1. Wow not even 30 games in and fans jumping ship and moaning about same old stuff…

  2. Reds don’t really have an outfielder to bring up if Heisey goes to DL (maybe Lutz but that’s a stretch). Maybe a better idea would be to bring up an infielder and put Frazier in left field.

  3. Strained hamstring is what I’ve heard. Think he hurt it running to first trying to stay out of a DP.

  4. If Marty said Heisey has failed, it’s another example of Marty being ridiculous.

    We are 3-4 weeks into the season. You can’t judge a player has failed in 3 weeks. Is Ryan Hanigan now a failure? He’s hit well worse than Heisey, who himself has hit terribly…

    The bigger point: nothing in Heisey’s past says he’ll be anything but a subpar hitter. I don’t care whether he’s had a bad 3 weeks or a good 3 weeks. He is not a good player.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: I was listening to the radio broadcast at the time. Marty actually said he had failed when given the opportunity this year, comparing it to his not hitting when he got opportunities the beginning of last year. So in a way he was saying the same thing you are.

  5. OK Jim Kelch…so Frazier was hitless the last 2 days. SO WAS VIRTUALLY EVERYONE ELSE. Don’t pick on my man.

  6. If Choo gets on, the Reds have the bases loaded. Oh wait, Cozart is due up…

  7. Pitching around Choo is like the most obvious thing ever, neither announcer brought it up.

  8. Sure would’ve liked a good hitter to come to the plate here. But, as all good managers know, you bat your worst hitter in between your best two.


    More than I expected tho.

  9. Heartbreaking. But a darn good attempt. Span has been kicking the Reds butt today

  10. wow cozart’s average is below .100 with the bases loaded. how is that possible?

  11. Trying very hard to look for a positive…there are a lot more balls making it out of the infield today.

  12. If Cingrani were to pitch a gem tomorrow, does he leapfrog Leake? Not asking the merits of it, asking what the Reds will do.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: A very interesting question. I think he should….he’s been consistent and he brings something we don’t have….a lefty starter. I think Leake could use some time in AAA as I thought he could have used it last year as well. I don’t always think Leake’s head is on straight.

  13. The bright side: Izturis will bat in the ninth to start the rally. Oh wait…

  14. Taylor made double play. There some kind of Voo-Doo spell going on with the Reds.

  15. Reds hitting much better today, but back to leaving too many men on base. The X Paul DP was killer, but X Paul deserves to start and play in LF everyday.

  16. Filled out an All Star Ballot today, did anyone else vote for a non-Reds player for any of the positions.

    • @Sergeant2: Haven’t filled out ballot but there will definitely be some non-Reds on it. Will vote for Votto though not having an All Star kinda season thus far. Will vote for Phillips, Choo and Frazier (not because I necessarily think he is an all star but because well I’m obsessed). That’s it.

  17. This is setting up just as Baker planned it. Get a couple guys on base, and then Cozart hits for the fifth time today. This reduces the stress on Votto, Phillips and Bruce, who will only be forced to hit four times.

  18. At least the Reds scored some runs, and they are getting some good wood on the ball. Hopefully that’s a sign of good things to come, soon I hope. Back at em tomorrow and the beginning of a long winning streak. Go Reds!!! Adios Amigos.

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