Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 0
Washington 1

W: J. Zimmermann (4-1)
L: H. Bailey (1-2)

–Homer Bailey gave up one run on five hits over seven innings. He struck out six and didn’t walk a batter. Homer is really throwing the ball well this season. Has he finally matured?

–One measly hit. For the second straight night. That’s not good, friends and neighbors.

–TOS*. Okay, no, the offense doesn’t really stink. Just a couple of days ago, the Reds had scored more runs than anyone in the major leagues. They have looked really, really bad lately, however.

–It doesn’t help matters when Dusty Baker lets Cesar Izturis take hacks in the second spot in the lineup. Yes, a guy with a .294 career OBP batting in front of Joey Votto. Ugh. (Then again, Dusty likes to bat Zack Cozart second, and his career OBP is .281. Izturis is actually an improvement!)

–The last time Cincinnati collected just one hit in back to back games? July 5-6, 1900, against Brooklyn!

–Example #1,034,827 for why pitcher wins are a useless statistic.

–Milton again?

A terrible showing tonight, Redlegs. Just awful. Milton is disappointed.

A terrible showing tonight, Redlegs. Just awful. Milton is disappointed.

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*This offense stinks.

Blame Chad for creating this mess.

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  1. Yes yes, the offense got 1 hit, the offense stinks. On the other hand Jordan Zimmermann is a great pitcher, as good as Johnny Cueto and Mat Latos (and the same might be said about Gio Gonzalez). He brought his best stuff and pitched a great game against the Reds. I think some of you guys are going a little overboard.

    Was it Cesar Izturis that cost the Reds the game? Or Corky Miller? Or another incompetent hitter? Or Dusty Baker and Brooks Jacoby? No, it was Jordan Zimmermann, who even Choo and Votto couldn’t seem to figure out. Tip of the hat to Zimmermann, giving Homer Bailey a tough loss in a pitchers duel.

    Nice defensive plays by Corky Miller, tagging a guy out at the plate and picking a runner off first.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Dan Haren again tomorrow. He isn’t the same caliber of pitcher as Gio Gonzalez and Jordan Zimmermann. The Reds’ offense looked bad tonight, but so did the Nationals’ – hopefully that will carry over. Last time the Reds faced Haren they won 15-0.

  2. Same thing I said last night, you could see this coming with the offensive slump in the homestand. Last night I said I’d be ok with 1/4 in this series, today I’d be thrilled with 1/4.

  3. It’s dang frustrating. But if we can’t show some kind of life against Dan Haren, tomorrow, I don’t know what to think. GO REDS!

  4. I saw none of the game, but why wasn’t Izturis hit for in the 9th?

    • I saw none of the game, but why wasn’t Izturis hit for in the 9th?

      Once Mesoraco entered the game Cozart, Heisey, and the pitchers were the only guys left to pinch hit for him. With those remaining choices I was fine with seeing Izturis hit again.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: Probably because Baker used Meso, Hannahan, and Robinson in the 8th and figured using Heisey or Cozart versus Zimmerman was useless.

      The details: In the 8th, Miller walked with 2 outs; Robinson ran for Miller. Hannahan hit for Bailey and made the final out. Meso came on to catch the bottom of the 8th and was put in the 6th slot in the line up (for Paul) with Robinson remaining in the game and Broxton going in the 9 slot.

      I was hoping Dusty would do something out of the box and put Mesoraco in the 2 slot to assure he’d get an AB and bring Cozart on in the 8 slot, i.e. leaving Paul in the game.

      Guess it was too much to hope for but in a game like that, the best chance to get even I thought was if somebody just happened to run into one and putting Meso in the 2 slot would have meant every batter the Nats were going to face in the 9th was a long ball or gap shot threat.

  5. Woo!

  6. NOBODY missed Cozart or Heisey at bat tonight. Made absolutely NO DIFFERENCE at all. Their absence at defense was moot, as well.

    • @wildwestLV: The scary part for me is that in the entire Reds system there looks to be nobody of promise behind Cozart. If this guy can’t cut it in the 7 or 8 slot which is where he has to end up, they are going to have to go out and trade for or sign an FA SS.

      • He’d be fine if Dusty would just bat him where he belongs in the order. I will never understand his insistence on using inferior lineups.

  7. Trying to stay calm. We face Haren tomorrow. Let’s hit him as hard as we did last time

    • @90reds: Haren has been getting hit hard, period. If the Reds don’t hit him, it indicates the hitters are pressing badly. I believe they will score against him, but Leake also has to do his part.

  8. 5 runs in the last 4 games. TOS it is.

  9. Cubs gonna Cub you said? Well the Reds gonna Red at the plate. I wonder if Dusty had the team watch the movie Signs on the way over to the capitol. “Merrill, Swing away.”

    • @Scott A.: I remember Merrill. Zimmermann talked after the game about how the Reds are known for “swinging early in the count” and he used that so they “would get themselves out”.

      Dusty’s comment after the game: “We’ve just got to keep swinging.”

    • @Scott A.: Somebody needs to send a tape of this game to Verducci, stat.

  10. The Reds are leaving much fewer runners on base.

    • @pinson343: This comment just caused me to blow hot coffee out my nose only increasing the amount of pain the Reds’ offense has caused me!

  11. Ordinarily, I would say that this wasn’t a Milton game. Homer was great and holding the Nats to 1 run is impressive. I think of a Milton game as including sloppy defense or base running or something that is just plain bad baseball.

    Does not hitting qualify it as a Milton game ? In this case I guess it does, as two games in a row with only a single hit is historically bad.

  12. This was a game that really turned on 1 or 2 pitches in the AB when Harper tripled to set up the run.

    At 2-2 Bailey made a real pitcher’s pitch to Harper, a breaking ball or splitter that looked to catch the inside part of the plate at the knees before diving down and in. However Bailey didn’t get the call. I will say that it was a really good take by Harper as he did not tip at all whether he was fooled or took the pitch because he thought it was a ball (or because maybe he knew there was nothing he could do with it anyway).

    They went high on the next pitch, willing to walk him if he didn’t chase. He chased and managed to foul it off. Then on the fateful pitch, I suspect they were looking to be inside and give up the walk if he didn’t chase but the pitch wasn’t far enough in and Harper managed to hit it fair by maybe 10 feet. It was a real dead fish that hit then died in the corner thus setting Harper up for the triple versus a double.

  13. Any thoughts on why Corky Miller was in the lineup last night? Is Homer that big a head case that he simply can’t pitch to Mes? Is Mes dinged in some way? I understand that Mes can’t play them all while Hanigan is out, but I would think the Miller appearances would be kept to the absolute minimum necessary.

  14. I am not sure the Reds would have been able to plate a run if they had played another 20 innings.

    Gotta get the big dogs going or this offense isn’t going anywhere. You can only rely on Choo super start for so long.

  15. In case anyone was wondering… the Reds are currently 12th in MLB in the category of scoring runs (28) when they have runners in scoring position with 2 outs.


    This might be because the Reds are 14th in MLB in OPS (.696) with RISP-2 out.


    Or, because they are 12th in MLB (.340) in OBP with RISP- 2 out.


    The fact that the Reds are 24th in MLB (.195) in BAvg with RISP- 2 out seems to have little to do with their being 12th in the league at scoring runs in the situation. That they get on base and hit the ball for extra bases does have a lot to do with their being the 12th best team in baseball at scoring runs with RISP and 2 out.


  16. IMO, it may actually be time for Dusty to consider batting his 5 best hitters at the top of the line-up. My fear is that he may actually like Izturis in the second hole because he made contact every time up last night.

    It would be great if Dusty would discontinue handicapping the club with these asinine line-ups.

  17. Look, Abner Doubleday wrote in the Baseball By-laws that the SS ALWAYS bats 2nd. This is very clear so I’m here to stand on my soapbox to defend Dusty’s crass plus inferior lineups. Besides, we gotta get our shortstops going.

    Correct me if wrong (it happened once back in 1982) but didn’t the Reds go 11 & 11 in April 2012? How’d that work out?

  18. “If you throw a first-pitch strike and make quality pitches … let them get themselves out and let the defense work.”

    “We’ve just got to keep swinging until we find some holes.”

    Anyone want to guess which of those two quotes came from Dusty after the game? Is there another team in the NL that makes so many pitchers look like CY candidates, even career journeyman pitchers and marginal rookie pitchers.

    I believe this was the 1st game Choo failed to reach base this season and that’s not to blame Choo or any other player for the poor offensive performance. It’s just another indication of a team-wide problem.

    Over the past 10 games, Votto is hitting .262/.333/.476 with 3 HR, 14 SO & 4 BB. Over 162 games that translates to 49 HR, 227 SO & 65 BB. While 49 HR would be great, those are not VottoMVP numbers: no doubles, minimal walks and lots of strikeouts. Those are Dusty Baker mandate numbers: swing early and swing often and swing for the fences.

  19. TOS, indeed. The Reds’ leading baseball in runs scored earlier in the season was the result of a handful of blowouts, not an indication that the team has ample, balanced offense. The lineups may, indeed, undermine their chances somewhat, I wouldn’t know, but the problem seems to me to be that there aren’t enough good hitters to fill the spots. By the way, people citing Joey’s great OBP as evidence that he’s okay need to pull their eyes away from their computer screens and watch him bat. He’s not okay, and it is clearly bothering him. I’m not denigrating the importance of OBP or the value of walks, just saying that Joey is not Joey so far. If a guy walks every time up and nobody behind him hits, he ends the season with a perfect OBP, no runs and no rbi’s, and a spot on the roster of the last place, winless team. Time for the boycott.

  20. Can we fly Teddy the batboy down to D.C. to try to get the offense going again?

  21. Marshall activated – Parra placed on DL with “pectoral muscle strain” . I think the Reds want to keep Parra until they make sure Marshall is ok.

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