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It needed to be said

Kudos to our friends at Red Reporter. Yes, the post is about the “wooooo” and there aren’t many subjects that tire me more than complaints about that particular cheer at Great American Ballpark.

Here’s my opinion: I don’t care about the “wooooo” either way. If it went away forever, I’d be fine with that. But what really rubs me raw is when people who don’t pay for tickets purport to tell ticket-buying customers how they should be cheering for the team. That goes double when it’s an employee of the team. Here’s what RR had to say, and we join them in this sentiment:

The critics of “the woo” became more vocal this week on twitter. There are legitimate criticisms to be made, no doubt. Is “the woo” obnoxious? Probably. Does it lack organization? Of course. But the people who are wooing at the games are paying customers. They aren’t screaming obscenities, or even negativity. They are simply having fun and cheering for the team they’ve paid to see. There are hundreds of things at the ballpark that I find obnoxious: the guy sitting behind me going on-and-on about how Jay Bruce will “never get it…” – the girl in my row who continues to scream, “marry me Joey Votto…” – the redneck who makes racist comments… The woo is far less obnoxious than any of these people, all of whom I run into nearly every game I go to. But if you are wooing, the Reds’ assistant director of media relations feels the need to publicly mock you.

Go over to read all the tweets on the topic. And, yeah, that’s the same assistant director of media relations who threatened to kick some guys @** last August.

Again, I don’t care about the “wooooo” either way. I can definitely see how it would be annoying to have someone screaming that into your ear. If you don’t like it, I sympathize, and if you want to complain about it, I’m paying for server space to allow you to do that in the comment section below, if you so choose. But when media and, especially, team employees start mocking engaged fans, it irritates me. I don’t care how you cheer at a Reds game, and you won’t hear me telling you how to root, root, root for the home team. All I care is that you buy tickets, show up at the game, and pull for the mighty Redlegs (which is what the “woooo” crew is doing). How you choose to do that is none of my business.

After all, who am I to judge?*

*Don’t answer that.

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  1. Complaing about the “woo” will inevitably prolong its existance (especially complaining insultingly, media guy – you’re supposed to understand this kind of stuff). Let it die a natural death.

  2. It’s stupid. Still better than the Wave, though.

    And I’ll definitely agree that it’s way better to hear the “Woo”s than the morons who complain nonstop about pretty much every aspect of the team. (e.g. JOEY IS A CHOKER, ONLY .500 OBP AND NOT ENOUGH RBI!!!) To be fair, they’re only following Marty’s lead, I suppose.

    I really liked the “Woo” for the first 1 or 2 games, but now it’s gotten pretty stale. I guess I don’t really hate it, I just acknowledge that it’s kind of lame. I think of it the same way as I think of people who still continue to do the Budweiser “WHAZZUP”.

  3. My sense of the wooo! this year is that it has been more focused on game situations, particularly when Chapman is in the game closing. Most of the games I’ve attended, that’s the only time I’ve heard it.

  4. I think there’s a difference between telling people how to cheer and simply expressing that you think the way some people are cheering is the most obnoxious thing that I have ever heard anyone do ever anywhere. To each their own.

    BUT if ONE SINGLE Reds player says anywhere any time that the Woo is annoying them and in any way effecting their game, I hope they start rounding up the wooers and sending them to Guantanamo. I don’t care if you paid $17 to watch this game, I’d rather get the win.

    • @eric nyc:

      BUT if ONE SINGLE Reds player says anywhere any time that the Woo is annoying them and in any way effecting their game, I hope they start rounding up the wooers and sending them to Guantanamo. I don’t care if you paid $17 to watch this game, I’d rather get the win.

      There have been several players who have said they wish it would stop.

  5. What’s up with that media relations guy?

    He has an amazing job, and apparently is paid to be on twitter on interact with the fans…so what’s his problem?

    A guy in his position should be loved…just say you aren’t in charge of strategy, be positive, and ignore the people sending nasty tweets. It’s just crazy that someone in that position has the types of issues he has had. People would be knocking down the door to get that job, and he’s doing his best to get fired.

  6. This may be bad to ask, but living on the west coast for the past 7 years i’ve never heard this cheer… IS there a youtube clip someone can post so i can replicate it and annoy my Dodger Fan neighbors when the Reds visit? (who will steal it and claim it as their own, even when their +$200M payroll buys them 85 wins & no playoffs 😉

  7. I live in St. Louis and can’t attend games, so I’m stuck listening on the radio. Let me tell you… I find the “wooo” highly annoying.

  8. Thank you for this post. It is exactly how I feel about it. The more you complain about it, the more it will happen. Give it time and the woo will die. And if it doesn’t and people are wooing 40 years from now, then I’m swilling to bet all these guys complaining incessantly will be telling their grandkids how they were wooing before it was cool.

  9. I’m totally down with the “wooooo.” Not living in the area, I told all my friends here in the bay area about it and now they listen for it, and think it’s great that there’s at least one recognizable thing to let you know it’s a Reds game.

    There really are very few teams that can say the same. Everyone has the towels now. With a few exceptions the music is the same everywhere. All the teams wear the same uni’s it seems (Red or Blue). The game is more homogenous than ever it seems, and I for one am down with the Reds being known for having fun and exuberant fans.

  10. The Woo is awesome. If you’re drunk. Or watching Rick Flair.

    “There are hundreds of things at the ballpark that I find obnoxious: the guy sitting behind me going on-and-on about how Jay Bruce will “never get it…” – the girl in my row who continues to scream, “marry me Joey Votto…” – the redneck who makes racist comments…”

    Yes, but the difference is those don’t annoy people all over the stadium (or listening/watching at home). The Woo does. No comparison.

    It wasn’t the smartest thing in the world for a Reds employee to criticize paying customers, but for every paying Wooer at the park, I’m guessing there are hundreds who are driven crazy by it and having second thoughts about coming back. Thankfully, as has already been pointed out, the majority of the Wooing seems limited to late or extra innings when the Hudy and the boredom kick in.

    Gentleman’s game, indeed.

    • @RedZeppelin: I think the point is, when you go to a Reds game, or even watch/listen, any number of things will become annoying. Enthusiastic fans, as obnoxious as they can be, are present at every sporting event. It’s not anyone’s place to tell others how to enjoy themselves at a game, as long as those people aren’t being offensive or inappropriate in some way. The woo is certainly obnoxious at times, but so what? Let people have their fun. Live and let live.

  11. I’m sorry, now I really like the woo. Anything to stick it to the man. Especially an uptight employee who’s job it should be to encourage fan cheering. If you want to be the man, you gotta beat the man. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  12. Remember when the Reds sucked and fan behavior wasn’t really a topic of conversation because we were spending all our time talking about how much they sucked? I remember those days.

    Give me woo-ing and finishing 20-30 over .500 instead of no woo-ing and finishing 30 under.

  13. I have to say that I thought the wooo was pretty cool last year. I might have even wooo’d once or twice at GABP myself. Now, I think it’s run it’s course. I won’t woo, but I sure as heck won’t complain about anybody who does. I’ve been to four games this year and really haven’t noticed it at all.

    Now, what I will complain about…thanks to Chad for the opportunity…..is the constant denigrating of Reds fans by people associated with the Reds. There’s very clearly a cool kids clique on social media that just love to run down average fans.

    And it’s not just Ramsey. John Fay is perhaps the worst. He’s really a first class *%^&$*&*((*&^$# on twitter. I know he’s not a Reds employee but the Reds could make one call and have the situation dealt with. And, yes, I don’t have to follow him but I do like having the information that comes from a beat writer. I just don’t need his holier-than-thou attitude.

    I said at the end of the year last year here that I really hoped the Reds would work on their social media practices heading into this year. Remember the #dustylineup crap? If anything, I think it’s gotten worse and the wooo is the perfect example.

  14. I am most definitely a paying customer. I attended 60% of the games for the last homestand. I stayed for every last out of each of those games including one 13 inning and one (or was it 2) 10 inning games. The woo drives me nuts. But I figure its my ob as a fan to cheer louder for my team. If we just shut up about it I think it will extinguish itself. In the meantime, annoying wooing person that sits 2 row in front of me feel free to continue to woo I will say nothing to you. And I promise not to accidentally dump my diet coke over your head.

  15. I’ll admit to being over the woooo. LOVE LOVE LOVED it the first night. Not really impressed any more.

    HOWEVER, the part I love about it, even now, is that it’s unscripted, spontaneous, and not pre-packaged by the ballclub. It’s a real thing, that fans created by themselves, for themselves.

    I understand why people who work at the ballpark every night find it annoying. But the fact that they find it appropriate to complain about the people that pay their salary — whether it’s via ticket purchase or newspaper subscription — that drives me up the wall.

    I finally unfollowed Mr. Ramsey’s account this week, because it was making me too crazy. I think he’s probably ill-suited to the public/social media aspect of his job, and both he and the Reds would be better served if he stuck to media relations duties (though his little scorekeeping tutorial last week was a great idea). As CP noted above, it really wouldn’t be that hard to ignore the nonsense and trolls, but still interact with the real fans.

    But aside from him – and his reflexiively anti-blog boss, the current Reds organization has been nothing but fan-friendly, in every sense of the phrase. I don’t think you’d ever hear a Castellini family member criticize fans who were just trying to enjoy their night at the ballpark, no matter how silly they sound.

    The only other amusing thing is the argument that the woooo makes Reds fans “sound ignorant.” Forgetting, apparently that we’re a group that tolerated Marge Schott, still defend (and buy furniture from) Pete Rose, and let this guy run wild through the ballpark.


    In short, Cincinnati Reds fans have always been honest, natural, and fairly rough around the edges, but accepting of pretty much anyone. Let’s keep it that way.

    • @Chris Garber: Chris – you’re right on point about the entire Reds organization being so fan friendly. From five dollar tickets to clean restrooms, they really are fan-focused which is what makes their anti-fan social media policies stick out like a sore thumb.

      I will say this – whoever is running the @RedsMoundball account probably should get a raise and promotion! Cool stuff there.

  16. I wish some of these folks would ask themselves: Would I rather have fans woooing at the ballpark, or not woooing at home?

  17. I’ve never minded the woo but I am upset that it seems to have ruined what should have been people doing higher pitched Choo’s.

  18. You know what’s worse than the woo? That people are so juvenile they unfollow people on Twitter who complain about it.

    By the way, those of us who don’t live in Cincinnati pay to watch the games on TV or online. We are paying customers, too. In fact, we probably dish out more money on the Reds every year than the average fan.

    It’s amazing to me that those who are the discourteous – the ones who make that noise that bothers so many people – are viewed as the heroes in this situation. They are making the games unpleasant for many of us, but they are to be championed? I’m sorry, but the noise is nothing more than another instance of “LOOK AT ME” that plagues our society these days.

  19. I wish my favorite Twitter guy (you know who you are) and a certain someone else could patch things up.

    As far as the wooo, all the stories about it’s Cincinnati origin last year crack me up. They are all hogwash. How many people tried to take the credit??? I don’t know. Maybe a dozen. But it started in Pittsburg. It’s still going on in Pittsburg. Reds fans copied it.

    However, that said, woo it up. Who cares. Silly to do it. Silly to hate on it.

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