LaRosa’s pizza is getting a lot of attention and giving out a lot of free pizzas. You all know about the pizza chain’s deal to give ticket holders a free small pizza whenever the Reds strike out 11 batters in a game. Well, the Reds have done this 7 times already this year (all at GABP) after doing it just 22 times over a full season last year. Through the first 22 games last season, the Reds had only struck out 11 batters in a game once, and that was on the road.

The following shows the Reds record so far this year compared to the first 22 games and full season stats from last year.

Year Record WPct RS/G RA/G Extra Inn Score 10+ Allow 10+ K 11+
2013 13-9 0.591 5.2 3.7 5 5 2 7
2012 thru 22 11-11 0.500 4.0 4.1 4 0 1 1
2012 Total 97-65 0.599 4.1 3.6 14 4 4 22

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  1. I actually did one of the 4 for $48 deals where you get free wing vouchers from Buffalo Wild Wings, and that same night we had over 11 Ks.

    I think it’s safe to say my $12 ticket went a long way.

  2. I misread the title, and was really confused why our baseball team would be holding a certain ex-Mets catcher hostage for the first month of the season. /facepalm

  3. I took a youth baseball team and parents to a game last season. About 25-30 of us in all. The Reds not only thumped the Indians, but they struck out 11 batters as well. After playing a tournament game the following day, our entire group was treated to free LaRossa’s pizza.

  4. We travel down from Columbus for games and hit at least one slices and scoops game last year. My kids were more than a little disappointed to learn that they wouldn’t be getting either. However, they continue to root for it every game! It’s pretty cool to be there when it happens.

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